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List of opinions and user comments

Sissy Jennifer | USA | 21.01.2020
Well Yes my Wife Carol in 2015 purchased me the HT V2 pink small with 45mm ring , Wow just perfect for a cuckold " SISSY " husband ! In 2018 she bought me the newest HT V3 pink small with 45mm ring , which helps to push my clitty down into total submission for Carol , I just love going into further control a sissies dream cum true ! Now 2019 into the best control ever the " NUB " talk about a submissive pantywaist ! Please let me share my story with You ! To start with my experience in the sissy cuckold life, yes my wife Carol caught me crossdressing which has my Mother in-law involved this has been a real game changer! lets get started from the beginning, before I was caught by Carol our life was that fairy tail marriage that most couples was jealous about, and my Mother in-law Jean was more than happy with me because of my submissive nature and willing to change. Jean's famous words are "Women rule the World" ! With me being a closet pantywaist husband, so willing to please both Jean & Carol to the fullest it made me feel so excited just to do most of the household chores & wait on them Hand & Foot !!! Well things have changed, Carol & Her Mother were going on a little shopping spree, and I could not have been happier it's the perfect opportunity to put on CAROL'S well worn Panties !!! A sissies dream Cum true... Her panties are so extremely feminine that I can never control my excitement, I can not get Her panties all the way on without, you know cumming !!! Carol forgot something and sent Her Mother back into the house to fetch it,,, Little did I know my mother in-Law was standing in the door way watching me and called for Her daughter Carol !!! OMG " CAUGHT " !!! Yes things have changed for this quivering sissy ! I now wear a holytrainer chastity with Carol's panties mandatory per Mother in-Laws demands . Todays fashions my sissy maid dressing serving both Mother in-Law & daughter, and helping Carol getting ready to go out with Her new boyfriends ! I'm Trying to be the best sissy cuckold a woman could ever have .

Sissy Maid Fifi | England | 12.01.2020
I have had a pink nub on for almost 48 hours. It is very comfortable once the right ring size is established. It significantly restricts penis growth in the mornings but with no pain. I absolutely love the fact that it makes it look like I have no penis at all. It also feels very secure. I recommend entirely.

Littlebigguy | United States | 10.01.2020
Incredibly comfortable. I have tried other devices, and have had blood flow issues with rings similar to their highest-diameter ring, but the ergonomic shape was a lifesaver, great product, would recommend. Notably, the openings are fewer and smaller than what I'm used to for breathing, which made adjustments after putting the device on more difficult, but it doesn't seem like it will be an issue going forward.

newcuck | United States | 04.01.2020
This thing is incredible, so comfortable!! Put it on immediately and it has been on since (2 weeks straight so far) no discomfort. I couldn't last 24 hours in the CB I had. Recommend this product.

Lisa | USA | 02.01.2020
I am in a Nub, it is very comfortable, secure, and inescapable without the uses of cutting tools. It is the best device that has been placed on me and it totally stop any sexual pleasures without the permission of my master.

Dark Eyes | United States | 19.12.2019
Most comfortable Chastity device my wife has ever put me in. Have gone 6 weeks at a time without removal. I have gone through Airport security with no problems

GGQuixote | USA (Fuck Trump) | 18.12.2019
Been in and out of an HTV2 for the last 3 years, locked 85% of the time since September 30th, 2019 (our wedding anniversary , Mistress decided Locktober is an annual event and starts a day early) and last week Her cock's new HTV3 arrives, a size smaller in both ring and tube, and glittery blue instead of black, because Mistress chose the color this time. Having been 25 days since I had been left unlocked I thought I would be allowed a bit of teasing or stimulation when it was time to put the new device on but no, into the smaller cage I went, after an unlocked shower and shave. The new cage doesn't allow me even a frustrated erection, as the older too-large cage did...do yourself a favor and get a size too small the first time! it feels amazing.

peter | Germany | 17.12.2019
Heute endlich kam mein neuer Holy Trainer maxi. Ich trage bereits seit langen Jahren immer wieder den Holy Trainer in der ersten Version mit der Standart Rhre. Es wurde aber Zeit sich endlich mal das neue Modell zuzulegen, vor allem da ich das Rohr gesprengt habe. Dabei habe ich dann auch auf die Maxi Rhre zugegriffen. Hatte ich doch immer das Gefhl dass der Penis nicht genug Platz in der Rhre hat. Immer wieder hatte ich doch auch das Problem dass sich meine Eichel aus dem Rohr vorne zu weit aus seiner Behausung heraus drckt, was dann auch unangenehm war. Der neue hat einen sehr viel besseren RIng um meine Hoden, allein das aufziehen des RInges war schon eine Wohltat. Endlich genug weite um alles vernnftig unter zu bringen und nicht das Gefhl zu haben der Ring schiebt gleich wieder vom Krper weg. Ein enges angenehmes Gefhl um das Gehnge welches meinen Penis nicht zur Ruhe kommen liess. Also erst mal den RIng testen, wenn der Penis sich wieder beruhigt hat wird dei Rhre Ubergestreift. Ein bisschen Gleitmittel und die Eichel sitzt an seinem Platz, der Einstieg ist ein bisschen eng aber sie kommt durch die Engstelle in seine neue Behausung. Ein kurzes Aufbumen macht sich bemerkbar und dann muss erst mal Ruhe einkehren im Schritt. Nach kurzen Zeit schon die Besttigung dass er sich so gut noch nie in einem Keuscheitkfig gefhlt hat. Durch den neuen Hodenring sind die Hoden viel besser plaziert als frher, eng am Krper, nicht verrutscht, die Hodebeutelhaut klemmt nicht ein, die Penisrhre steckt fest auf dem Penisschaft. Ein rundum wohliges sicheres Gefhl macht sich breit und lsst den Tag geniessen. So spre ich immer wie er sich anfhlt und das ist gut so. Besten Dank an Sam fr den perfekten Service

LL | USA | 26.11.2019
Honestly, been using CB6000s on and off for a while, and while that is fine for short term play it has no comparison to the level of comfort I experienced in the holy trainer. I had a question between the order and delivery, and the customer service was great. I am not of small size though, I am rather well endowed but I feel that even then these devices fit nicely :)

Swiss Slave | Switzerland | 13.11.2019
.....the best what i ever get.no outbreaks possible! ... feeling is HOT,nobody see anything! ... thank you

The groom | USA | 11.11.2019
We have been playing with chastity off and on for about a year. My mistress likes it when I am locked as she is in control of my desire for sex. We enjoy how the rise in hormones cause my body to develop a heightened state of awareness. I am currently in a state of 24/7 chastity. I would not have been able to do this with my metal cages as they are just not as comfortable. She has told me that I will not be getting out until at least the 1st of next month. A side effect that I am noticing and am pleased with is my little guy appears to be shrinking. If this keeps up I will be ordering a nano soon. I am enjoying the shrink as I am a wantabe cuckold. I am hoping that with a smaller penis I will not be able to please my mistress and she will take a lover with a larger cock for pleasure.

Johann | Switzerland | 06.11.2019
I bought the holytrainer to stop mastrubating at work. Since one week I lock myself up everyday from 6am to 9pm. This has worked for me as expected. Thank you very much for this high quality product.

VA | United States | 30.10.2019
I got my Holy Trainer Nub about 35 hours ago. I clicked it into place, locked it and have not taken off since. I absolutely love it. I have been teasing myself for hours a day and it absolutely stops erections. I just get all wet leaking until I am aching. I hope it will unlock. Have not tried yet. The Holy Trainer Nub was well worth the purchase!

Sissy amy | Queensland australia | 24.10.2019
My mistress recently sent me the nub v3 i have worn tiny cages before was surprised how nice this felt i was sent a text to dress in something sissy frilly i noticed my clitty has shrunken a bit in cage possable you can make smaller love it so does mistress love amy xx

Ken | USA | 22.10.2019
Thank you for the valuable product you produce. We purchased he HT Nub and it has been a wonderful addition to my life. It is by far the most comfortable device I have worn, and I have tried a number of different devices. I can attest that the nub is comfortably worn 24/7 and prevents completely erections and yet provides a steady sexually satisfying caressing that stimulates deep in the groin because of not allowing any growth outward. It is a wonderful tool to fulfill my needs between those times when my wife is in need or desires my male member for her use and frees us both to really show intimate love without the need for my male member. Due to it's size, it is so very discrete that it takes away any apprehension of being noticed. I highly recommend the Holy Trainer Nub!

Cagedmarc | Schweiz | 09.10.2019
Ich hatte bisher den V3 Small und Nano und meine Herrin war zufrieden damit. Nun habe ich den NUB erhalten. Das Ding ist nochmals eine sehr geile Steigerung um meinen Schwanz keusch zu halten. Meine Dame hat nun noch grsseren Spass an ihren Tease and Denial Spielchen.Sie liebt es meinen Minischwanz zu qulen.

Kevin | United States | 02.10.2019
I have the nub tube but with the compacted parts I needed a bigger base ring other than a 50mm. I ended up getting a 55mm base ring and it's way much comfortable than the 50mm. I have noticed with longer tube (not holy trainer). That I change sizes during the day from morning to mid morning. That's why I tried the nub and really like it. Thanks.

JSK714 | United States | 26.09.2019
I've been a loyal customer for a very long time. My first cage was a large but moved to the max. The Max allows me to get semi-erect. I thought I'd give the nub a try. OMG! The nub is the best. No erections, no hassle getting a 7.5 x 5.5 (flaccid is much smaller) dick in the nub because it's like a hat that sits on the tip of my dick. Note: I've worn a Chastity Device everyday for 5 years. I take off the cage to clean every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Otherwise, it gets stinky. The HolyTrainer is the only chastity device I'll ever buy.

PA | USA | 21.09.2019
No erection = no urgent desire for orgasm. No need for a key holder if you don't have one, or wife does't want the hassle as in our case. (Not into the power exchange). Once on, I don't want to take it off, so key can lay around. But we are together the master of my member. I no longer get those erections that temp me. Great for the chaste lifestyle single or married. I am devoted to her only. She loves it as I can give her a massage for an hour putting her to sleep without being needy. Whatever she wants. Together we control my member, not it us.

HH | USA | 29.08.2019
If you are trying to decide whether or not to try chastity the answer should be yes. It really is a wonderful feeling being locked and secured. When I have to remove it for either the doctors or travel, I cannot wait until I can put it back on. Not being able to masturbate whenever you want actually improves your orgasm when permitted. I can go about 21 days without an orgasm. I purchased another brand in 2014. In September 2015 I purchased a HolyTrainer V2 Small 45mm. The fit was already better than the last chastity cage. I noticed overtime I could stick the tip of my finger between the ring and the scrotum and noticed a small gap from my penis to the end of the tube. My penis went from 5.25 erect to just over 4.25. The V3 had just came out when I thought about looking for a smaller tube. At this point, only the Nano was offered but I did not think the tube difference was significant. Then they introduced the Nub. I made the leap of faith and purchased V3 Nub 40mm December 2018. It took about 2 days to get used to the snugness. I am in chastity 24/7 except for thorough cleaning and shaving. Over the last month, during daily shower cleaning I noticed I could get a finger under the ring. I think I have testicular atrophy since it does not appear the sack is as full as it used to be. August 2019, this past week, I purchased the 36mm ring. The secure feeling is intense. If you use a smaller ring, make sure you do not squeeze the spermatic cord. You might need to move it to find a comfortable location. While wearing the V3 I perform daily cleaning by pushing the penis higher in the tube, spraying foaming soap in the end and using a q-tip. While in the shower, I soap up my finger and easy it into the back side to wash the penis. The chastity cage is removed once a week for a cleaning.

GregJoe | Singapore | 27.08.2019
Downsize to a Nub since August 1st. The Nub pushes and presses into my body making my balls looks big. But the absence of feeling on my "Little Greg" makes me feel (Special) Sometime forget about the Nub under my daily work clothes until I need to use the toilet. My only concern is I still find difficult to aligh my urethral to the Nub hole. Been going to massage with it and the massuer is not the least surpise. My next adventure will be plugged and go swimming with the Nub.

Andrew | UK | 25.08.2019
I have chosen to refrain from all forms of sexual activity -including masturbation- for religious reasons. After some experimentation I settled on a Holy Trainer "nano"/ 45mm-ring combination about 12 months ago. By comparison with other such devices, those in the Holy Trainer range are very easy to put on and remove and -once the right model and ring size have been identified- comfortable to wear. The device is unobtrusive under clothing, including swimwear, and does not in any way interfere with normal toilet functions. I would have no hesitation in recommending to any gentleman considering celibacy as his preferred lifestyle.

dave | U S A | 23.08.2019
Love the humiliation and ecstasy that happens whenever the bulge shows through skinny jeans

Happy customer | Finland | 22.08.2019
I've been happily using a V2 small for a few years but I recently started wanting a tighter device. Just upgraded to a V3 nano with a one size smaller ring and it's just so perfect! Basically the device feels like it has been made for me. It's so snug but still unbelievably comfortable. I will be using this for a long time. :) Thank you HolyTrainer!

TJW | France | 20.08.2019
No problem with shipping or delivery, reasonable price, comfortable chastity cage. In one word : perfect!

slaveboy | Germany | 25.07.2019
slave had been caged in the HT V2 (small) for 2 years, Keyholder and Owner now bought V3 (Nub) and put slave in there. fits like tiny and tight, looks a bit like two balls with no cock but feels light and really comfortable though. perfect choice for slave's way to surgical nullification.

RPasta | USA | 21.07.2019
I've had my Holy Trainer V2 45m w/ Small tube for 4 years now. Besides the slightest amount of wobble developing in the ring to tube connection, this thing is still like new. Absolutely no pinching, super comfortable. I forget I'm wearing it. It's my favorite device and I am highly considering the V3 in an even smaller size. I'm not a 24hour wearer but I probably wear it 2 days out of the week.

kleenwheels | United States | 25.04.2019
I have tried a number of chastity devices. I have had custom stainless steel, various plastic ones too. This is honestly the first device that I can truly wear 24/7. Also, it is the only device I can wear and ride my bicycle comfortably. A little more ventilation would be nice but overall this design and material is a winner. Stays put. Light. Still very good at doing it's job. I might wear my metal one for show, but this is the daily driver.

broncocuck | australia | 23.04.2019

Toga | USA | 18.04.2019
I purchased the HT3 with a standard ring and the nub. It is just incredible. Completely secure, comfortable, and totally prevents any stimulation of my penis. In fact, when wearing it, it feels like I no longer even possess one! Night time erections no longer occur. A truly great product.

Dirtbike987 | USA | 27.03.2019
I just received the Nub with a 50mm ring. This thing is tiny. I myself am more a grower than a show-er but putting it on was like parking a bus in a compact car spot. The nub will be the closest thing to a non-existent penis as you can get.

SmoothCutMan | UK | 25.03.2019
Some four years ago my keyholder put me in an HT2 short tube, with a 40 mm ring ... perfect fit. So comfortable and completely secure, I forgot I was wearing it! However, two weeks ago he encapsulated me in the HT3 Nano, with a 36 mm ring. I can only think that my penis has shrunk over the years because... Wow, it fits my flaccid penis perfectly... absolutely no room for growth. Like EgoGreg I too am looking forwards for my next downsizing ! The last time I had an erection was four years ago, and I can see that it will be another four years before I have another! Well done, you guys at HolyTrainer.

Allen | US | 20.03.2019
Being a faithful hubby of 32+ years has taken work and self denial. Now with the the V3, I can relax a bit and let my wife take control. Next time if on long international business trip a young lady (hotel staff last time) pats my privates and offers that happy ending private massage she will immediately know it is not an option and move on. Every priest should wear one, and anyone else in a place of trust with high moral expectations. Cheap insurance for enduring relationships, and reputations!

Daddysboy | USA | 14.03.2019
At first I was unsure of being locked, now I cannot imagine life without it. I love the control and focus it offers, and my Daddy certainly appreciates it too. We have tried other devices in the past and this is perfect for long term, extended wear. I travel extensively and there is never an issue with TSA, which is wonderful.

