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Ich produziere und verteile die Marke "HolyTrainer" in Lizenz und in Partnerschaft mit Original SA mit Sitz in der Schweiz.

Alle Aufträge werden sehr schnellstens abgewickelt. Wir arbeiten mit viel Liebe zum Detail, entwickeln unsere Produkte ständig weiter, und prüfen unsere Qualität mit modernsten Geräten. Unsere Lagerhaltung garantiert die Einhaltung aller vereinbarten Lieferfristen.

Unsere Produkte erfüllen die CE-Norm in Punkto Produktsicherheit

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Adresse: Original SA
Av. de Vernand-Dessus 3
1032 Romanel
E-mail : info@holytrainer.com
Telefon : 0041 21 731 72 30
>Fax : 0041 21 731 72 90

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Original SA
Av. de Vernand-Dessus 3
1032 Romanel-sur-Lausanne


BCV - Case postale 300 - 1001 Lausanne
CCP 10-725-4
Clearing: 767
Bic/SWIFT: BCVLCH2L XXX  (Letzte drei Positionen sind optional je nach Land)

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Euro - € IBAN : CH77 0076 7000 E517 1575 3
Dollars - $ IBAN : CH08 0076 7000 R525 0726 8
Francs Suisse - CHF IBAN : CH11 0076 7000 L522 4677 0

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Our products are made with products that comply with CE standards.

All personal data concerning you and communicated to us during your purchase are processed in the utmost confidentiality. We only request such information as is required to ensure the proper delivery of your orders. Under no circumstances will your personal data be sold or leased to third parties for advertising, mailing or other purposes. Furthermore, all transactions carried out using Visa or MasterCard credit cards appear on your invoice as Novamedia, not HolyTrainer.

We reserve the right to change prices at any time, but products will be send at the prices listed on the day the order was recorded, subject to availability. For deliveries outside of Switzerland, and unless stated otherwise, the customer is aware that customs duties and formalities may apply: the customer commits to verify the possibility of importing the goods into the country of destination. For European customers, please note that Switzerland is not part of the EU.

Return and Warranty
Please note that we do not accept returns for custom ordered devices that were made especially for the customer. If you made an error in your order and the merchandise has already been sent, you have three days from the date of receipt to return it. This warranty is valid only for unopened products. You are liable for shipping and return expenses. Packages delivered via TNT can not just be refused. They must be accepted and returned at your expense. In the case of a refusal, no refund can be made. In light of the nature of the product, you cannot return the merchandise as soon as it has been opened. For goods shipped within Switzerland, our prices include VAT. Goods shipped abroad are subject to VAT and customs fees.

The products offered on the site comply with applicable Swiss legislation. Under no circumstance may we be held liable for any misuse of the products, including their use for any purpose other than that stated by the product manufacturer, nor for failure to follow the instructions on how to use the product, especially as regards the use of lubricants. The photographs, texts, graphics information and features reproduced and illustrating the products presented here are not contractually binding. Therefore, we can not be held liable for any error or omission in any of these product photographs, texts, graphics, information or features, or in the event of any change in features brought about by the suppliers. We disclaim any responsibility for the contents of sites to which hyperlinks on our own site may link.

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