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Tomoya Tamura | Kyoto,Japan | 24.05.2020
I'm not good at English. I am writing this sentence using an automatic translation. Sorry if it's hard to read. I bought a V3 small in Feb 2020, until then I had been using other chastity device. It has now been locked up for 28 days, except for 15 minutes of maintenance in the bathroom. This is a great record for me. No other chastity gear has ever been able to withstand such a long lock for me. Until now, I had given up on long term lock due to "uncomfortable pain". But what about HolyTrainer? There's no doubt that it's the best of the options currently available. I think it's best as a device to protect chastity, but it also means being deprived of ejaculation at the same time. The gently curved tube gently wraps around my small penis. But remember. This tube serves to protect my small penis from the outside world. I mean, I can't make my small penis just a little bit bigger, masturbate, or ejaculate. The testicles keep producing semen and waiting for the ejaculation. I kneel down and plead with the female KeyHolder, "Please let me ejaculate. Manliness? Pride? Do we really need such a thing? What we need to do is maintain chastity, how to submit to the mistress or master, and how to serve. The HolyTrainer is the perfect first step for this. Finally...I would like to thank all the staff at HolyTrainer. Thank you.

Msub | USA | 21.05.2020
I've been using HTv2 (small), HTv3 (small), and finally got the HTv4 (nano). Very snug and comfortable chastity device. It was smaller than what I was expecting (even for nano), but I still got it to fit, and now feel even more submissive with the smaller size. I've been wearing v4 for a while now, and no major problems, able to do daily activities and sleep in it. Great design and great material, would recommend to other subs who should be locked up.

Steelstrong ' | Ireland | 21.05.2020
Got the v4 after having the V3 for a year. New ring is fabulous, it forces my balls out to the side and cage down between them, and being broader is very comfortable. Very secure . Thanks to Holytrainer for this great improvement

Anonymous | USA | 08.05.2020
Hands down the most comfortable chastity device out there. I ordered the maxi sixe v4 in dark blue. My wife loves it. The device is very easy to put on, keep on, the materiel feels soft after wearing for an hour or so. I have tried competing devices such as The Vice ( which was the worst device I ever had, painful and the the tube is not built well.) Also I have tried the Rikers which is sort of similar to the HT still doesn't compare. HT is by far the best chastity device for comfortable wear. And the shipping was very fast. Thanks HT team!

Robert | Spain | 05.05.2020
Certainly the most comfortable cage I have ever worn the wider ring makes so much more sense. I have the V4 small and have just ordered the Nano can't wait for it to arrive

Anthony | UK | 04.05.2020
Today I begin my second year of complete sexual abstinence and, I trust, of continuing enjoyment of the peace of mind that this lifestyle has brought me. My very grateful thanks to all at HolyTrainer Inc for your marvellous little device.

Mk429 | US | 30.04.2020
Just bought the HT Nub V4. Love this device. No knock off comes near the comfort. Urinating made easy! Solid work well worth the money!

Gorlami | United States | 15.04.2020
The new V4 model is the best evolution yet for this product. Now that the ventilation has been enlarged it becomes more comfortable when nature calls, but the most interesting and unexpected feature is the new base ring. Instead of being rounded it's much flatter and thicker, which results in a much more snug fit while also meaning that it puts a bit more pressure on the tube and pushes it closer to the body. This results in a very close fitting, comfortable device that is easy to use, clean, and maintain. V4 is certainly the best model yet, I can't wait to see what's next in development!

Michael K. | Germany | 15.04.2020
I have known HolyTrainer for 5 years now with constantly changing models: V2 Small (since 04/2015), V3 Nano (12/2017), V3 The Nub (12/2018) and V4 The Nub (04/2020). Moreover, I'm always excited! It is just super comfortable, pleasant and easy to wear for a long time. Not only that - it just feels good! In addition, with the Nub I finally found the right size! The V4 has only minimal changes, but is still an advance in terms of comfort. Keep it up - I am excited to see what is coming next year!

Angelspet417 | United States | 20.03.2020
Purchased the HolyTrainer "Nub" with a 45mm ring (in pink as is proper for a sissy) and I'm absolutely beyond eased with it...no problems with delivery, the device fits perfectly and suitable for long-term wear (8 days with no irritation) and it is so lightweight, you barely notice you are even wearing it!!!

PAS | USA | 18.03.2020
Received my Nano about ten days ago and it's been very comfortable to wear. Had to re-order the 36 ring and started wearing it. Perfect combination for me! Took a hot bath 3 nights in a row and everything works well. Used to have a HT2 and the new design is even better. Very comfortable and nothing shows thru my jeans or shorts. Thanks HT!

Steelstrong | Uk | 06.03.2020
My mistress got me HT V3 for my birthday in March last year. Very comfortable for long term wear. I must have spent most of the year locked up. She used to want sex regularly which was great but lately she has lost interest so I just have to stay locked for long periods. Unfortunately you can live in one of these indefinitely. Just a warning this cage is too good

Sag12221 | USA | 20.02.2020
I have been using the nub for a month or so now. It is super comfortable and I could wear it indefinitely.

Vanille | Nouvelle-Calédonie | 05.02.2020
Je viens de recevoir la V3 nub transparente. Très confortable à porter, impossible de tricher la petite languette empêche de se titiller le clito. Très bel objet, facile à mettre en place. Belle conception. Je suis prête à être beta testeur pour vos prochains modèles si vous voulez.

Bill | USA | 24.01.2020
Incredibly comfortable. Fits and feels like a glove. THE choice for long term wear. And totally invisible under clothes. Consider using some pouch type underwear with this for best experience.