EgoGreg | Singapore | 08.03.2019
I started in 2016 with the HT2 Standard and 45mm ring. By the beginning of 2017 I got the standard size . subsequently I Downsized to HT3 small. Early 2019 I gave my self a Christmas Gift of a HT3 Nano with a smaller 40mm ring. It felt great or actually I didn't feel it's presence. However the Nano looks slightly different from the photos but I guess it a redesign or improved version. I am looking forwards for my next Downsizing !

nancy boi | Spain | 04.03.2019
A year ago I purchased a HT v3 Small with the 45mm ring, it was the best devices I had ever been in. Then when the Nano size came out I purchased one with both a 45mm and a 40mm ring in the custom baby pink colour. It seemed difficult, but it was even better, specially the smaller 40mm ring, as I could not feel as much difference in size between the small and nano cage as I expected. When the wonderful new The Nub size came out in October I was one of the first to order, though just a transparent nub cage which I now use with the 40mm pink ring. What a Difference! The nub size really is much smaller and fits like a dream, it sounds crazy, but it is even more wearable than either the nano or the small sizes - Well yes, I am tiny - and there is just no night or daytime issues at all for me. I have now found a provider for a plastic lock that can the be tagged, which means that my KH can tag me and also I can travel and fly in my cage. Yesterday I was sent the link to a review by one of the best known experts in chastity denyingthumper.com - It could not be more positive. Like all of us, I think, he agrees that there is something special about the tiny size that makes it more wearable, safer and better.

Steelstrong | Uk | 02.03.2019
I totally agree with Mario. My wife has kept me in v3 small and 40mm ring for months now, she saw the nano on your site and ordered it with 36mm ring as a surprise birthday present. She cuffs my hands always before taking off the chastity belt for teasing and I got a shock when the belt suddenly felt tight. It was the nano and boy is it secure now,no movement at all my cock has given up trying to get hard now, this is real chastity. It took a while for my balls to get used to the tighter ring but now I can wear it all the time.( I have to ,she says no going back,as she thinks it looks cute! ) HolyTrainer thanks for such great devices, I just hope I get back to the larger one some day

slave d | NZ | 28.02.2019
I have been in chastity for 5 years now. Early on my Wife had me locked in a HolyTrainer v2 but i became too small for it and since then we have tried many different stainless steel models. These have been ok but for me they allow too much stimulation through the bars and they are too easy to "fall out" the back. So when the v3 nub model came out we decided to try it. Very prompt shipping (one week to NZ) saw it here a couple of days ago. It is fantastic, light, great fit and i cannot get any sensation as it fits me like a firm glove, there's no movement in the tube and nothing to touch plus it is much harder to pull out the back, yes it can be done but it can't happen accidentally. The only potential downside of these is that they should be removed regularly for cleaning but my Wife is prepared to do that as i'm not allowed to touch !! Excellent device and i would recommend it after 5 years in chastity.

K - CB lover | Hong Kong | 27.02.2019
Just like any of the previous versions & tubes, HolyTrainer is an evil device that no CB lovers willing to take it off after wearing. As an Asian-size guy, the Nub works very well for me. It's comfortable even though I wear tight skinny trousers. It looks like I don't have a dick any more after wearing the Nub tube even the thirsty for sex is burning me.

Mario | switzerland | 26.02.2019
Last year I tried two different cages, but I had serious difficulties especially over night and could never stay locked for more that 2-3 days. Then in December I tried the holy trainer v3 standard with 40mm Ring and immediately felt much better. One month later I ordered the v3 nano with the 36mm ring. This smaller version was even more confortable also while sleeping. Very quickly I could stay locked a whole week and get really used to wear it also in public. I am very happy with the product and also with the fast delivery.

broncocuck | australia | 25.02.2019

cbrion | USA | 24.02.2019
I started with a CB6000 for my first lock-up. I heard good things about the HTv3 so I ordered it. I got a small cage along with the standard, and within an hour of putting on the standard I went to the small. AND I LOVE THIS THING! It is unbelievably comfortable. After my current time is complete I intend to order a nano and a nub cage as well. I really like my HTv3 small.

broncocuck | australia | 23.02.2019

Nikedave09 | United States | 21.02.2019
Never been caged before, so I did some research and found Holy Trainer.. WOW, I received mine today put it on and don't ever want to take it off. Thanks

FitGaySub | France | 16.02.2019
I'm quite new to chastity (and usually prefer stainless steel instead of plastic or resin for plugs), but after a few weeks with a (quite heavy) steel chastity device, I moved to HT v3 devices (Nano, then switched to Nub), which are just perfect : perfect size and shape, very comfortable, bio-sourced resin, light and discreet, with great high-tech aspect. The light transparency of the standard black version is really cool and brings a premium touch. Couldn't expect a better device than the Nub v3 with a 36 mm ring. Perfect shipping as well. Thanks a lot and keep going HT team ! ;)

Marito | Deu | 14.02.2019
Meine Eheherrin hat vor drei Jahren entschieden, dass ich Keusch gehalten werde, da sie nur noch Sex mit ihrem Liebhaber haben mchte. Nachdem ich den HT seit drei Jahren konsequent trage kann ich mir ein Leben ohne Keuschhaltung nicht mehr vorstellen.

clittie dickie | Canada | 07.02.2019
I have finally met my match, the nano V3 is the unescapable device that I have been searching for. Very comfortable to wear as well. Well done Holytrainer, you have met all my expectations.

Tatsu | USA | 06.02.2019
I received my HTV3 a couple days ago,and I really do love it. The most comfortable I've tried yet, better than silicone or plastic devices. Based on my ball size however, I am worried I may need to try and get the next ring size larger. I ordered the standard ring size to start based on my measurements, but my scrotum is rather high and tight.

Steelstrong | Uk | 31.01.2019
Having reviewed HT V3 some time ago I had to come back again. I now live in this device and it is so comfortable that I forget it is there, it's become part of me.. my key holder has acquired a fingerprint padlock and steel tube to secure the key and I gave up any hope of secret stroking . I used to be able to open her 4 digit padlock with patience . I think she knew I got relief sometimes, anyway now she doesn't have to worry any more. Totally recommend a Holytrainer it's the best by far of all the devices I have used.

Lockedincali | United States | 22.01.2019
Secure and comfortable lock up 24/7... The best device of its kind!

lockedanddenied | United States | 20.01.2019
The Nub is amazing. Though it took sometime for me to adjust fully to the device, it worked out fairly well after that. You would expect a device this small would cause a lot of pain during nocturnal erection, but it turns out that the I've only woken once during the first night, and was able to fall asleep again shortly after, and I'm even wearing the 36cm ring! Wearing it now, I can barely feel the presence of such device, though in fact it is squeezing my penis really hard. It is also the only device that really makes sure the penis is inaccessible to the wearer. The shipment took a while though I selected the 2-day shipment, and there were some minor chafing during the adjustment period, but I guess it's because of the minuscule size of the cage and ring. Now I'm happily locked and ready to please my princess. In sum, The Nub is a perfect balance between comfort and security.

Atul | India | 20.01.2019
I love Holytrainer V3 Nub. This is by far the best device yet for growers. I've finished 2 days without taking it off once and it feels so good, I'm not sure when I'm gonna take it off. Couple of suggestions for newbies - - I had tried short & nano V3 tube previously, but as I'm a grower they were all bigger than my flaccid penis. So, during sleep the penis would get erect a bit and this would make the ring move downwards a bit and pull on the testicles which caused pain after a day or 2 and I had to take it off. So, the length of the tube must not be bigger than the length of your flaccid penis. Hence, nub wins for me. - If it still pinches on your balls, try a bigger size ring. I had tried Nub with 40 mm ring previously and it still caused pain as it was a little tight I guess. Moving to 45mm ring has benefitted a lot. Now no pain in sleep.

Dicky Doo | USA | 16.01.2019
You are so good, never beloved 2 day shipping, I was like a kid in a candy store opening the package. I got to say I went with a 36mm ring and the nano, and a nub. Both fit amazing, much better fit then the 2 I got 3 years ago. I always knew I had the other ones on. These you can't even tell that your wearing them! Great job on new design, I will be back ordering next time from holy trainer, and won't be wearing those stainless steel ones anymore. And great job on the 2 day shipping to Massachusetts. Thanks so much! Five stars 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟..

Self-Chastity | USA | 14.01.2019
I have finally been able to wear a chastity device for 24 hours or more. My problem has been that I am diabetic, and dry skin is an issue. I tried the HT2 short and enjoyed how it felt however I could not wear for very long as it caused my sack to become too irritated. I went to a bigger size and was slippout out of it too much. I now have the HT3 Nano and am using Gold Bond Diabetic skin care lotion on all my parts. Also wearing a nice tight pair of panties to hold it against me helps too! I will report back after I make it a month or so.

Dicky Doo | United States | 12.01.2019
3 years ago I bought the small pink/ with a standard clear tube. Worre them occasionally , in the past 2 years I guess I bought probably 20 cheap stailess steel chasity cages and recently started wearing my holy trainers again, well 24/7 my girlfriend loves it. I just ordered the Nano, & the nub hope there as good as the 2 I bought years ago. There's gonna be 20+ stainless steel one going in the garbage soon. Thank you, you look so good on me, yes even in PINK, girlfriend thinks. Lol. Dicky Doo.

Lockedinnd | United States | 12.01.2019
Recently purchased the V3 Nano to replace my v2 short and can honestly say I love it! The short was a little too big for me when I was completely soft, but the nano is the perfect size. It does fit a little different and took a couple of days to get used to, but I am very happy with it!

Ecchi Nemi | Germany | 08.01.2019
My custom chastity arrived just before christmas and I'm really happy with it so far ?3 It's a HolyTrainer V3 in baby pink with silver sparkles with a base ring of 40mm and a small sized tube as well as a text which says Sissy at the base ^-^ The size fits me perfecetly and I don't slip out of it anymore :3 The quality is really good and it's comfortable so I can wear it over longer periods of time :3 I also managed to sleep with a chastity for the first time which wasn't possible with my old ones ^-^ Unfortunetly I still wake up a couple of times... hopefully I get used to it soon x3 My goal is to wear it all the time (except during showers to clean it) ?3 It's probably a long way until then but hopefully I can do it someday :) So thanks for the great work ?3

Felix | Deutschland | 01.01.2019
Der HolyTrainer, ist vor ca. 1 Woche bei mir eingetroffen. Ein tolles Gefhl, dieses kleine Pckchen auszupacken und vielleicht zu wissen, dass es damit auf eine spannende Reise geht. Meine Frau habe ich nach ca. 16 Jahren der Abstinenz mit der Keuschhaltung etwas damit berrascht. Doch dann hat sie mich jetzt vier Tage damit schmoren lassen. Ich fhle, dass Sie daran erst mal etwas zu knabbern hat, doch ich denke wir werden auf diese Reise der Kontrolle meiner Lust durch Sie gehen. Ich werde mich bemhen, und er fhlt sich gar nicht strend oder falsch an. Er sperrt ein, erhebt aber auch. Ich freu mich auf die Reise, an dessen Anfang wir erst sind.

Bill | USA | 30.12.2018
I have tried all kinds of Chastity in the past but this new NUB is the only one that doesn't slide off. The only other type that I used until the lock broke was Accness Denied

HH | USA | 25.12.2018
I am extremely pleased with Holy Trainer. I have the V2, 45mm ring and small tube chastity device for two years. I wear it 24/7 removing once a week for cleaning but clean it, while wearing in the shower, daily. I have noticed over time the ring seemed to feel loose and I could at times slip the tip of my finger between the ring and the sack. I also noticed, my penis, would either barely touch the inside end of the tube or there would be about a gap between the tip on my penis and the inside end of the tube. I noticed when the V3 was revealed, they introduced a Nano model and then late 2018 the Nub model, for V3, was released. Prior to the Nub release, I had considered purchasing the Nano. After reading the specifications, I decided to purchase a V3, 40mm ring Nub tube version from an authorized dealer in the USA. I order on Friday 12/21/18 and received it Monday 12/24/18. Excellent customer service. The 40mm ring is snug and feels comfortable. You can immediately feel the difference between 40mm and 45mm ring. It does feel a little tight when the testicles and sack contract but otherwise provides a great comfort feeling. The angle of the V3 versus the V2 seems to be more pointed down. Sliding the tube on was trickier, since I was use to the V2, but has a positive connection, with the ring, once slid together. For the Nub to feel comfortable while wearing, you need a small penis so make sure you measure multiple times before selecting a tube length. There is no chance your penis will feel erect with the Nub. I still managed to sleep through the first night even though the ring and tube are snugger. With the Nub, make sure your urethra is pointed out the slit, once in position, since there is no movement. I used a Q-tip to align the two. I noticed you should point your penis down while urinating to minimize the urine from getting on your sack since your penis is more compressed using the Nub.

reallysmall | Canada | 21.12.2018
SO let me 1st say OMG i love love love the way the nub feels omg omg ok so thats out of my system lol. so i bought the small v2 awhile back and loved it the ring was a bit too big but what the hell it was fun to play and wife loved it. then the lock got lost so we had to buy a new one so we tried the nano thats is a thumbs down kept slipping off and felt weird so we went with out then we saw the nub and well we got it as an xmas gift to her i had been jerking it alot lately and had a hard time cumming with her we also order the small just in case we order the 40 mm ring but dont use it instead we use the 36 mm that came with nano we thought it was maybe too small but with the nub it fits like a glove. U guys rock btw

Bernie | New Zealand | 14.12.2018
Many Thanks yes my V3 was supplied a couple of weeks back so much superior to the V2 model Madam is very happy knowing I can not escape or get any pleasure after being caged now entering the third year starting with the cb6000 then the cb6000s this now wearing is like chalk and cheese so comfortable she is happy for me to wear all night and only time cage off is shower and then A ring stays on soon as dry tube on and that now every two weeks A HAPPY LADY A HAPPY WIFE a happy life again yes it is a complete life changer this V3 so when rest of the colours arrive it be panty colour match again

Leathercrab | Malaysia | 08.12.2018
I have now been in my HT for over 2 years and when my Young Master visits (He lives locally with His boyfriend) he used to release me to play with me but now tends to take His pleasure in just playing with my balls and tits. Now he has ordered me to wear a bra at all times. I am rarely conscious of the HT now and have no problems in the gym although never allowed to wear underwear these days. Only if He commands me to wet myself rather than visit the urinal is there any sign even when wearing very tight jeans for restaurant visits. At home I have to wear leather chaps which gives Him direct instant access to play with my (His) balls whenever he choses to visit. Now wondering whether to ask him for permission to change to the nub tube.

Feminized | United States | 07.12.2018
It's now been almost 3 years that my wife started me on the HT. She has gradually made me her sissy with well thought out bedroom games and her traps. She has been clever with a slow start to now a full time tool. She knows exactly when I need a milking and penetration is her call. The real reason for this feedback is to assure anyone considering a HT that it is everything as advertised, light, extremely comfortable, and after no time the user really doesn't know they are wearing it. I do sit to pee at the insistence of my wife, but assume one can stand as well.

Ehedomina | Schweiz | 06.12.2018
Ich geniesse es meinen Mann eingeschlossenen zu haben. Habe im den HT- Maxi vor 11 Monaten "geschenkt". Habe im seither nur 4 Mal einen schnellen Orgasmus gegnnt. Er darf sich alle 2 Wochen unter meiner Aufsicht sein Teil waschen. Der HT sitzt sehr gut und ist absolut hygienisch. Tgliches Duschen ohne den HT zu entfernen gengt. Der HT hinterlsst keine Wunden. Er trgt nicht auf in der Hose, er ist unsichtbar. Der HT erfllt seinen Zweck optimal. Mein Mann liest mir jeden Wunsch von den Augen ab. Er ist seither sehr lieb und hilft im Haushalt wenn ich es ihm Befehle. Wir haben einen Vertrag abgeschlossen, er hat eingewilligt solang im HT eingeschlossen zu sein wie ich will. Mein Mann hat sich an das Tragen des Ht gewhnt und das er fst Keusch leben muss. Der HT ist das beste Mittel meinen Mann so zu haben wie es gut ist fr unsere Beziehung.

