New Male chastity device - HolyTrainer 2020 - Chastity Cage

New male chastity device - HolyTrainer 2020
Chastity Cage

Information on the new chastity cage : V3 Model


What does make Holytrainer such a unique product ?

25 assembly possibilities to fit perfectly to all male anatomies

HolyTrainer V3
25 assembly possibilities to fit perfectly to all male anatomies.

With 4 tubes + 1 Nub & 5 different rings
Holytrainer is the only brand to offer 25 assembly possibilities !

New features of the V3 model :

  • The overall design is more compact, which offers an absolute discretion and a stylish design
  • We now have 5 tube sizes : Maxi, Standard, Small, Nano and the Nub
  • Stronger locking system
  • New colors : Clear, Black, Pink & Purple
  • All of our products are made from Bio resin. There are no petroleum based products in our chastity devices.


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Customize your chastity cage

Guide de la chasteté masculine
Ask us for a custom color

Texte ou photo personnalisés
Add a text or a picture on the ring

Modèle personnalisé avec boucle ou cordon pour Prince Albert
Chastity cage with a binding loop or with a security cable for Prince Albert

In response to many requests from our customers, our workshop offers, as of today, the possibility of customizing your chastity cage in a range of colors, texts, pictures, with a loop to be attached or a cable for our customers who have a Prince Albert piecing.
A good reason to be creative!

How to order my custom cage ?

An efficient and discreet chastity device

If you are looking for an effective and very discreet chastity device, the HolyTrainer offers you incredible comfort and total safety during use, even over a long period. Discover, through our website and our videos many innovations that have been made to Male Chastity cages.

Chastity Cage HolyTrainer with MagicLocker, Standard & Small models, choice of 4 colors, 100% Biosourced resin

How does the HolyTrainer overtops its competitors?

The HolyTrainer is made of a biosourced resin. This material is being used more and more in very diverse areas such as aviation or electronics. Biosourced resin replaces traditional petroleum-based resins. Besides being 100% natural, one of the major advantages with biosourced resin resides in the fact that the resin softens slightly upon contact with heat. Once the cage has been put in place and its temperature has reached 36°C, the user will find it incredibly comfortable. The device becomes slightly soft, to fit perfectly the curves of the body, while completely preventing stimulation of the male member.

An innovative design

As for ergonomics, you just need to look at the ring to understand that its shape is perfectly suited to the male anatomy. Look closely at the device and its system of closure. The device is attached very easily and once the system has been closed, the tube is firmly attached to the ring.

A safety device

Its locking system and its materials makes it a product that is nearly indestructible. You can use the device during sports, sleep on your stomach or be attached to something. It will withstand all your desires while remaining firmly in place. Bio-resin will absorb any shocks without breaking and won't cause injuries to the skin.

Placement of the chastity device

The HolyTrainer has the particularity of having a tube that is attached to the ring. Placing the penis and the scrotum in the ring is very easy. The tube is then placed in the ring, guaranteeing a firm attachment and totally enclosing the member from the bottom of the abdomen to the end of the penis. Since the tube is placed in the middle of the ring, no pinching of the skin can occur.

Nighttime erections

You know what happens with most chastity models. A nighttime erection pulls on the scrotum and causes pain in its base. With the HolyTrainer and the ergonomic design of its ring, we guarantee you an excellent comfort without pain. In general, after 24 hours of use, you will have forgotten that you're wearing a chastity device. The shape of the tube is also designed to discourage erections. Aimed downward, the orientation of the device does not favor stimulation. The chastity device remains very discrete beneath your undergarments, even under close-fitting pants.

Hygiene and cleaning

The design and materials used makes it easy to clean. To wash it, you may simply use soap under the shower or put the chastity device in the washing machine. It is very strong and will withstand exposure to alcohol or any other solvent. The air holes allow a very good venting. The skin breathes well and the opening located at the end of the urethra makes it possible to urinate comfortably.

Use over a long period

May be used by beginners or experienced users. Since its tube allows the skin to breath, HolyTrainer can be used over a long period of time. The materials used are 100 % hypoallergenic and will be completely tolerated by the skin, even during a long period of use.

Wrapping and packaging

HolyTrainer comes with a small bag. You can place the HolyTrainer on the night table in complete discretion. But don't be mistaken, even if the packaging is discrete and pious, its content will make you renounce to your sexual freedom with an iron fist. The HolyTrainer is provided with two keys and a "Magic Locker" made of brass that is resistant to water.

Packaging HolyTrainer
Male Chastity Device HolyTrainer 4 colors - 100% natural
Chastity cage - Standard Model shown in picture, choice of 4 colors - 100% biosourced resin

HolyTrainer V3, the new CB Killer?

WinnerYes, I think that the HolyTrainer is the new CB Killer!
Sold at the same price as the competitors, it offers strength that passes the test, which is not really the case with devices made of polycarbonate. Imagine what would happen if a plastic device broke with your penis inside! Light and very discrete in comparison to metal devices, it proves superior comfort while offering the same security and impossibility of stimulating the penis. Lastly, it's the only device that guarantees that the materials used are 100 % natural and totally safe to expose to water.

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