Sissy Jennifer | USA | 21.01.2020
Well Yes my Wife Carol in 2015 purchased me the HT V2 pink small with 45mm ring , Wow just perfect for a cuckold " SISSY " husband ! In 2018 she bought me the newest HT V3 pink small with 45mm ring , which helps to push my clitty down into total submission for Carol , I just love going into further control a sissies dream cum true ! Now 2019 into the best control ever the " NUB " talk about a submissive pantywaist ! Please let me share my story with You ! To start with my experience in the sissy cuckold life, yes my wife Carol caught me crossdressing which has my Mother in-law involved this has been a real game changer! lets get started from the beginning, before I was caught by Carol our life was that fairy tail marriage that most couples was jealous about, and my Mother in-law Jean was more than happy with me because of my submissive nature and willing to change. Jean's famous words are "Women rule the World" ! With me being a closet pantywaist husband, so willing to please both Jean & Carol to the fullest it made me feel so excited just to do most of the household chores & wait on them Hand & Foot !!! Well things have changed, Carol & Her Mother were going on a little shopping spree, and I could not have been happier it's the perfect opportunity to put on CAROL'S well worn Panties !!! A sissies dream Cum true... Her panties are so extremely feminine that I can never control my excitement, I can not get Her panties all the way on without, you know cumming !!! Carol forgot something and sent Her Mother back into the house to fetch it,,, Little did I know my mother in-Law was standing in the door way watching me and called for Her daughter Carol !!! OMG " CAUGHT " !!! Yes things have changed for this quivering sissy ! I now wear a holytrainer chastity with Carol's panties mandatory per Mother in-Laws demands . Todays fashions my sissy maid dressing serving both Mother in-Law & daughter, and helping Carol getting ready to go out with Her new boyfriends ! I'm Trying to be the best sissy cuckold a woman could ever have .

Sissy Maid Fifi | England | 12.01.2020
I have had a pink nub on for almost 48 hours. It is very comfortable once the right ring size is established. It significantly restricts penis growth in the mornings but with no pain. I absolutely love the fact that it makes it look like I have no penis at all. It also feels very secure. I recommend entirely.

Littlebigguy | United States | 10.01.2020
Incredibly comfortable. I have tried other devices, and have had blood flow issues with rings similar to their highest-diameter ring, but the ergonomic shape was a lifesaver, great product, would recommend. Notably, the openings are fewer and smaller than what I'm used to for breathing, which made adjustments after putting the device on more difficult, but it doesn't seem like it will be an issue going forward.

newcuck | United States | 04.01.2020
This thing is incredible, so comfortable!! Put it on immediately and it has been on since (2 weeks straight so far) no discomfort. I couldn't last 24 hours in the CB I had. Recommend this product.

Lisa | USA | 02.01.2020
I am in a Nub, it is very comfortable, secure, and inescapable without the uses of cutting tools. It is the best device that has been placed on me and it totally stop any sexual pleasures without the permission of my master.

Dark Eyes | United States | 19.12.2019
Most comfortable Chastity device my wife has ever put me in. Have gone 6 weeks at a time without removal. I have gone through Airport security with no problems

GGQuixote | USA (Fuck Trump) | 18.12.2019
Been in and out of an HTV2 for the last 3 years, locked 85% of the time since September 30th, 2019 (our wedding anniversary , Mistress decided Locktober is an annual event and starts a day early) and last week Her cock's new HTV3 arrives, a size smaller in both ring and tube, and glittery blue instead of black, because Mistress chose the color this time. Having been 25 days since I had been left unlocked I thought I would be allowed a bit of teasing or stimulation when it was time to put the new device on but no, into the smaller cage I went, after an unlocked shower and shave. The new cage doesn't allow me even a frustrated erection, as the older too-large cage did...do yourself a favor and get a size too small the first time! it feels amazing.

peter | Germany | 17.12.2019
Heute endlich kam mein neuer Holy Trainer maxi. Ich trage bereits seit langen Jahren immer wieder den Holy Trainer in der ersten Version mit der Standart Röhre. Es wurde aber Zeit sich endlich mal das neue Modell zuzulegen, vor allem da ich das Rohr gesprengt habe. Dabei habe ich dann auch auf die Maxi Röhre zugegriffen. Hatte ich doch immer das Gefühl dass der Penis nicht genug Platz in der Röhre hat. Immer wieder hatte ich doch auch das Problem dass sich meine Eichel aus dem Rohr vorne zu weit aus seiner Behausung heraus drückt, was dann auch unangenehm war. Der neue hat einen sehr viel besseren RIng um meine Hoden, allein das aufziehen des RInges war schon eine Wohltat. Endlich genug weite um alles vernünftig unter zu bringen und nicht das Gefühl zu haben der Ring schiebt gleich wieder vom Körper weg. Ein enges angenehmes Gefühl um das Gehänge welches meinen Penis nicht zur Ruhe kommen liess. Also erst mal den RIng testen, wenn der Penis sich wieder beruhigt hat wird dei Röhre Ubergestreift. Ein bisschen Gleitmittel und die Eichel sitzt an seinem Platz, der Einstieg ist ein bisschen eng aber sie kommt durch die Engstelle in seine neue Behausung. Ein kurzes Aufbäumen macht sich bemerkbar und dann muss erst mal Ruhe einkehren im Schritt. Nach kurzen Zeit schon die Bestätigung dass er sich so gut noch nie in einem Keuscheitkäfig gefühlt hat. Durch den neuen Hodenring sind die Hoden viel besser plaziert als früher, eng am Körper, nicht verrutscht, die Hodebeutelhaut klemmt nicht ein, die Penisröhre steckt fest auf dem Penisschaft. Ein rundum wohliges sicheres Gefühl macht sich breit und lässt den Tag geniessen. So späre ich immer wie er sich anfühlt und das ist gut so. Besten Dank an Sam für den perfekten Service

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