Shawn | United States | 05.12.2018
I have been wearing the HTV3 Nano for months now, but Mistress ordered the Nub for me. It came in yesterday and she put me in it during my shower/cleaning ritual. OMG it is SMALL. Like one of the other reviews stated, it keeps me smaller than my scrotum. I've worn many devices but have to say that the HT line is the best wearing and comfortable chastity devices ever. Perfection!!!

Subbie69 | United States | 04.12.2018
I was placed in the Holytrainer V3 small 45mm ring by my mistress and told I would be in it until April. I will say having Been in others before this is hands down the best chastity device I have ever worn. It fits, it's comfortable and you forget your wearing it. Even nighttime is a lot better than the others. I would recommend it to everyone looking to get into chastity or looking for a better option

Ophelia | United States | 30.11.2018
I purchased the holy trainer v3 model for my sub and he is now locked in. I am very pleased with the new cage design. The top portion extends further back on the shaft which does two things. 1. It prevents pull-out from occuring while in a flaccid state and 2. It provides a stronger sensation while erect. This is a whole new experience for my sub, especially in the morning. I have tried dozens of different chastity devices, even knock-off holy trainer models, but I always come back to the original. There's nothing else like it...the quality is unsurpassed!

Twistedfreak43 | United States | 29.11.2018
Got my HT nub the other day been wearing it for 3 days now and it's the most comfortable chastity I have ever worn... I have tried the CB6000 which was way to larg... then ordered the CB6000s was also to large... ordered the Birdlock nano also too large.... seen HT came out with the NUB! I just had to try it. Now I can pee without making a mess... and it keeps me nice and secure... can barely tell I got a penis when I'm in the wife's panties... I love it! Thank you HT

Shaun W | United States | 25.11.2018
I got the nub with the 36 mm ring and wow it is very tight but very comfortable to wear. It is so tight that it will not allow me to get an erection and also with it on it makes my penis shorter than my scrotum.

TNcuck | United States | 25.11.2018
I've been locked in my nub for just over a month now. It's the pretty pink color. This is the most comfortable chastity device I have ever worn. No chaffing or sore spots. Absolutely love it.

Nikki | USA | 24.11.2018
I received my Pink HTV3 small 6 months ago. Having been on HRT for 12 months my sissy clit has shrunk and now fits snugly in the HTV3 small. We are hoping in 6 months for further shrinkage and then I can order the Nub. We have an appointment for my breast augmentation in January and have discussed having 44DD implants. Mistress had decided to proceed with my transition all the way except for SRS. Mistress says I do not deserve to have a vagina so I will live full time as a woman with a very small sissy clit. I am my mistresses full time slave and maid and I have been told I will never have sex with her again nor will I ever have any type of orgasm.

Phil | Australia | 22.11.2018
Since August 2016 I have been wearing a Holy Trainer so very comfortable I don't even notice it now, it is still as good as new, I am just completing a five month stint of no orgasm's and don't mind, my wife or her mother release me every weekend for a shave and good clean up they masturbate me to precum but that is it then I am locked again, my wife has a young well hung stud for her sexual satisfaction so I have moved into the granny flat in our back yard, I really do love chastity and the Holy Trainer is by far the ultimate.

cuckvmb699 | USA | 19.11.2018
Received my new V3 Nub tube friday and wore it 2 days in a row with no problem. Unlike other cages that I could only wear for a few hours this one fit perfect. I also rather small so I would usually turtle out from others. But the Nub worked perfectly never pulled out or got loose, and was able to sleep and work comfortably with it on. My wife now wants me to go from Tuesday to Sunday night with Thanksgiving holiday. If that works out she wants to go long term. Thank you HolyTrainer team for your great work, communication and product.

gkeithruns26 | United States | 18.11.2018
OMG, I just bought the NUB with the 40MM ring and it's HOT! For the past few months I have enjoyed the confinement of self chastising. The nub really pushes my penis in place and feels great to have my Balls really confined especially with Panties and tight girl jeans. It makes walking a pleasure to feel everything move together.. For peeing I recommend a panty liner to catch what may be caught under the cage and you balls. If you make a NUB even smaller I will purchase it. I would like to find something that pushes my penis all the way in and hold it there... Thank you

Amanda | Kent, UK | 08.11.2018
When i wear this there is absolutely no escape. So comfy. If i get too excited it tugs my balls and puts me back in my place. Perfect. Sissy / Transition essentials Thank you Holy Trainer. Xx

Bernie | New Zealand | 07.11.2018
it was two and a half years ago I was given the message my way or the highway out the door , so it started with the CB6000 and after about six months of me saying it was hurting the glans of penis I was given the CB6000S yes much better tube fit unfortunately still damage to underwear from the locating pins and padlock and uncomfortable scrotum rash from rubbing etc , to prevent damage a folded wash cloth placed over the offending part as a buffer to panty , the approx nine months after first Cage I was given the Holy Trainer Version two clear crystal as that solved the damaged my Lady very happy and has bought the Red Black Purple Blue and White , yes so am colour match cage and underwear and comfort perfect I do not know it is on most of the time great to sleep in no padding in front no panty damage and now am told I am getting version Three SMALL size the maker make a fabulous well fitting product

lockedgaysub | USA | 28.10.2018
Just got my v3 Small today with 45 ring. It is very tight but feels great! I have been wearing for about four hours so far. Wanted to say thank you for the great product and service!

rikki | USA | 27.10.2018
Just put on my new Nub! Fits and feels great. Thank you.

Outsider | Canada | 25.10.2018
Got a small size tube 6 months ago and it was too big until now the nub size which fits perfect and cannot slip out.

boi | Australia | 22.10.2018
Have had a HTV3 with a small tube since June and loved it when I measured my cock it look like the small would fit well and it did but I want to talk about cock ring sizes first, if you go to Holy trainer shop it will tell you how to measure I did this a couple of times and found I was the smallest size 36 I have read lots of stories where guys say that in the case of the nano it did not cover the bottom of the penis. Well I ordered the nano and the nub, I tried both and loved the nub straight away and have been in it for 8 days, but to go back to the nano it fits great as well guys it's all about the cock ring get that right and you will love to be in Chastity, I now use the nano to shower so I unlock the nub and put the nano on straight away shower use's liquid cleaner not soap and a cotton bud on a stick, once I'm dry clean the nub then I take off the nano quick dry put some cream on and the nub is back on Happy Chastity guys Ps the small is so big on me now I don't fill the head but it was a good trainer for my Chastity.

Kitten's Property | USA | 18.10.2018
We recently purchased HER custom purple HTv3 Small. I was locked into it at an adult club with about 50 witnesses watching on August 30th and have been in it almost 24/7 since. Far and away the most comfortable device I have worn. I had used clone versions of both the Standard and Small to determine proper fit and with both of them I had trouble lining up with the end slot to urinate. I found that extending the slot downward about 3/16" with a file and ultra fine sandpaper solved the problem. I did the same modification on the HTv3 before I started to wear it and have not had any problems even using urinals.

MiniEgo | Russia | 17.10.2018
Hi! We are couple from Russia. We have HT-V3 Max and it is WOW!!! Fantastic! Perfect! Thanck you!

tiny nancy | Spain | 15.10.2018
Hello, today I have just received my new The Nub cage. I started out with a 45mm ring with Small cage, then progressed to a 40mm ring with the Nano, which was still too big for my little nub. I have only been wearing my new The Nub cage for a couple of hours, so very early days, but the feeling is wonderful and I agree with others before, that it seems safer than the Nano. A couple of things that I am seeing so far, though will need a bit of time to confirm: The end of the cage is so short and wonderfully tucked in between my balls, that when I had my first peepee I wet my balls and it dripped off them into the toilet. I am more than okay with that, I think we should always have to clean up after like a girl, and of course be seated too. But with the Nano I could get away, in an emergency, peeing standing up (yuk) That is finally definitely ended I hope - GOOD! The other thing is that with the Nano I thought that the 40mm was the perfect size, but on first feeling with new cage I am thinking that I need the 36mm ring as the 40mm seems to be moving around a lot more and hanging down a bit. Possible due to the change is position of the balls - which are not splayed out to the sides as they were with the Nano (Which, may I say, now look humungous!), so I think a 36mm ring will be on the next shopping list. Just wonder if anyone else has the same feeling that The Nub needs a small ring than the Small and Nano? So far, I could not be a happier sissy maid. Blush nancy

Damo | Australia | 12.10.2018
hi guys, I was so excited for my new nub trainer with a personal inscribed 36 mm chaste ring to arrive! Have been wearing for a week, and the feeling is amazing!! It holds me so snug and tight, as im so tiny! Thanks again for an amazing product! highing recommended to others reading this.

Hayley.small | Uk | 10.10.2018
Thank you for creating the Nub tube, perfect timing as I've just discovered that my little sissy clit, after a few days of being locked up, can slip out of the bottom of the Nano tube : to be fair it has been gradually shrinking over time from 24 months on Progynova and Finasteride! I was really excited to receive my new Nub, and once the tube was firmly in place, my hard clitty very quickly succumbed and receded. It is a truly exquisite sensation to feel the futile attempts at hardness being defeated by the relentless constriction of the Nub. What I like best about these v3’s is the ease of attaching the tube to the ring, it appears your design engineers have done an excellent job, the tube engages with the ring early on in the fitting process and from there it glides home effortlessly. I agree with other reviewers, very comfortable for extended periods of male chastity. Thank you, thank you and thank you again for engineering the Nub.

Shawn | USA | 08.10.2018
Hi, I have been playing cage for almost 5 yrs and tried differents. Pretty much, the HT-V3 is an amazing one because the design. It does not have any blood circulation problems or "stuck" feeling as long as you have enough oil lube. I will recommend people spend some money on the real HolyTrainer insteand of buying the copycats one. It is huge different in marterials. Enjoy , have a good one.

Stellaris | United States | 05.10.2018
I have bought 6 different chastity devices in the last few years... Got more and more into my fantasies with them... and have never written a review on any of them, except for this one, #6. #5 was the Holy Trainer 40mm with nano cage, but it was still too big for the right fit. I am so small while flaccid that I could still slip out the back. Other than that, it was a good device... But I started to consider a piercing for actual security.. then the Nub came out... I bought it with the 36mm ring. And it is the most amazing feeling. I physically cannot get an erection or pull out of the device. I'm so happy with the fit and the design! 10 stars. 5 thumbs up!

schlappschwanz | Schweiz | 04.10.2018
Habe heute den neuen Nub per Post erhalten, grandioses Ding, echt da bewegt sich nichts mehr aber auch wirklich nichts mehr. TOLL

Chris | United States | 25.09.2018
I received my Holy Trainer V3 Short, Pink yesterday, 24 Sep 18. I immediately put it on after removing the CBX6000S. OMG! The HT is so much more comfortable. I absolutely LOVE it. My wife loves it too. It felt so good sleeping with it on until this morning around 4 am when I tried to get an erection. Then there was a little discomfort like the HT was reminding me that I was locked up. I LOVE and ENJOY having my cock Suffer. This is absolutely the BEST chastity device around

Anna Maria | United States | 18.09.2018
Hi, I am a Pre-Op Transgender. I am very happy with my Pink Holy Trainer V3 Model (initial started with a Standard Tube, now I am wearing the Small Tube) and haven't taken it off since I received. Thank you for a wonderful Chastity device and I highly recommend to any Transgender (Male to Female) and is considering wearing a Chastity during their transition journey.

Phil | Australia | 07.09.2018
Since 25/08/2016 I have had a Holy Trainer and constantly wear it 24/7 it is just so comfortable I don't want to be unlocked but my wife or her mother does every second Sunday shaves, cleans and teases me to precum then I am just so glad to be locked again, my longest period without orgasm is four months and I really did not miss it that much but I was happy when my mother in law masturbated me and permitted me to cum a few times, my wife has a young boyfriend for her sexual pleasure and we have been discussing putting him in chastity because some of the girls where they work are flirting with him, I am certain we could not overlook or better the new Holy Trainer.

Latex_Louise | UK | 01.09.2018
Ordered htv3 in 40mm ring with small tube in hot pink with a custom cartridge, and I have to say well and truly impressed with the build quality and the design. The custom cartridge was perfect and exactly how I wanted it, fabulous colour as well. As for wearing Oh Wow, it's soooo comfortable it is unreal, you do forget it's there at times, discreet to so no obvious bulges to speak of very ideal for extended wear, super happy with my htv3, get one if you are thinking about it, you'll love it as will your partner/domme etc...

babysarah | uk | 31.08.2018
hello I have now been locked up for 6 weeks it is very easy to be locked in there is no pain unlike my old c.b.300 which hurt me. I like the key lock a lot so far there seems to be no sign of rust on the lock unlike a padlock as I am in a nappy 24/7 so it gets wet. I am very happy with it. thank you very much

Keith | USA | 24.08.2018
Previously had the V2 Standard and was very impressed with it compared to the CB-6000. Was curious about the HTV3 after reading the reviews and decided to upgrade. Went from Standard to Small since I read that the tube should be smaller than the flacid side to ensure it always stays in contact with the end. Turned out to be a good decision and I'm very impressed with the V3 version so far. It's smaller in size and a lot more comfortable. You can often forget your are wearing it. I was hoping to get an improvement in security but even with a Guardian accessory installed and a smaller ring, it still allowed a pullout. Unfortunately just a drawback with ball trap style devices in general. Overall though, I am really happy with the V3 and would recommend it. Would still like to see a more decorative key. We actually put the HT keys in a small treasure chest near the bed and then lock that with a decorative lock/key that my wife wears around her neck as jewelry.

Steelstrong | UK | 22.08.2018
Hi , I have recently got the Holytrainer V3 small tube and 40mm ring in pink. This the most comfortable chastity I have had. It completely shuts down all erection attempts you can forget you have a penis I no longer look at tumblr I used to waste time on it when I had the CB6000. Now totally dependent on my wife/keyholder and she calls it her ' little pink rose'. Because it is so comfortable I am now locked a week at a time and only out for cleaning and maybe teasing if she wants to.

Bill | Ireland | 13.08.2018
Hi I have just received the Holytrainer V3. Small tube and 40mm ring. I ordered this against my best judgement as I had previously had The V2 model. This was totally unsatisfactory because the material got so soft when worn overnight that my balls escaped , I ordered a smaller ring to no avail but it was good otherwise. V3 is fabulous really secure no flexing of the ring and super comfortable. The small tube shuts down any attempt to erection before it starts, I no longer get any fun from looking at Tumblr . My key holder is really in control now and she loves that.

Lynn | New Zealand | 10.08.2018
My husband has been locked in his holy trainer now for 39 months. I am going to get him the new model for his birthday . The trainer has been the perfect tool to assist me in my role as a dominant wife. My husband requested a trainer to spice up our life -- never anticipating the situation he is now in.It unlocked( excuses the pun) my dominant tendencies and he now finds himself as a complete submissive -- a totally dominated husband. Because the trainer can be worn permanently it is the perfect chastity device-- giving the key holder complete control. My husband is now my maid,oral worshiper ,servant. I release him ( in bondage of course) about twice a week for cleaning and sometimes for teasing. He has had 21 orgasms since he first started wearing his trainer ,while I have one a day . Seems fair.

Lockedsoul444 | United states | 27.07.2018
I really love the device I got the HT V3 Nano, I even got the smallest ring to go with.

Nickki | U.s | 27.07.2018
The best chastity tube I've used by far. I'm in it for 30 days . Today being the first and very comfortable and is 100% contained. My Domme wife loves the control over me now. I'm a happy sissy in training.

snoopy | Espagne | 04.07.2018
cela va faire presque une semaine que je porte la cage et c'est un vrai plaisir.j'attend le weekend avec impatience mon amant qui a la clef..

ServantofGoddess1029 | U.S.A. | 03.06.2018
I really love my HT v3 Nano. Perfect size.

