HolyTrainer V5 - Male chastity Device

Male Chastity Device

HolyTrainer V5

New 2024

Click & Lock:
New closure system integrated in the ring

Our technological innovations have allowed us to increase the comfort and reliability of our chastity cages in order to offer you the best possible experience throughout the day !


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HolyTrainer Male Chastity device
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International Male Chastity Day:
Tuesday January 14th 2025

Commit yourself to this initiative and invite your partner to participate in the day of male chastity.

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Official site http://www.male-chastity-day.com

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How HolyTrainer stands out from other brands ?

HolyTrainer replaced conventional petroleum-based resins with a 100% natural resin. Many advantages have been demonstrated in the use of this resin. The first, of course, being the fact that it is out of toxicity class and is not an endocrine disruptor.

The second advantage is the comfort provided by this material once it has reached the temperature of 36°C, which is approximately the body temperature. The cage becomes smooth and silky, perfectly fitting the body shapes but totally preventing the stimulation of the male member.


100% natural

100% natural resin

Made in Switzerland with organic resin, our products offer unique materials from highly innovative research and, of course, out of toxicity class since they do not use any petroleum derivatives.

Material : combining rapeseed, sugar and other bio-additives

Durability : Clear and strong resin

Hygiene : No allergy risks. Easy to clean, resistant to chemicals


Swiss made product

Swiss made product

This is what defines HolyTainer. Our raw materials are made in Switzerland, then our cages are assembled by local craftsmen which guarantees the quality of the products.

After sale service : We try our best !

Advice : We are happy to share our expertise with you

Quality : All of our products are tough and light to give you the best possible experience



Reliability and discretion

With more than 10 years of experience in the field of male chastity, Holytrainer has proven itself for many years

Efficiency : Impossible to remove without the key

Locking system : MagicLocker, a reliable and discreet lock

Supply : All of our models are in stock

Delivery : our products are sent worldwide discreetly and quickly thanks to our FedEx / UPS services


Personalize your male chastity device

Model to customize :

We can realize according to your desires and your creativity. Of course, we are not limited to the colors published on this page. Let us know what you want and we will make it happen for you !

I would like my cage "to be red","to be blue","red with sparkles", "with a custom cartridge.", "with a picture or a drawing","with a binding loop","to glow in the dark !"


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Our customers love HolyTrainer

The overall design of our male chastity cages is more compact and ergonomic. It offers absolute discretion and an elegant design.

All of our products are made with Bioresin (100% natural, based on vegetable sugars). There are no petroleum-based products in our chastity devices, which is reassuring when you know that it will be worn all day long in contact with the genitals.



Frequently asked questions from our users

For most of our customers, the ring used is the 45mm (1.75inch). However, other diameters are available. Go to the FAQs page to consult our size guide.

bio-based resin comes from renewable resources (plants) to replace chemical and petroleum products.

HolyTrainer is very resistant to chemical agents, solvents, oils and UV rays. You can go cycling, go swimming in the sea or do all the activities you wish without feeling bothered by our chastity device.

Nothing complicated. Clean our products with soap and water. The closure system is rustproof, so there is no risk of jamming.

Yes, nothing easier. First put your cock in the ring, then place the tube with its "Click % Lock" closure system.


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