BGX | England | 01.06.2018
Received the version 3 yesterday and have been wearing it since. Very comfortable and smooth look under jeans.

Achteon | France | 31.05.2018
Les cages HolyTrainer m'ont fascines ds que je les ai vues, forme, esthtique, verrouillages sans cadenas...uniquement des points positifs. J'ai finalement saut le pas, car il faut le reconnatre elles ne sont pas les plus abordables, et je ne regrette pas un euro, le confort est stupfiant, la sensation d'enfermement dlicieuse, la discrtion assure et la finition est parfaite c'est la cage de mes rves. Un peu de mes cauchemars aussi puisque mon keyholder veut m'y laisser aussi longtemps que possible. j'essaie de rester optimiste :-). En bref que vous la vouliez pour vous ou que vous souhaitiez y enfermer un tre cher (et chanceux du coup)...foncez.

Davesub | United kingdom | 27.05.2018
I bought 45mm ring small tube from one of your UK suppliers. Having tried many devices over years (cb series, birdlocked, bon4 to name a few) I can honestly say this is so super comfortable and secure I have had it on within 15 minutes of receipt and it has been on for 72 hours (other than a removal for cleaning. You hardly notice that you have the device on..... even overnight the erection is suppressed but not painfully like other devices. Thoroughly recommend.... but do take a few minutes to experiment with the lock before you try it properly.

Jen | USA | 09.05.2018
My husband refused to get a vasectomy and I am done having kids. So I decided to purchase the V3 and locking it up was one of the best decisions we have made. Let's just say the cuck's only pleasure is by my penetration of him. I do wish the key to the device was a bit smaller.

fill | uk | 07.04.2018
We have been keeping me locked in a HT2 and denied for almost a year we do think that the cage diameter might be a little small at times but most of the time my partner prefers that I am unable to get erect whilst wearing it. I have been let out briefly once weekly for hygiene but but partner has decided that attempts at becoming erect when unlocked are no longer to be allowed. We are probably going to get a second tube so that the turn around time can be reduced to a minimum. I hate this idea as I liked the idea of keeping things working by getting an erection or at least a healthy semi once a week. Which is another reason why my partner likes the idea. Surprisingly because I am doing something I hate because she wants it I find myself enjoying the aspect of this extra control very hot. We did go from a short trial period of denial to a longer one without a release and now my partner has told me she does not like having a release date so after we have done years denial there will be no release for an indefinite period. Oddly I find this very appealing. We just wish the HT2 was also available in surgical grade stainless steel and had good means by which my PA could be used to prevent pull out.

Baby Johnny | USA | 17.03.2018
I have only used a steel Chastity Cage before, and could not wear it for very long, so when I got my Holy Trainer V. 3, I was a little bit leary that I could wear it for very long. However, I was happily surprised to find that on my first day I could wear it for over 8 hours. I am over 7 1/2 inches long when excited, and ordered the standard tube with a .50 ring and in a pretty pink color, which fits sissy baby perfectly. This is the most comfortable Chastity Cage I have ever worn and am very pleased, and would recommend it to any baby slave who may like to play a little too much with himself. Any Daddy master will make his baby boy safe and comfortable when he is wearing this product. Daddy can put his boy in a diaper with this Cage on, and know that he will be wet, and yet protected from bacteria and infection. Thanks for making a better and humane protector for all!

MTchastityboi | United States | 13.03.2018
Hit my 3 month lock up mark yesterday. I am VERY glad I chose Holy Trainer V3 Small as my new chastity device. It has been exceedingly comfortable, durable, stylish, and even discrete. I'm pretty sure my Personal Trainer at the gym has spotted it (He chatted with me for a while in the locker room while I was trying to get dressed), but honestly it's not very noticeable unless fully naked, and even then only from the front. My only complaint is that during a strenuous workout, my testicles have a tendency to retreat, so it makes the package tight, but I haven't had any real pain, only some discomfort when this happens, and isn't a "flaw" with the device - that's just how MY body works. Which is good, because with the success I've had with the device so far, Sir decided it will stay on (no, no unlocking, no more take it off to check, etc) unless I shrink to the point of really needing a smaller cage (in which case, with the functionality of this device, ability to go through Air Port detectors while locked, and almost no issues at the gym, it will be the Nano size HT V3). But other than that, He has decided I have had my last "stroke". Thankfully, I have a few p spot massagers and a couple plugs/dildos so I can masturbate (my ass). My only request is that you consider designing a PA-locking, tube only device (sans cockring). The material you use in construction would make for a truly exceptional tube device (leagues better than the PA-5000, which like all of their crap products, splits at the seams after a couple months of wear). Thank you, Holy Trainer, for designing and making a TRULY superior product! I LOVE the Holy Trainer V3!!! You guys are spectacular, keep up the stellar work!!!

tbone2917 | Ireland | 28.02.2018
I cannot recommend this device enough. I am a long time chastity enthusiasts who has a long series of belts and chastity devices. I have had a HT V2 for the last four years and have enjoyed it immensely. When I saw the HT V3, I was interested but decided my V2 was just fine. Skip forward a few months and temptation got the best of me. I ordered my V3 and within a week had a beautiful package arrive on my desk. I put the device on Monday and instantly fell in love with the feel. The V2 was comfortable, but this somehow improves on that delicious confinement. As many have said, the HolyTrainer devices are the most comfortable trapped-ball type devices on the market. The V3 improves on an already impressive comfort, although the shape does not look that different from the previous design. However, due to the sensitivity of that region, even the smallest changes can have a profound effect. I particularly like the extended rear guard on the device. Not only does this make the device more comfortable to wear, it increases security and, even more importantly, that secured feeling. The colours are now all transparent. I ordered the black design and quite like the trade off between colour and transparency. It is my first transparent like device and I have to say I like the visual. Having satisfied myself of the comfort, I have now set my keys in the time-release safe and have set myself up for a week in the device. Given my already amazing experience with the device, I can't wait for the frustration to begin. Love the Holy Trainer V3 small!

Dallas | USA | 25.02.2018
I must say that I've tried several chastity devices but the Holy Trainer by far is the best. I received my Holy Trainer on a Friday and it is now Sunday and I don't even feel like I m wearing it. It is comfortable but secure and my Wife/Keyholder/Mistress loves knowing I am locked up and cannot pleasure myself unless she allows it. How long she will keep me locked for is up to her and I will never know but I love being locked up and belonging to her thanks to the HolyTrainer!

Losleben | Deutschland | 22.02.2018
Der neue V3 ist wirklich beeindruckend und mit den unzulnglichen pseudo KGs nicht zu vergleichen. Als in Sachen KG eher unerfahrenes Paar den Holytrainer Standard mit 45 mm in Transparent bestellt, vor drei Tagen ausgepackt, anprobiert und passt. Selbst die letzten Nachte habe ich den KG anbehalten und den Schlssel zur Sicherheit neben dem Bett positioniert. Aber ich habe es durchgehalten und den neunen V3 nur kurz zur Reinigung unter der Dusche abgelegt. Es ist toll, seine bestes Stck fr eine gewisse Zeit nicht mehr berhren zu knnen. Der Tragekomfort ist beeindruckend und nur bei Erregung wird der Trger unnachgiebig daran erinnert, dass sich etwas gendert hat...

MTChastityboi | United States | 15.02.2018
I am giving my one month review a week late. I am still extremely impressed with this device. My total lock up time is now 2 months and 5 days, with the last 5 weeks being spent in the Holy Trainer V3 being the most comfortable. I cannot recommend this device enough. Last week, my Sir unlocked me, we inspected for problems. There was some slight raw spots, so He let me sleep unlocked that night and I slathered lotion on it - and my willpower was strong enough that I was able to abstain from pleasuring myself. By the morning, the raw spots were gone, and my skin was fresh and new and soft, so I had to relock. He took the keys then (previously had stayed with me in my combo key lock box), and declared that there was no reason to be let out at all, as we now know that applying lotion/crème inside the cage with a q-tip every other day or so, and use the antibacterial soap/q-tip cleaning method, rinsing with a strong jet of water, and using the hair dryer to get good and dry (also a q-tip to wick away excess moisture trapped) is all that is needed to keep my skin in good order. Two days later, alone once again (He does not live here), I was to give my self a milking and was allowed to have a boipussy orgasm if it happened. Sadly, it did not. All I got was the orgasm-less milking. It was actually kind of a problem, as I had to wear my vibrating prostate massager while I was out for errands that evening, then come home and finish the milking. But that didn't happen. While at WalMart, in the beauty section picking up some antibacterial soap, I started to feel the milking come on. I tried to hold it as long as I could, it felt like I had to piss gallons. I got out of the store as quickly as I could, but it started as I was walking out the doors. Boijuice just gushed out, and continued to gush out as I tried to make my way as calmly as possible to my car, for at least a full 60 seconds (I had an immense amount built up apparently). When I got home, my jeans were a sopping mess from the crotch down to the ankles, and some even pooled inside my trainers. It was one of the most humiliating experiences I have ever had, as I know at least 10 people saw my face and the look of sexual pleasure (Milkings for me are still an enjoyable experience, even if they aren't accompanied by the mind shattering orgasm that I have experienced before) and completely sodden pants. Not to mention the smell. And all of this, thanks to the Holy Trainer V3 Small. Well, that and an order to do it. The device continues to be excellent for gym wear also. My personal trainer knows, and says it's fine as long as it doesn't impact what he is teaching me to improve my body. So far, it hasn't at all. In fact, I can do an extremely aggressive fat burn, and the HT proves to be actually more comfortable than the PA locking tube type devices I had grow accustomed to. It doesn't shift around in my jock strap, pinch or bind. The ONLY thing I would change would be the size. I'm about 3/4 of an inch from the tip of the tube while fully flaccid (which is normal size now). I probably should have ordered a Nano. Which, I will discuss with Sir, and if need be, make the change in the next month or two, as I can order the tube only thanks to Holy Trainer's excellent marketing platform. So, I have to give this device a perfect 10 out of 10. The only thing that would make it better (in Sir's eyes, at least) is the inclusion of a bright, neon pink/translucent color option. Although, to be honest, I'm personally grateful that I have the clear device. I prefer to be able to keep a physical eye out for problems, although I don't see any cropping up anytime soon. My skin still looks the same and feels the same as it did last week just before it was relocked back on. So, thank you, everyone at Holy Trainer! Your design is excellent, comfortable, good looking, easy to keep clean and odor free, and does exactly what it's supposed to do - keep Sir's bitch from playing with himself!

broncocuck | australia | 13.02.2018

broncocuck | australia | 05.02.2018
9 more days. best cage I have been locked up in. have to get a shorter one

JohnL | Scotland | 02.02.2018
My wife has been my keyholder since 2013 when we started off with generic chastity cage, I upgraded to CB6KS in 2014 which felt good but caused issues with scrotum soreness and sleeping, we also tried a couple of metal cages but never got the comfortable fit needed. I then discovered Holy Trainer and purchased HTV2small and instantly being continuously locked in chastity became a reality. It felt so comfortable, I can wear it at all times, working, sports, swimming, sleeping and my wife has really appreciated the benefits. It also felt discrete enough to wear with my kilt in the traditional Scottish manner. Just upgraded to HTV3Nano and it is even better, much snugger fit, even more comfortable, build quality is as good as ever. So glad to have the the holy trainer with me every day, I don't expect to get released at all.

Sbluvr1 | US | 02.02.2018
This is by far the most comfortable MCD out there. I've been using the CB6k for so long and never got use to the pinching and rigidity. Sleeping was nearly impossible and sliding out the back was easy. The HTv3 is so much better in all those areas. Low profile, no padlock, no pinching, sleeping is easy! I put it on to try it out and ended up leaving it on for several days! I'm not sure I should excited about being able to wear it long term but if I'm going to be locked up, this is the most comfortable and secure device to use. Thanks for a superior product HT!

Steve | US | 31.01.2018
Guys and gals: if you are looking for a comfortable and descrete long-term male chastity device, stop looking. I've already done the research for you and none of the others are practical for long-term wear. I've had mine on now for 3 weeks and hardly notice it except when I have to sit to pee or when I have the urge to masturbate, which of course will not happen. The reason I could not break the 1 week mark with the other devices was pain: all of the others chafed, pinched, etc. and nighttime erections became unbearable. After all, sleep is more important than anything. They say it takes 30 days to train a new habit. (I'm at week 3 and learning to do lots of things for my wonderful wife). The Holy Trainer will enable you to control his erections, masturbation, and on your way to eliminate bad behavior while encouraging new habits over a several week period. Seriously! This is NOT a paid endorsement, just a very satisfied customer (at least my wife is) and I encourage you to place your order today. It WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

broncocuck | australia | 30.01.2018

broncocuck | australia | 29.01.2018

broncocuck | australia | 29.01.2018
got mine today. feels nice. always wear steel so i try the holytrainer. i'll let you know

MTChastityboi | United States | 25.01.2018
I ordered my V3 a couple weeks ago, and I have been locked in it full time ever since it arrived. Normally, I only wear tube/PA locking type devices...mainly because the cock ring types that I have worn before have limited my movement in the gym. But this time, my keyowner/friend insisted on a HT (my old steel device has seen better days and is kind of scratched up so not wearable anymore). I REALLY have to give this device a fantastic review. As frustrated as I am, I have had no problems with fit or comfort (had to get the small, and even that is about 1/8 inch too big while completely flaccid), even during my most aggressive gym routines (I have 3 different routines, which I alternate to focus on specific groups and parts of my body on alternate days). My package doesn't bounce around, and it's very unnoticeable under a skimpy thong or jock, and I've only had one person notice it. It doesn't feel like it cuts off circulation to my groin either. I have tried to escape, but it just won't come out - due to the design of the cock cage and the fact that my balls are large (totally juxtaposed with my tiny dick lol) and provide only enough room for cleaning and drying. Very impressed with that as well, as I normally have a knack for sneaking out of the devices easily. Night time plumping up hasn't been too much of an issue either. I just get up, go pee, and it goes right back down. Cleaning is pretty easy. I use soap, a q-tip, and a strong jet of water to rinse out after i have scrubbed inside with the q-tip. I dry out a bit, then use an antibacterial crystal deodorant spray, then use a blow dryer. A bit of lotion around the ring, and i don't notice it all day. Which is all pretty good, as my keyowner has decided that i will be in it for 11 months, after which I can roll chastity bingo again for a chance to unlock. I hope things keep going the way they have. The only "problem" i had with it was there was a raised bump on the ring (most likely from mold-injection), but that was easily fixed with a file and buffer bit on my Dremmel. All in all, i have to give this a perfect 10 so far. Sturdy, lightweight, very comfortable anatomical design, and quite good looking. I sincerely hope that my one month review is just as positive. Thank You, Holy Trainer! Keep up the excellent work.

Rags | Usa | 25.01.2018
It's amazing I got the cb6000 and was never good couldn't wear it overnight or to work because of the pinching. I just received the 2018 model today and put it on at lunch and have barley even noticed that I've had it on. Thank you Holytrainer!

chastemalesub | United States | 20.01.2018
Just received the holy trainer v3. It was easy to install and wearing it is like wearing nothing until I reach down and find out that touching is forbidden. having worn cbx products for many years,this one puts them to shame. Great design and easy installation. Thank you.

Chris | USA | 19.01.2018
I have had a v2, size small, for a couple of years. The penis tube was simply too large for me. I was able to have erections without much discomfort whle wearing it, because, flaccid, I filled only half of the tube. I was pleased to see v3 offered in a smaller size, nano, and I ordered one and am now wearing it. My penis is quite tiny, and the new Holy Trainer in nano size, fits me much better. I also went down one ring size when I ordered the v3 nano, from 50 mm to 45 mm. The smaller ring complicates getting it on and off, but it is much more comfortable while I'm wearing it than the 50 was. If HT ever comes out with a penis tube smaller than the current nano, I'd definitely try it. I fill more than half of the nano tube, but there's still room in there. My everyday walking around penis is only 3/4 inch, under 2 cm, long.

Steve | US | 11.01.2018
After several years of trying to find a MCD comfortable enough to wear longer than a week, alleluia!!!! I have finally found it. Ladies and gents, doms and subs: THIS IS THE BEST PRODUCT ON THE MARKET BY FAR!!! Seriously, the only time I remember I'm wearing it is when I have to sit to pee. Hardly any nighttime discomfort. Been sleeping like a baby and wake up in time to be there waiting to give my wife her morning footrub as soon as she awakens. I've not even mentioned it to my wife, unlike the CB-3000 and 6000. I was always in pain wearing those. Thank you Holytrainer for taking the time to design the best MCD on the market! You have proven that long-term chastity is actually achievable. Gratefully yours, Sub Steve and Dom Robin

Lickey | australia | 05.01.2018
Hi guys ive been wearing a 36cm ring and a nano cage for 2 mths now, and absolutely love it!!!! so so comfy holding me firmly. Only wish you made a 32 or 34 ring and a micro nano, as I'm a tiny sissy boy!! Thanks again for such an amazing product, Miss and myself love it!!!

Stefan | Germany | 02.01.2018
Ich werde seit Mitte 2016 von meiner Ehefrau und Herrin zum Sex-Sklaven erzogen. Ein wesentlicher Bestandteil einer solchen Erziehung ist natrlich die Kontrolle des mnnlichen Orgasmus. Deshalb entschieden wir uns vor ca. einem Jahr fr einen HolyTrainer V2 in transparent um mich keusch zu halten. Zu Weihnachten erhielt ich jetzt von meiner Herrin einen neuen V3 in Knigsblau. Ich muss sagen, dass sich beim V3 im Gegensatz zum V2 der Tragekomfort nochmal verbessert und ein Tragen ber lngere Zeitrume wie beim V2 berhaupt kein Problem ist. Man merkt nach einer gewissen Zeit schon gar nicht mehr dass einen Keuschheitskfig zwischen den Beinen trgt. Selbst unter engeren Jeans ist er ohne Probleme zu tragen ohne dass etwas auffllt. Einzig und allein sticht er jetzt durch seine knigsblaue Farbe ins Auge wenn man ohne Hose ist, so dass die Keuschhaltung sofort offensichtlich ist. Bin jetzt seit Weihnachten mit dem V3 verschlossen und bin gespannt wie lange es diesmal dauert bis ich wieder einen Orgasmus von meiner Herrin genehmigt bekomme. Mein letzter Zeitraum im V2 waren 11 Wochen in denen ich lediglich in Genuss von Entsamungen und Entleerungen gekommen bin, bis mir meine Herrin zu Weihnachten nicht nur den V3 sondern auch einen Orgasmus schenkte.

Dave | USA | 29.12.2017
I purchased my first Holy Trainer V2 in May of 2014. It had the 50mm ring with a standard cage in white. I absolutely loved it. Had tried the cb6000, 6000s and 3000 and a ss belt, the Holy Trainer is so much more comfortable. I now have a V2 with a 50mm ring and short clear cage. Not much room for growth. Night time erections are impossible as there isn't enough room to get one started. Feels extremely frustrating. I am ordering a new V3 today. Can't wait to get it.

Jacky | USA | 29.12.2017
HTV3 Maxi, Ordered 11/27 received 12/20, seemed like forever. Best fit ever, I have bought several different designs, tried a Holy Trainer knock-off and decided to get the real thing when I saw that the V3 came in the Maxi. All others have been very uncomfortable but the Maxi is perfect, no chance of escape and very comfortable. definitely recommend for the larger guys that have been looking for an "extended wear" cage. The "Magic Locker" is also significantly better than the on that came with the knock-off product.

mxboarder | United States | 28.12.2017
Got a custom color V3 and it's gorgeous! The finishing is perfect and the translucent colors make it very hot to look at. The online pictures of the custom colors don't give credit to how good the actual device looks, it's better in real life! More impressive to me was that I have a V2 also, and the V3 is still an upgrade (which I did not think could happen). The V3 fits everything closer, so even when soft you feel fully in the tube - so far no sensation of it ever coming out. Also, because it's all tighter, holding the shaft higher up, it's even better at preventing orgasms! Plus, I find the translucent material absorbs vibrations better than my V2 solid black, so even a Magic Wand has less effect (while still being fun). The V2 was great - the V3 truly is amazing!!! Great job!

Pavel | Canada | 27.12.2017
Got HTv3 four days ago. Have had it on since I got it. It's perfect! Nothing before fit or stayed in place. I can't think of taking it off. It's so much a part of me already. I am completely satisfied!

Jason | United States | 24.12.2017
I had an interest in chastity long before I met my wife. Until this year my interest was a secret that I had not shared with her. On vacation this past July, after a few drinks and some intimate conversation, I told my wife about me having recently stumbling across an article on the subject. Initially she did not show much interest. And, I did not express my interest beyond a curiosity. Interestingly, she brought up the subject again a few days later and again this past October. I was a little more open each time but did not let on that I wanted to be kept in chastity as a part of our marriage. Our 15th wedding anniversary was this month. And I was very surprised when I opened the gift from my wife: A HolyTrainer V3! This was the small size with the classic ring size in clear resin. We went straight upstairs to the bedroom. My wife watched as I put it on and then asked if I was ready to give this a try. I tried not to show my excitement in my response. She locked the device and laid the keys aside before placing her hand on my bare chest and giving me a deep kiss. The fit is good, although initially very snug. After my wife made sure I was really horny she said good night and left me locked. She let me out of the device the next morning, but asked if I was ready to go back in before lunch. She was waiting on me when I arrived home from work that evening and round two began. The next morning she asked if I wanted to stay locked all day. I agreed. For the past 11 days I've been locked up most of the time with each time being a little longer than the previous. I'm going on three strait days in the cage and my wife seems to be hinting that she wants to make some New Years resolutions concerning our new-found mutual interest. Being locked up is becoming routine, as I frequently forget the cage is there. The device has been easy to conceal under clothing and seems to be holding up well to daily showers. Hygiene has not been an issue so long as care is taken to urinate through the center opening at the end of the tube. I've also used some baby oil gel on the inside of the tube to let things move freely. So far, so good. I'm anxiously waiting for my wife to share her thoughts on our New Years resolutions!

bigguybruce | United States of America | 14.12.2017
Received my pink V3 Holy Trainer on Wednesday. My wife had me put it on as soon as I got it into the house. She loves the internal locking device, the color and, especially, the trim fit. She says if I am a good boy I might get out of it for Christmas.

TheJmanCT | United States | 09.12.2017
HT makes an amazing product. I parted ways with a HT V2 when my ex walked off and didn't return int. When I saw the HT Maxi V3 come out I purchased it immediately. Feels great to be locked up in an HT. High quality material that you will not find in any of the knockoff's online.

Erich | Schweiz | 06.12.2017
Ich bin Single und Trage den HT2 einfach fr mich. Ich Liebe in zu tragen um mich gut zu fhlen.

Alain1951 | Belgium | 05.12.2017
Received my HT V3 yesterday (Very fast delivery!) and put my chastety device immediatly. Very confortable and happy to change my previous pne in metal by the HT. Probably too large and I will switch my small tube by a nano one and see if I can have a smaller ring than the 36 mm.... Hope my wife will be happy to keep her husband locked 24/24 - 7/7 as she is always anxious about my past looking for other women (Mistresses or prostitutes) offering them cunniligus which is my favorite sexual practice!

CagedBrucie | USA | 05.12.2017
I am very sure my dominant wife will love the pink Holy Trainer that I ordered! I will definitely submit pictures of it on me once I receive it!

AlainUccle | Belgique | 04.12.2017
Nouveau HT reu ce jour et encag ds rception ! Meilleure cage jamais porte et de loin... Quel confort ! Grand merci HT

Chika | Japan | 28.11.2017
I bought V3 Nano (clear) and Small (clear) for my slave. Nano is too small, but it is really interesting. Good tool for punishments and/or rewards. Of course, I have right of choice - Nano or Small. My slave is afraid of choosing Nano. In the last night, I ordered my slave to place the penis and the scrotum in the ring. I pick Nano tube and Small tube with my fingers, then asked. Which? Which Do I like?

Jay | USA | 23.11.2017
Ordered my V3 nano last week and recieved it today. After many cheap metal cages and even a knock off ht I ma proud to say that the V3 was money well spent and it fits like a dream. It is by far the most comfortable cage i have ever owned and i now wonder why i had not bought one before

Ryan | USA | 23.10.2017
The HTv2 was my first device and I see why it has such great reviews. It is very comfortable and well-designed. I originally ordered the 40mm ring but found it was too tight and once I bumped up to the 45mm everything was great. My fiance and I will be using it to spice things up.

Bruce | Canada | 04.10.2017
I tried the CB I put it on and felt pain instantly pinching and the ring is treble, the holy trainer is way better very comfy no issues I can wear it long term, my wife is very pleased but made me order the small tub she says my cocks is to little for the big tub, I don't even deserve to think I fit in it, she wears the key proudly around her neck for all to see.

HH | USA | 07.09.2017
I have worn the Holy Trainer for 10 months with removing it once a week for a thorough cleaning. I noticed it always felt loose. I am already using the short tube but I thought I needed a smaller tube. Well I noticed when performing the daily cleaning, I could fit my index finger between the ring and the sack. I was using a 50mm ring. I bought a 45mm ring. Oh my "God" it feels great on and with the short tube in place, all the parts are snug. I now can only fit the tip of my finger between the inner side of the ring and the sack. Anyway the bottom line is get a good fitting and you will enjoy it.

Vic | Russia | 24.08.2017
Wonderful belt! It's really the HOLY TRAINER! I've bought it trying to put under control my sexual drives that makes me distracted and rude, and as a gift for my wife. Now she is holding the key of magick locker on the golden chain between her breasts and near her heart, and it helps completely solve for us the problem of my control. The anatomical shape of the ring, light weight of the device and hangign-down design of the cage makes the belt invisible. If I not sexually excited, I can completely forget about the belt (In contrast to other belts, you can even stand, when you're doing your number one). But the belt totally prevents masturbation. Closed cage (tube) of the belt makes any touches impossible. Moreover, erection in the belt is totally impossible. For example, when I start to think about something sexual, I immediately feel my limitations. Penis fills the cage but can't be straighten, ring strongly squezees the scrotum and all of that causes severe physical discomfort. In result, I began to avoid any sexual content, including my own thoughts about sex. Another great bouns of the belt prevents masturbation, because you can't touch your penis. When the ring of the belt is matched to your size, you can forget about the thoughts of removing the device without a key. It really impossible without serious injury of testicles. If you have key-holding partner, you always will ask you partner to release you. You will wait, while you partner approve your pleas, relying on your partner's will. I went through all of that, and I can say It's really makes relationships better. My key-holding partner is my wife, and it's really great sense to be aware of her total domination and control under my sexuality. Because of that, I became much more caring and attentive towards her, and our marital relations are experiencing an unprecedented rise. I serve my wife like a knight, and she is delighted with my obedience and care. And my desire to avoid any dirty thoughts (which are now the cause of real physical suffering) contributes to my spiritual and personal growth.

SLAVE 56 | FRANCE | 18.08.2017
La cage recue ce matin, aussitot pose. Aprs quelques heures, un confort parfait, elle se fait dj oublie. Tres bonne tenue, elle ne risque pas de glisser seule. Nous sommes trs satisfait.

Phil | Australia | 07.08.2017
In eighteen days it will be my Holy Trainer chastity anniversary, I cannot praise the product enough it is extremely comfortable and discreet, these days I certainly could not go without being locked, my girlfriend is overseas working so my wife's girlfriend is my keyholder she washes, shaves and teases me to precum every second Sunday once every five weeks she masturbates me to orgasm, she has advised me that on the day of my chastity anniversary after I am cleaned and masturbated she is going to lock me without release for anything for eight weeks, that means I will get very itchy when my pubes start growing however I think it could be quite fun, again what a fabulous product I will certainly be able to achive two months easily in the Holy Trainer

AdriennesPet | USA | 09.07.2017
I have been wearing the holy trainer for 3 weeks now with only 1 occasion where my dear KH released me for a teasing session. I have to say that after wearing a multitude of cages the Holy Trainer is by far the most comfortable device I have ever worn. It does not show under my pants at work and is very cofortable while driving / sitting which was a big problem with others. In addition I have found it absolutely impossible to achieve orgasm or even an erection while wearing this device. I am also using the guardian to prevent pull out. The longest I have been without release prior to this was 2 weeks. My KH has chosen Aug 27th for the soonest possible date for my next release. It has deffinately changed our lives sexually, spiritually, and every other aspect of out lives. I cannot praise this device enough.

Bill | USA | 27.06.2017
I've purchased 5 other chastity devices previously. I couldn't wear them long because there was always pinching between the ring and the top of the (especially metal) chastity tubes. The rings had to be so tight, as not to fall off while limp, that they caused major aching and pain with morning hard-ons in bed. So I ordered this one on the advice of a friend who had the same issues from other metal devices and ones and even plastic ones with rings right up against your abdomen. The Holy Trainer is AWESOME! The ring is oblong, not round, and rides further down on your scrotum so the aching during morning hard-ons isn't nearly as bad, and the chastity tube extends within and behind the ring, so there is no pinching at the connection point all. The locking device self contained within the device on top, so no external lock is needed. It's constantly touching your penis so if feels good all the time. I got the clear one so that it is very discreet when I am changing my clothes at the gym. Unless someone were staring at me, they wouldn't even know I am wearing it. I would be very careful about the size of the ring you order so that it fits properly. My scrotum is smaller than average and I am only about 6inch hard, so I got the 40 ring which fits perfectly. The Classic 45mm ring (the default one on the site) would fall off of me. I am guessing that if you are of average thickness behind your scrotum (probably if you are 7 - 8 hard), you would need the Classic 45mm ring. To determine it more accurately, probably best to wear a cock ring that fits snuggly but doesn't ache after hours of use, then measure the inside diameter of the ring to determine the millimeters (diameter) of the Holy Trainer ring you should order. On a plastic 12 inch ruler, millimeters are shown on the on the edge across from inches. I am guessing that if you are 9 - 10 in length or have an above average size scrotum (especially the thickness behind your scrotum) you might want to get the large 50mm ring. Probably best to order 2 different size rings at the time you place your order so you can pick which fits best.

selfsissy | USA | 12.06.2017
I purchased my HT2 some time ago. I had to buy the bigger ring, and did not on the first go around. So I purchased the big one and now it fits right, and once it gets adjusted, feels very secure, and does not allow for any erection or manipulation of my little thing. I am way in the closet and have no key holder except myself. Not wanting one right now, because I want to make sure this is for me.

Elaine | Canada | 08.06.2017
My husband and I have been married for over 25 years and for the last 10 or so years our marriage has been sexless by mutual agreement. Unfortunately he has masturbated excessively, making him lethargic and I am especially upset with his use of porn, leading me to not trust him when I'm away on business trips. A few months ago I ordered a Holy Trainer version 2 in pink, size small, with the second smallest ring. I ordered the small size as my husband is very small when flaccid and I ordered the second smallest ring as his testicles are very small. He was surprised when I took command and told him that his days of masturbation were over with. He was excited though and it was difficult to get him flaccid to install the device, but I made him take his dose of Flomax a little early and I also gave him a very solid dose of Sudafed - 30 minutes later he was nice and shriveled up. The Holy Trainer fit him very well. Within a few days he was begging for release: I checked and the fit seemed good - I went in the shower with him to clean him well - squirting some liquid soap under the Holy Trainer and letting the hot shower water wash the soap away. Once a week I remove it to inspect to make sure his skin is ok and give his penis a good wash cloth and soap scrubbing, then I re-install and send him to the shower to rinse the soap off. In order to remove and re-install, I give him a doubled up dose of Flomax plus a double dose of Sudafed - that makes him impotent. Now that he is deprived of voluntary ejaculations he has much more energy. Cuddle-time is so much better - there is no nasty erection in my way and no fear that sex might happen. We kiss a lot and he will start to get erect, but the small size of the Holy Trainer keeps him from growing much. As well, allergy season has been with us for about a month now and he is on Sudafed full time, which seems to prevent any tendency to start an erection, or in his words, "makes me so much more comfortable". There is no more masturbation and I do not allow him to ejaculate. He has asked me to milk him, but I have held off on that as after about a month in chastity he started having wet dreams. He now has about 2 or 3 wet dreams per month which I feel is sufficient release for him. I can now travel, secure in the knowledge that he won't have intercourse.

Planopop | USA | 01.06.2017
I just received my HT2 today (less than a week from ordering!). I had it delivered to my office - so during my lunch break I went in to the bathroom to try it on. I ordered the 40 ring / short cage and it fits my package perfectly. I'm locked in and the device is very comfortable - especially in comparison to the cv6000s that I previously purchased. I'm thinking I'll be able to wear this for long periods with no discomfort.

phil | australia | 25.05.2017
I have had my Holy Trainer since last August it is just so fantastic fits great and is so comfortable I don't know what I would do if I was not continually locked now I love the feeling when I think about it, my girlfriend took a position overseas for 12 months and has handed the keys to my wife's lesbian friend who washes, shaves, cleans and teases me weekly she has advised me I will not be permitted orgasm till my girlfriend returns, I am so very glad I have a Holy Trainer by far the very best male cock cage being produced

Bill /US | US | 23.05.2017
I got my new HT2 almost a week ago. It's great! I had a cb6s that pinched and rubbed me in places. I put my new HT2 on the first night (with wife's supervision) and been in it most the time since. Wife let me out the other night for sex. We had not had sex in a month. Wife had two orgasms then pushed me off telling me she needed to rest. Well I fell asleep and when I woke up my dick was locked back up in the HT2. Wife says its easy to put on! I know it's escape proof because I tried!

Bill /US | US | 23.05.2017
I forgot to say in my previous review how myCB6s would hurt when I would get a erection. The way my HT2 does not allow me to even get a erection! It's amazing how the HT2 bends your dick downward and not allowing it to get hard.

Rodney | USA | 05.05.2017
I ordered the HT v2 small in pink. I payed for the extra shipping got in 4 days. This is my 3rd chastity cage. First a cheap universal one. Then I got a cb 6000s. It was of good quality but I had to adjust myself all the time and couldn't wear it to work because I've got a very physical job (construction). My new ht v2 is awesome. The fit is the best of any I ever worn. It's so comfortable I don't even know it's there. The tube is a little smaller than the cb 6000s. Which I love. A very nice fit. The shape of the ring is the best and most comfortable. I got the 50 ring it fit perfectly. Looking forward to being locked full time now and lots of pegging. It's not clunky and the lock is awesome. I highly recommend buying it!!! Very high quality!!! I'm in chastity heaven! Thank you holy trainer!!

justine | netherlands | 03.05.2017
My mistress foreced me to wear a holy trainer. I'm wearing it for 9 weeks now. She uses a strap on dildo on me to please me. I love my mistress for letting me cum in my holy trainer while she is fucking me. Thanks mistress i love you justine sissie

Kero | Australia | 27.04.2017
I purchased the Holy Trainer Version 1 (HT1) a while ago and it is an excellent cage. Unfortunately it is no longer sold on this site (its no longer in production). Fortunately I was able to purchase spare parts by emailing them directly. They were very helpful and prompt. I wish the HT1 would be sold on this site again. I prefer using a standard padlock/plastic lock system instead of using the custom lock that comes with the HT2. The HT2 is just impractical when I want my boys to bring their own cage and I just provide the disposable plastic lock. Please bring back the HT1!

Jimilyn | USA | 20.04.2017
My keyholder Sarah Jane asked me to write a review of the holy Trainer sissy Chastity device. Obviously the pink Holy Trainer Chuck is Pink - so it matches lots of panties and makeup! It has a built in lock, giving it a low profile in suits... or in panties, skirts, and dresses ...with little visible tenting. And, no lock clanging around. It also makes dry humping more comfortable! It comes in two tube sizes, small (2.35") and extra-small (1.9") to account for shrinkage. The non-metal design makes it safe for air travel, walking under large electro-magnets and getting caught in electric storms. The pink Device won't reflect camera flash and ruin curtsy pics like a metal one. Pink goes well with traditional black and white or pink French Maid or bunny outfits or even that fresh shaved out of the shower look! And - PINK is for sissies!

New Zealand | Zip | 18.04.2017
I just received HT2 small. It is my first experience with a plastic device after using a BON4M. I'm very impressed so far, it fits like a second skin while being very comfortable with the fitting base ring. It is also very frustrating with a complete lack of sensation from my dick. The quality and finish is great and I'm a very satisfied and sure to be frustrated user as I see no reason for it to be removed anytime soon.

rubberrex | UK | 05.04.2017
slave has been locked in a variety of different chastity cages by its MASTER but the holy trainer is by far the most comfortable for the long periods it is now expected to remain locked. MASTER appreciates the design; both how it looks on his property when it is being exhibited in public and the practicality of the special lock that enables slave to pass airport security with ease. slave can easily remove its body hair with the holytrainer locked in place when shaving daily. keeping itself clean is also no problem. slave is proud to be MASTERs locked property and the holytrainer is just one way MASTER marks ownership of his dogslave. no better feeling than being exhibited by MASTER in public, completely hairless smooth shaved body, heavy locked chain collar, dog-tail butt plug and the holytrainer swinging between its legs. slave has the black device which works well when in full rubber. thank you holytrainer for keeping slaves, pups and subs locked up in style and comfort

Riggerskin | England | 24.03.2017
Possibly the best device on the market. I have been locked in a few chasitity devices over the years but this is different. From day one there has been no pain at all with night errections. Fits like a glove. Totally forget it's even there. I have been challenged to stay in this for at least 6 months. I genuinely can't see it being a problem. It fits like a glove and is so comfortable I don't want to take it off. If anything it makes me feel safe in the knowledge nothing can harm me.

Phil | Australia | 18.03.2017
Hi again, I am so impressed with my Holy Trainer I have had it since August last year and adore the product by far the best chastity device on the market, I am only released by my girlfriend for shaving and cleaning every weekend along with a real good teasing session that my wife and her girlfriend usually watch, my girlfriend lets me have anal sex virtually every second weekend we both love that so much however I am so very happy when she locks me again, the Holey Trainer is just so comfortable and discreet I have gone without orgasm for five weeks when my girlfriend was away but my wife would clean and tease me every weekend, really know everybody that purchases this product and ensures they get the sizes correct will be so very happy

Feminized | USA | 16.03.2017
I have now been at the mercy of my wife and the Holy Trainer for over a year. It's been a handy tool for my feminization. There are now only 2 occasions when she takes it off, when she decides it needs to be cleaned, and when she decides she wants to have sex. The Trainer has me begging like a little girl to be milked and as outrageous as it may sound, she has made me so feminine and such a sissy girl around the house. She loves to make me confess to her that I'm her sissy girl and how much I like being sissyfied. The Trainer in the hands of the right woman gives them total control, something would have never believed a year ago.

William | USA | 23.02.2017
Hello, First, let me say that I just got this device today (this morning), I ordered it on Friday evening with priority shipping, but knowing that on the other side of the world (Swiss) that it is after business hours. I received shipping information first thing on Monday, and three days later, it is in Texas USA. Next, I received this product, my wife asked me to put it on, and I expected it to be like the CB6000s a bit uncomfortable at first, but it's not. I know that it is there, i have not forgotten, but it feels great! It feels like my wife is holding me. I don't really like the whole key piece, I wish it were a normal lock. I also travel a lot, and am worried that I have to remove it to get through security. But Overall I am very pleased. Thanks to the Swiss

Duke | SA | 16.02.2017
Hello again to everyone! It's been awhile since I've checked in so here I go! I am closing in on a year as a VERY HAPPY user of my Pink HT! Some other words for comfortable are, HOLY TRAINER!! My wife ordered the Pink HT late last Summer after trying some other cages on me that were were just plane trash that neither one of us liked. She requires that I wear it full time under my pink panties. I reported last time that when one of her GF was visting that she made me show her friend the HT I was wearing which led to a rather amazing evening for the three of us. Now she sets up evenings like that with some other of her friends so that she and her friends can play with her sex toy together, fun for all of us! But the latest escapade was over the TOP! Last weekend she told me that she set up another friend to spend the night with us which sounded like great fun but that she would have me dressed from head to toe in ladies attire, more fun. Late Saturday afternoon she started the "feminization" process that turn into a lot of fun for both of us. My pink HT under my pink panties, a matching pink bra with some small breast enhancers inside which felt really nice. A pink garter belt with white lace top stockings an pink high heels topped off with a pretty pink sweater and a white pleated skirt. She wasn't finished until I was wearing a cute short hair wig and a rather amazing facial make-up job that was breath taking. I could not ever imagined looking like a really cute girl that I had become. Now the shocker of all time for me. Her sweet adorable friend whom we had been with before for great fun...brought her BF with her!!! After some wine and smokes everyone but me, ended mostly naked. Little did I know that my wife would be pairing off with the BF while I spent most of my time with the GF pleasing her in everyway possible but I was never let out of my HT. Then my wife ordered me to take off the sweater and skirt and for the first time I was embarrassed. Then she said I was to get next to the BF and to please him in every way possible. I guess after all the wine and smoke I figured why not? He used me in every way possible and I have to admit I enjoyed all of what happen next. At some point I became aware that my wife and her GF were enjoying watching me and the BF and encouraging us to do everything possible with each other that could be imagined. Some time later we all fell into a heap of bodies sleeping in our bed. I had never had any kind of sex with a man before, but it has happened several more times. I can't really say I object any more and don't know if I should be embarrased or not but my relationship with my wife has never been better. So, let this be a warning to all of you guys whose wife insists that she wants you locked up in a HT and tells you things are going to be great fun going forward for both of you.....

Andreas Schfer | Deutschland | 08.02.2017
Nachdem ich schon einige Keuschheitsschellen getragen habe, habe ich heute zum ersten mal den Holytrainer angelegt und bin begeistert. Das Anlegen ging extrem einfach. Kein ewiges zusammensetzen von etlichen Teilen, kein Einklemmen der Haut oder von einzelnen Haaren. Der Holytrainer sitzt bei mir wie angegossen. Er ist sehr angenehm. Kein Drcken, kein Zwicken. Dieses Produkt ist einfach perfekt. Ich werde nie wieder etwas anderes tragen.

Goddess A's Pet | United States | 06.02.2017
Finally at long last. I wish I would of known about the Holy Trainer 8 years ago... First let me start of by saying I never write reviews, but these are the most comfortable chastity devices in the world and felt I had to share this knowledge of this product I never found in hope it helps another. I've always wanted to be in full-time chastity for My Goddess, but never found a device I could wear 24/7. I have tried 3 different devices in the CB line with all rings and configurations with no success. I have bought and used the BON4 with no success, as well as various metal devices yet again with no success. None of the devices stated felt "right". Some too tight or not enough clearance no matter of the configuration. They seemed to not fit a males true anatomy (CB series). The BON4 while comfortable, was not secure and was to bulky and allowed me to "feel sensations". The metal devices was / are too big, bulky, heavy and tended to slip off during night time erections or while working. I should also note, I am 7 1/2 inches and thick. Being disappointed and feeling I would never have a true fit or comfort needed due to my job for permanent wear, I should also note I'm a Mechanic which allows alot of moving, twisting, bending and ability to work in tight spaces. All felt hopeless unless I wanted to spend a fortune on a "custom device". Then one day after reading any and all information on all Chastity Devices and looking at custom device's I found an article on the Holy Trainer Chastity. I was impressed by its designs and simplicity. Having not wanting to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars plus waiting time and measuring for a custom device I figured I'd give the Holy Trainer a try as I had nothing to lose. I bought the standard clear Holy Trainer in September of 2016. The packaging, and shipping was excellent. I immediately put the device on with all hopes of this finally being the one. To my suprise... This was finally the device I was searching for! A device for real men, with a hard physical demanding job. Sleeping with the device on is like having nothing on! No more lost nights in pain or having to remove the device due to being clinched in pain from chafing or pinching or not fitting right period. No more disappointment! I could finally be locked for my wife 24/7!! I have since bought another Holy Trainer (This time in pink) and have to say, Please. Do yourself a favor... If you seek a true device that is comfortable to wear, that is not bulky or shows under clothing. If you seek a device that allows you to sleep with out being in pain and lastly If you seek a device that allows you to work a real job, with out slipping, pinching or always needing to be "Adjusted", Then I urge you to try this device. You will not be disappointed!! I could have saved Thousands of dollars from Buying different devices. Saved countless hours of lost sleep from other devices if I would of bought this product first. But It was a learning experience. I have been successfully in full-time chastity for over 6 months! Thank you Holy Trainer! More people need to know about these excellent devices! Your quality is excellent, Your design is unlike any other! Sincerely, Goddess A's Pet.

Larry | Deutschland | 30.01.2017
Aber hallo nach bereits knappen 2 Wochen wird es Zeit fr den kleineren Kfig. Ich htte nicht gedacht das dies so sein wird und dann auch noch so schnell geht.

Kyle | USA | 28.01.2017
I'm here to say again...wow this is an amazing chastity cage. my master is already extending it every time i'm a bad boy. he loves me in this, he really enjoys how its very discreat and that he truly owns his boy dick now...my release for now is march 20. I highly recomend the HTv2, after the trail week you'll be craving to go back in for ever and every chance you get.

gigifet83 | Switzerland | 27.01.2017
Absolutely a fantastic cage, my wife really loves it and she is now wearing the key at her neck while i am writing this review. We were using before a CB6000s which was crap: always pinching, painful and to prevent me from escaping we always had to use a very short spacer and a smaller ring than i should. I bought the short version of the HolyTrainer with 3 rings (the 50, 45 and 40 mm). We followed the instructions to measure with the string the appropriate ring size and what was suggested was the biggest ring 50mm. That is the most comfy ring and i usually wear it. My mistress forces me to wear the 45mm when we wants me to always remember her during the day. The 40mm is way too small and i only wear it as a punishment (usually with high heels, a pony tail butt plug, cuffs and a strict posture collar). If you are into punishments i strongly suggest getting also a smaller ring size, it bring the whole punishment game to another level.

brittney | new zealand | 26.01.2017
Wow this awesome!!! mommy is very happy with sissies new cage an it is worth the money,a perfect fit and u do not no it's on.out with cb6000 and in with new holy trainer.3.5 days from switzerland to nz,it is the best ever cage made.

Marito | Deutschland | 26.01.2017
Hallo! Ich habe im Juni 2016 berichtet, dass wir gemeinsam entschieden haben mich von nun an Keusch zu halten. Nach einigen Versuchen mit diversen Kfigen haben wir uns fr den Holy-Trainer entschieden. Mein Fazit nach dem ich ihn seit 8 Monaten trage, ist sehr positiv. Ich kann mir nicht mehr vorstellen den Kfig nicht mehr zu tragen. Selbst wenn meine Frau mir gestattet, ihn wegen einer grndlichen Reinigung und Rasur der Schamhaare, ihn abzunehmen, bin ich begierig ihn sofort wieder anzulegen. Anfnglich dachte ich, dass die Keuschhaltung fr meine Frau eine kurzzeitige Abwechslung in unserem Sexualleben ist, aber inzwischen legt sie sehr groen Wert, dass ich von ihr dauerhaft Keusch gehalten werde um nur noch ihrem Lover zu Verfgung zu stehen.

Geju | Germany | 23.01.2017
Am 10. Januar 2017 wurde zu meinem HT 2 mein neuer Ring geliefert (36mm) . Die Fa. Novamedia hat mir problemlos auf Garantie einen neuen Ring geschickt ,da der alte sich in der Hitze in der Karibik verzogen hatte. Sofort nach Erhalt legte meine Frau mir das ershnte " Gefngnis " an .Es passte wie eine 2. Haut ,auf Ma geschnitten. Jetzt geniee ich das Wohlbefinden in meinem Kfig, den ich bis Jahresende werde tragen mssen. Ich bin total glcklich und zufrieden wieder unter Verschluss zu sein . Ich habe viele KG's probiert , dieser ist wirklich der Beste , ich kann nur jedem raten diesen HT 2 zu tragen. Gerne stelle ich auch Fotos zu Verfgung.!,

@goodsub42 | USA | 20.01.2017
I've been in chastity for two years so far using a number of different devices, Attica Hell, CB6000, CB6000s, and now the Holy Trainer V2. I must say the HTv2 is by far the best device I've worn to date. I was a little worried since on the CB6000 I used the 1.875" ring which is in between the 45mm and the 50mm rings, also the HTv2 is nearly an inch shorter but everything fit just right and the transition from the old device to the new was quick and easy. Good thing I chose the 45mm and the regular size as I would not have fit in anything smaller. The CB6000 is a little too big and the CB6000s is a little too small and the HTv2 is just right! My Mistress is much happier without being poked with pointy ends or sharp edges from the old CB6000, not to mention how much more nondescript in my slacks while I'm at work. I would highly recommend this fantastic cage for everyone (all males should be locked up 100% of the time anyway). Thank you so much for creating such a deliciously perfect product!

Larry | Germany | 19.01.2017
Er ist eingetroffen, der HolyTrainer V2 Standardausfhrung Ringdurchmesser 45mm. Natrlich in Rosa. Bei der Bestellung dachte ich ob der Kfig nicht zu klein ist. Auch als ich Ihn auspackte hatte ich erst Bedenken. Aber mit etwas Gleitmittel klappte es super. Er passt perfekt. Der erste Eindruck nach dem Anlegen: Wau was fr ein super Gert. Wunderbar leicht und super bequem zu Tragen. Er trgt nicht auf und trgt sich dadurch unauffllig. Kein Hngeschloss was klappern kann. Bereits nach einem Tag ist der HolyTrainer wie ein Teil von mir. Ein groes Lob an die Firma Novamedia fr das sehr gelungene Produkt. Er hat seinen Platz eingenommen und das Schloss gibt mit einem Klicken bekannt das der HolyTrainer V2 geschlossen ist. Der Schlssel ist abgezogen. Man merkt das er seine Ttigkeit aufnimmt. Sehr diskret aber ohne Pardon und zu meiner vollsten Zufriedenheit. Ich bin begeistert. Wie er sich bei einer lngeren Tragezeit verhlt kann ich noch nicht sagen. Bin nur mal gespannt ob ich mit der Zeit, was im Netz so geschrieben wird, einen kleineren Kfig bentige. Warten wir es ab.

Kev | New Zealand | 16.01.2017
My wife has just received her HTv2 small 16th Jan (ordered 10 Jan ). I have been locked in her CB6k since 01-01-17 and was looking forward to release (starting to rub a little bit under my sack because of a lot of physical work going on at the moment) My release was short lived as I have been instructed to replace the CB with the HT. The first 12 hrs in the HTv2 small has been so much more comfortable thus far and with another big day on the job site tomorrow I am looking forward to see how it feels. Thanks team at HT and my beautiful wife.

Keptforher | United States | 12.01.2017
I can't believe how comfortable this device is locked on. I cannot escape from it. My wife will definitely keep me from masturbating. I can see that my wife and I will have a lot of fun and our relationship in the bedroom will flourish. I feel it will strengthen our marriage and would recommend for every man. All claims about the device made so far I have found to be true. Always kept for her

Kyle | US | 09.01.2017
I love it....already going into 1 month of chastity. 5 stars

Matt | USA | 21.12.2016
It took a little longer to get to me then expected. I was expecting 4 business days but it took about 6. Still not bad at all. The purchase process was a little odd too. After the purchase i relieved an error message and I wasn't sure if the order was placed. I contacted the info email and they responded back very promptly. The device is great! I'm wearing it right now and it's so comfortable. Like a good fitting shoe. Not too tight but it's still secure. It is a little pricey but you get what you pay for and this is a great device!!

Phil | Australia | 11.12.2016
I have posted before but felt I must continue I have had my Holy Trainer since August and could not be happier, the longest I have gone with out it being taken off is four weeks that was just great because my girlfriend went on an extended holiday, she releases me every fortnight for cleaning, shaving, inspecting and of course a lot of anal sex, this is just the absolute perfect device

Angel34 | United States | 05.12.2016
I received my holley trainer small two days ago. I installed the device and it's been very comfortable. I've never worn a chastity device before and I have been very pleased so far, or should I say very unpleased !! I gave the keys to my wife that evening and asked her to keep them . She to my surprise was very excited. Her dominant side is already shining through !! She said she would keep the keys in her desk drawer all week and mabe bring them home on Friday It's going to be a long first week !! Thanks for the easy fast shipping g there is no going back now !!

Pady | Schweiz | 30.11.2016
Hallo, ich mchte ber meine positiven Erfahrungen berichten. Ich trage den HT nun seit 11 Tagen praktisch nonstop. Nur einmal durfte ich ihn abnehmen um meine Frau zu stimulieren. Danach ging's gleich wieder ab in den HT. Absolut geil, mittlerweile spre ich ihn gar nicht mehr. Durchschlafen ist auch kein Problem mehr :-). Bin mal gespannt wie lange ich diesmal weggesperrt bleibe. Meine Frau hat ihre Tage und dann jeweils nicht so bock auf mich. Ich melde mich wieder wenn sich was tut ;-)

aqualover | US | 29.11.2016
I have had mine for 4 days now, have had it on the whole time. I just love it. I use to have a CB, but I like this a lot more. I know the price seems steep, but you really are getting what you payed for.

FeedoffMen | USA | 26.11.2016
I have been wearing my HTv2 small Since May 2016. It gets removed once a week for 2 hours, for hygiene. IT IS AMAZING! I love being locked up, it keeps me so horny. Other than my imagination, my ass has become my primary sexual organ and I have learned to ejaculate from anal stimulation only. It wasn't until I started wearing the HTv2 Small that I experienced my first REAL orgasm. THANK YOU SO MUCH from this submissive male.

Danielle | Schweiz | 25.11.2016
Erfahrungsbericht einer frisch gebackenen KH. Wow, ich htte nie gedacht, dass so ein kleines Ding so grosse Wirkung entfalten knnte. Zuerst, als mich mein Mann mit dem Holy Trainer konfrontierte war ich etwas erschrocken. Nach einiger Zeit hab ich mich auf das Spiel eingelassen und den Penis meines Mannes weggesperrt. Kaum 24 Stunden spter stellte ich bereits die ersten (positiven) Vernderungen fest. Mein Mann wurde richtiggehend verschmust und zrtlich. Ich habe aber den Fehler begangen, ihn bald wieder zu befreien und ihn ranzulassen. Danach war er wieder der Alte (leider). Nun ist er aber wieder abgeschlossen und dies seit 6 Tagen. Ist schon echt ne lange Zeit fr Ihn, fr mich nicht, denn ich habe meinen Spass. Liebkosungen, Massagen und Oralverkehr kann ich jederzeit haben. Mal schauen wie lange er es abgeschlossen aushlt. Ich glaub ich lass ihn noch eine Weile weggesperrt, so wie er jetzt ist passt es fr mich und er hat schliesslich auch seinen Spass wenn er mich verwhnen darf.

Mardewit | Nederland | 24.11.2016
I've got my small pink ht2 since a few months. There is no pain at all and I don't even know it's there. Even with my work there is no problem at all. Love it already. Grtz from Holland.

M'Lady's knight | Canada | 24.11.2016
The HT2 small that I received a couple of weeks ago is my first experience with this world. As I write this, I've been locked up for just over 24 hours; we've worked our way up to this, quicker than expected. I'm amazed how comfortable it is. I've had a bit of trouble getting it on as the ring is just a touch tight but a bit of practice and coconut oil and it is on and amazingly comfortable. What an amazing feeling when M'Lady locks the key! The only improvement we can think of right now is that the key could could use some esthetic improvement. Think of something that a woman would enjoy wearing as ornamentation on a necklace and let us know if you come up with a more attractive alternative!

laska | Germany | 23.11.2016
After trying several cheaper chastity cages and being disappointed every time I finally decided to give the HT a shot - now I regret waiting so long! This is by far the most comfortable cage I've had so far, I can easily wear it for long stretches of time with almost no discomfort at all, even nighttime erections are not an issue. Now all I could wish for is an even smaller tube size (for an even more cute look) and it would be absolutely perfect, but even without that I couldn't recommend the Holy Trainer enough.

Pady | Schweiz | 22.11.2016
Ich konnte es kaum erwarten, bis mein Peniskfig geliefert wurde. Sofort ausgepackt und angelegt (zuerst ohne meine Frau, da ich mal schauen wollte, wie lange ich ihn tragen kann). Ich hatte die small-Version gekauft, was sich leider als zu eng erwies. Nachdem ich nun einen grsseren Ring (45 cm) angeschafft habe ich alles perfekt. 24/7 scheint kein Problem mehr zu sein. Ich trage ihn zu jeder Gelegenheit. Er ist sehr bequem und angenehm beim tragen. Dank der kompakten Bauweise fllt er gar nicht auf. Im Ausgang auf dem Mnnerklo stehend pinkeln, kein Problem, die transparente Variante fllt nicht mal auf. So, nun muss ich nur noch meine Frau dazu bringen, dass sie mich konsequent wegsperrt und mein gejammere ignoriert. Hoffentlich kann ich sie von den Vorteilen noch berzeugen.

J. Waco | USA | 21.11.2016
I've been in the Holy Trainer 2 for six days and it is comfortable and discreet for long term wear. It's definitely more than just a silly 'sex toy'. It is a little difficult to connect the sheath to the ring without pinching the skin at the base of the penis but that's probably something that gets easier with experience. If your scrotum tends to stay drawn up close to your body, take that into consideration when selecting your ring size because the sheath hangs at a pretty sharp downward angle, leaving little space between it and the ring. I only wish that it came with an assortment of ring sizes, or that it was possible to exchange for a different size ring. After all, the specifications state that the biosourced resin is strong enough to withstand sterilization.

Kai | Deutschlanf | 21.11.2016
Nach zwei Versuchen mit anderen Kfigen bin ich auf den Holy-Trainer aufmerksam geworden und habe ihn nach Absprache mit meiner Frau gleich bestellt. Das Anlegen war sehr einfach, man muss nur beim Einfhren des Schlosses etwas Geduld haben bis es sich problemlos einfhren lsst. Seit Juni 2016 trage ich den Kfig bis heute, mit einer Unterbrechung von ca. 3 Wochen, also bereits 5 Monate. Reinigen lsst sich der Kfig auch sehr leicht im angelegtem Zustand, ich komme mit dem kleinen Finger in die Penishlle und kann ihn so mhlos reinigen, lediglich alle 3 Wochen nimmt ihn mir meine Frau ab, damit ich mich wieder einmal grndlich rasieren kann. Meine Frau und ihr Liebhaber schtzen es sehr, dass sie mich somit unter Kontrolle haben, da beide im Besitz eines Schlssel sind. Ich selbst finde es sehr erregend, wenn ich den beiden beim Sex zuschauen darf und mir die Entspannug durch den Kfig versagt wird.

Ralf | Germany | 20.11.2016
Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Holy Trainer V2, small and clear. Der Tragekomfort ist ausgesprochen angenehm, da sich der Penis regelrecht in den Kfig anschmiegt. Kein Vergleich mit anderen KG aus Plastik. Wenn man sich mit dem Anlegen und dem Verschlieen einmal etwas ausfhrlicher vertraut gemacht hat, ist das Anlegen und sichern unkompliziert. Und nachdem der Penis erst einmal eingesperrt ist, gibt es keine Mglichkeit zur klassischen Selbstbefriedigung mehr. Das Verschlusssystem ist wirklich gelungen, da es keinerlei strende Klappergerusche eines Sicherheitsschlosses wie bei anderen KG gibt. Lange Rede, kurzer Sinn: Wer einen sicheren und zugleich komfortablen Keuschheitskfig - gerade auch fr einen lngeren Tragezeitraum - erwerben mchte, liegt mit dem Holy Trainer V2 richtig.

scally slave | England | 19.11.2016
Originally I bought the smaller ring on this cage and had some problems. But after buying a larger ring I have not had any problems. Two weeks in and the cage feels natural, especially when I am on the larger side. I have spent alot on cages in the past but this is by far the best one.

Sven | Germany | 17.11.2016
Ich trage den HT nun schon seit vier Wochen (mit kurzen Unterbrechungen)und bin absolut zufrieden.Ganz toller Tragekomfort.Ich vergesse ihn sogar zeitweise.Im Alltag absolut unauffllig. Auch meine Frau ist begeistert,da ich ihn stndig tragen kann und sie so alles unter Kontrolle hat.😊

Walter | Schweiz | 04.11.2016
Ich bin stolzer Besitzer vom transparente HolyTrainer V2. Ich habe mich sehr schnell an den Peniskfig gewhnt und bin sehr begeistert. Es ist auch ein super, diskretes Schliesssystem. Jetzt bin ich gespannt, wie sich der Tragkomfort nach einigen Tagen anfhlt.

Alex | Germany | 02.11.2016
Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit dem HT V2. Mein Penis ist im schlaffen Zustand ca. 6-9 cm gro und deshalb habe ich das kleine Model gewhlt. Der HT passt wirklich sehr gut. Bei der Wahl der Lnge hat mir die Homepage von Denying Thumper geholfen.Da ich schon einmal einen gnstigen Keuschheitskfig hatte, wusste ich ungefhr wie gro der A Ring sein muss. Trotzdem habe ich den 40er und 45er bestellt. Es passt der 45er.

soccersockslave | usa | 28.10.2016
This slave couldn't be more satisfied with its HolyTrainer chastity device. I'm locked into it regularly and I don't even notice it's there, but knowing it's there increases my horniness exponentially! Very effective at providing all necessary protection from stimuli and no chance of an orgasm when worn properly. Today, for instance, this slave was strapped down to a table inside a darlex sleepsack, ass plugged and cock locked in the HT. Sir tucked a vibrator under the rope to ride right on top of the device. He enjoys his torments! Switching around between levels, I think He thought I'd eventually shoot despite the chastity, but after working on me for a while He gave up. I remain locked, hornier than ever :) Thanks for the great product!

Phil | Australia | 23.10.2016
I have had my Holey Trainer since August and it is locked on all the time every second Sunday now my girlfriend releases me for cleaning, shaving and sex mainly anal we love that, then I can't wait to be locked again and see the key on a chain around her neck, quite a few people know what the key is for and she makes me show them if they want I really feel sexy, nude with one of her friends inspecting me, quite a few are trying to convince their husbands to wear one, I have noticed one has a Holy Trainer key on a chain around her neck, fabulous product

LockJock | Canada | 16.10.2016
Have the Holy trainer V2 Small, Best cage she ever kept me in, have had in on 24/7 since it arrived over 4 weeks ago. Hardly know its there now that my sac has become used to it.

Genesis | USA | 14.10.2016
I had tried some other chastity devices and they were fair. The CB6000 was okay, but I couldn't were it for long because it really eat into my scrotum. And device I tried I couldn't ever think about sleeping in it. I run across a knock off Holy Trainer on ebay and it was such a big difference in comfort compared to the CB6000. After trying the knock off, I went in and got the official Holy Trainer v2. Wow! What a difference. The comfort is so much better than anything I've been locked in. I can't sleep in this just yet, but it won't be long before I will be able to. Awesome device! Very fast shipping too!

Robyn | USA | 04.10.2016
Super quick delivery. I ordered it on Friday and it was here on Monday. It is very comfortable. This is the first time I've been chaste and I am extremely happy. My only issue is self inflicted. I have a lorum piercing that meets at the end of the tube. Occasionally the tube and the piercing will pinch, making some adjustments necessary.

Candy | Us | 03.10.2016
This thing really works. Have used several others chanted series and metal but this is best. For both control and comfort

Phil | Australia | 30.09.2016
I have been in chastity with the fabulous HolyTrainer since August it is so comfortable, nice and tight it sort of adjusted to my body, and is light, I often now do not even worry or know it is locked on, my wife started cuffing me behind, cleaning , shaving me and the device every Sunday, but now my girlfriend does it and releases me from 1 till 6 because she gets quite horny we have heaps of sex while my wife enjoys her lesbian friend then I am locked, imprisoned again I love seeing that key back on the nice necklace around her neck, what a fantastic product certainly by far the best.

Sils-Maria | USA | 27.09.2016
Quite an amazing product. A very simple learning curve to use this produce. Very comfortable for an active lifestyle, one of the first time I put this on my "Sub" we went for a 2 hour bicycle ride. Very well thought out construction. I highly recommend this product, we may be purchasing a second one in a different color.

Chasteboy | Germany | 25.09.2016
I got my HT V2 2 days ago and I'm loving it! I tried some cheap metal cages just to try the concept and I was curious. So I deciced to try a higher quality device. Some research later, i decided to get a HT and I regret nothing! I just admit, getting my package into the ring is quite difficult, but the reason might be, that I am just not used to closed rings. Also, it needes a few adjustments. But, unlike witch some metal toys, it's absolutely no problem at all to make the HT fitting for your individual size. Once the ring is in place, the tube around your cock and the lock engaged, there is no escape. And I tried. But let me say this, this thing is comfy! Today I made some final adjustments. I'm waring it now about 5 hours and sometimes I am forgetting that I am wearing it. I tried to watch some "movies" and have some fun. With those cheap cd-devices, I was able to get off. It wasn't very satisfying, but it was still nice. So, with the HT I feel like I have no chance to get enough friction. Perhaps in few days I might be able to climax, but I highly doubt that it will give me any satisfaction. Also, getting hard in the HT does not feels like my balls are getting ripped off. I feel pressure, but it does not get very painful. Another very good feature is the lock itself. It's very concealed and barely shows up in my day-to-day jeans, so it's perfect for my goal: My misses is out of house for a week and I want to surprise her with the keys. Tonight will be my first try to wear a chastity-cage over night. If this works, I will be closer to my goal, which is, at the end of the week, to be able to wear it 24/7 with very few releases for cleaning, etc. And I am certain that I will be able with this device. :) One last thing, more a wish than anything else: I did chose the small cage, since I'm a "grower". Im very small when flaccid, so small that I barely fill the cage. It would be really nice to have an even smaller cage, so that any chance of getting hard is totally blocked. But apart from that, the HT was the perfect choice for me!

MaidEmma | United States | 25.09.2016
Wow. This chastity device is awesome !!! My device arrived yesterday and I have been wearing one for the last 24 hours and it is so comfortable!!! I have slept soundly while wearing it, something that was not possible with my CB Curve model. I have even forgotten that it was there already! Would most definitely recommend it for anyone looking for a long term comfortable chastity device !!! Also, incredibly fast shipping! It arrived in the US 1 week after ordering it !!!

KD'sSissyslave | United States | 23.09.2016
I received my holy trainer in the mail in record time. I was very impressed with how quickly it arrived. This is by far the best device I have used. I have a metal worx cage that pinches in all the wrong places and have both a CB6000 and most recently the CB6000s. This device is so comfortable I don't realize I have it on until my Mistress teases me. The locking mechanism is pretty cool and works very easily. I highly recommend this device, especially if you are going to be in chastity long term.

JP | US | 22.09.2016
I must say that I have had experience with several different devices and this one is the most discreet, comfortable, and easy to keep clean. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned device wearer....this device will likely be your favorite!

janetied | USA | 21.09.2016
I am a kinky submissive cross dresser who never ever dreamed of being truly locked in chastity until I purchased the HolyTrainer locking chastity and locked it in place...oh my... it was such a turn on I endured the breaking in phase and now I absolutely crave being locked up...I credit the sissy hypno videos I indulge myself in for programming me to feel extreme pleasure and joy at being locked up in chastity..because that is how I am responding... gotta love the effect sissy hypno vids plus the HolyTrainer have on making me the perfect candidate for becoming someone's eager slave ..thank you HolyTrainer !

Mistress K's Sub | United States | 19.09.2016
This cage is great! Read the reviews and wondered how that many people can be satisfied now I know why! Mistress made me order the pink cage have been locked in it ever since it arrived and all I can say is wow! Before I wore a metal device which wasn't so comfortable and wasn't discreet at all now I wear this cage everywhere. All I can say is if your reading these reviews about this being the most comfortable cage you'll ever wear it's the truth I've had mine for almost 3 weeks now and I love it. After about a day you won't even realize you have it on!

Samantha | USA | 11.09.2016
I have been happily locked in my small pink V2 for almost 2 years and I absolutely love it. I was originally locked in a CB6000s and had to remove it once a day while I bathed. Now I am released from the HT maybe once every 2 weeks for cleaning and to shave/trim everything to maintain my feminine appearance. It was a bit confusing figuring out the proper ring size initially so I went with the 50mm. After wearing it all this time I have the pleasure to say I have experienced significant shrinkage and have found the 50 fling to big so I have ordered a 45mm but I honestly would be happy if I have to order a 40 or maybe even the 36 before long. I only wish they made a shorter tube than the 'small' as it is not quite small enough. I am thrilled with my Holy Trainer and have no plans to wear anything else! Thank you for the most comfortable and secure chastity ever! Samantha, Sissy wife

Phil | Australia | 11.09.2016
I have been locked since 25 August only released Sundays by my wife for cleaning no orgasm, the Holy Trainer is fabulous light and comfortable I have quite often forgotten it is on, my girlfriend has been satisfied by my tongue, fingers and toys but today she is going to release me and we will have plenty of sex, my cock is going to get a well deserved work out, I am going to be released from 1 till 6, then I am back locked ahain I will like seeing her key back around her neck on a chain

property of Lady Dunja | Germany | 09.09.2016
On the orders of my marriage mistress, I bought a Holy Trainer V2 Standard. This product is easy to apply, and comfortable to wear, simply the best. Who male chastity likes will love the Holy Trainer. Thanks to Novamedia for this great product.

Ashley | France | 08.09.2016
I'm trans. My GG friend suggested I get one of these instead of going in for hormones and all that stuff. So now I have a nice pink clitty. My man has been locked away for about 6 weeks and my GG friend lets him out for health & safety checks from time to time. It's absolutely impossible to ejaculate whilst firmly locked up (and we've tried!). Very comfortable to wear though it doesn't present so well in a bikini. Have now purchased a smaller ring in black, so now it's a multi-racial clitty - Mr C... If this is your first time, it IS very comfortable.

Silentsub | USA | 03.09.2016
Amazing cage that is incredibly comfortable to wear for long periods of time! Cannot recommend this cage enough.

Olivier | France | 01.09.2016
J'tais tout excit quand le colis est arriv et je n'ai pas pu tenir bien longtemps avant de l'essayer... Elle est trs confortable, solide, facile mettre et surtout elle ne se remarque pas sous les vtements !

CagedpupCT | United States | 29.08.2016
This cage is awesome! By far the most comfortable I have ever worn. Tried several cages prior to this but always had issues. I have been recommending this cage to everyone.

sissynancy | Ireland | 28.08.2016
Like so many others I have tried various chastity devices, always looking for something suitable for long term use. Finally, here is the answer, I believe. I had problems initially because, although a total sissy, my cock and especially my balls are large. I decided on the standard 45mm. I had problems putting it on. First I locked myself in with the ballsack through but not the balls! Then one ball... Finally I managed to get the whole setup and it's fantastic. Totally comfortable. I walk my dog five miles every day and this morning absolutely no problem. My Master wants me to wear it permanently with occasional milkings permitted. It's the first device I can imagine being a permanent one.

Phil | Australia | 25.08.2016
Just had to comment again about the Holy Trainer, we ordered a clear one it is so very nice being locked into, most comfortable and a very good fit certainly no chance of escape, my wife and girlfriend have decided that my wife will clean it bathe and shave my private parts each Sunday afternoon but my hands will be cuffed behind, my girlfriend has decided I will be locked for at least 5 weeks and she will be satisfied with tongue, finger and toys, that I think is such a great arrangement, after having the Trainer on for only a few days I am so very happy with the product (certainly by far the best) I will not like being released Sunday afternoon

Ankener | Australia | 24.08.2016
Been encased now since 09 August, the Holy Trainer is just so comfortable and light it is as if I don't have a chastity device on most days now, I get a bit cranky on Sunday afternoon when my wife cuffs me behind and releases for cleaning I just love getting locked up again as soon as possible but I suppose it is the best thing to do, I just love this device it is sooo great.

MissL'sSub | USA | 23.08.2016
Just received my Holy Trainer v2, very quick and discreet delivery. Ive tried other chastity devices including the CB and other knock-off silicon cages. By far this is the most comfortable chastity device I've ever tried. Immediately I noticed the difference in comfort when initially putting it on. The Holy Trainer is light, easy to put on and has no pinching. Because of the shape of the ring, there is no uncomfortable or painful feelings upon "excitement", in difference to other devices that I've found to dig into the skin and cause undo pain and discomfort. The ventilation holes are perfectly placed. It is very stealthy and fits perfectly under clothes. There is no need to worry about the bulky shape of padlocks sticking out or the chime of the lock clanging against the device. The internal locking mechanism "magic locker" solves that problem and makes daily wear without worry a possibility. By far though, what wins me over is the resin material the Holy Trainer is made of. Im a very active person who also happens to have a job that is physically demanding. In my experience, other devices act like a hindrance to active movement. A good example would be jogging, squating or going up a stair case. Ive found other cages will dig into the skin or edges will pinch and cause pain with active movement. Ive found no such issue with the Holly Trainer. The longer you wear it the less you realize it's on. The resin almost blends into your skin and doesn't feel like an intrusive burden with each movement. In short, I would do nothing less than full recommend switching from a competing chastity device to the Holy Trainer.

Phil | Australia | 23.08.2016
My new Holy Trainer arrived today my wife collected it from the Post Office, last night my girlfriend stayed over removed for good my metal device so we had heaps of sex I was free all day, at the closing ceremony this evening was my wife her lesbian girlfriend and her younger sister my girlfriend, it was great to have so many hands to help, getting the ring on initially was quite difficult I held the ring while my wife pushed my testicles though my girlfriend smallest fingers grasped my nuts pulling them through holding them while my wife squeezed my penis in, while my girlfriend held my nuts on went the cage however getting the lock barrel lined up was difficult but my wife got it and let my girlfriend close off and remove the key, the Trainer felt comfortable and very light, the girls agreed we will not do this often and I would need to look at five weeks in chastity, my wife holds one key and girlfriend has the other on a nice silver chain around her neck she is going to tell anybody that asks what it unlocks, will keep updating

Richie | England | 15.08.2016
After using the CB 6000 which I founderstand bulky and uncomfortable I thought I would try the Holytrainer V2 due to the positive reviews. Afrer trying it for the first few hours I noticed it was much more comfortable than the CB and not pulling on my balls as much. Very pleased.

Ankener | Australia | 09.08.2016
Just purchased a Holytrainer I am certain it will be the best cock cage I have ever had, My wife initially had me in different metal ones then her girlfriend became the keyholder and would not let me out now they are lesbians and her younger sister has the keys so we decided to get something special for us because she is so cute and just loves all types of sex with me so I am released and orgasm often but locked again after, it is so fantastic, will advise progress

Chastity Alpha | USA | 05.08.2016
I gifted my boy a Holytrainer and he has worn it for 1, 3 and then 12 months with no problems except raging hornyness. so last week I sealed up the locking hole with krazy glue to make it permanent while i was still inside him which is something i've always wanted to do and was mind blowing hot. he likes the comfort and look while i like the security and the lack of distracting clanking padlocks while i'm pounding him. don't mistake the trainer for a toy - it's a serious chastity device. just ask my boy who at 24 has his erection and masturbation days well and truly behind him.

Reyna's alipin | US | 28.07.2016
I've been fortunate enough to encounter the most amazing woman I've ever known. We are in a long-distance relationship, for now. We've gotten to know each other very well through texting and Skype, and we'll be meeting in the next month or two. After a few months of getting to know each other, we've begun experimenting with long-distance chastity training, and I've worn other devices for her for short periods of time, to our mutual excitement and enjoyment. Chastity play in a long-distance relationship adds a feeling of constant physical closeness and intimacy that we both can enjoy. She clearly enjoys the control, and the effects on my demeanor that being locked up and in her control affords. I love being her slave. I received the Holy Trainer last week, and I'm locked for her as I write this. This device is so much better than the silicone Bon4, and more comfortable than the custom fitted Mature Metal device that I had ordered before we met. She's new to chastity training and dominance, and to my delight, (and constantly aroused state of denial for her), she's warmed to the idea, and pleased with the effects that it has on me. So am I. Her loving guidance and control make me a better man for her. I've worn the CB-6000 in the past(broke it in half with morning wood, resulting in a pinch point. Ouch), the Bon4 (hard to keep clean, and too flexible, leading to discomfort with erections that can progress too far), and the Mature Metal "Watchful Mistress" (excellent device, but I can only wear it for a day or two, due to growing discomfort (I'd ordered it punishingly tight on purpose, as more of a CBT toy, rather than for long periods of wear). The Holy Trainer is clearly the best device I've tried, and I'm so happy that I can share this experience with my Reyna, as our lust for one another grows. It's the most comfortable device I've ever worn, and I could be locked into it for a long time, with no ill effects, if she wanted me to be. She'll decide how long I'll be teased and denied this time, as it should be, and that is amazingly sexy.

crazylife | Germany | 23.07.2016
The device looks and feels awesomely comfortable. I have the black HT small with 40mm ring. It looks elegant and very sturdy. In comparison to the well known plastic devices on the market, this one beats them all.

DUKE | USA | 21.07.2016
I have had my HT now for a little over four months and have NEVER had anything even close to the comfortable feeling this device has for extended wear. It is sort of like wearing a good jock strap, it keeps me secure and feeling good albout myself. I love when my wife puts it on me and she gets really excited while she's putting it on me. Usually after she gets me locked in she wants me to please her orally and I am very happy to take her to a senuous climax. One of her GF was visting with us recently and after my wife told her about the HT she asked if she could see it on me. So my wife said of course and told me to take off my jeans and pink panties (I'm always wearing pink panties) so her friend could see the HT which is also pink. Well her friend got very excited and she and my wife were sitting close together and before you could say strip, they were both naked and making out like crazy. To make a long story short, I ended up pleasing both of them repeatedly and we had an amazing time together. This has since happened quite often and we are a very happy threesome. Watching them pleasing each other makes my HT fit very tightly. Who could ask for anything more enjoyable. My lovely wife has hinted that she my bring another one of friends home one day soon!

aic | Australia | 17.07.2016
I have been locked into the Holytrainer for almost six months with no problems. It really is true what they say about forgetting you're wearing it, about its comfort, security and long-term wearability. As there is no reason or need to take it off, it appears my chastity and denial will be indefinite.

chastitybeginner | Germany | 04.07.2016
I received my Holytrainer (45 mm, Standard Tube) last week and my wife locked me in this morning. I dont know, for how long I will kept locked up, but what I know is, that the Holytrainer feels like it belongs down there. And it feels like the start to a fascinating journey.

sissy mandylinda | Australia | 01.07.2016
Extra quick delivery which was wonderful. Domme Wife very excited at Holy Trainer. She found it tricky to align, and so getting it fitted was frustrating, but eventually She got it locked on. Very comfortable to wear (small size) and my sissy clitty was firmly restricted unlike other devices where there is some "wiggle" room. When the HT is locked on it allows no movement at all!! sissy did not find any restriction with clothing or movement, and the HT is the best chastity device to date. Removed after some hours to reveal sissy clitty reduced to a wrinkle. Lady Wife was overjoyed and burst into fits of laughter. After some jiggling She locked sissy back up! Then She showed sissy a photo of Her boyfriends huge cock and sissy was humiliated. Lady Wife said the only cage boyfriend was "locked in" was Her.

Small pink in Spokane | United States | 01.07.2016
I received my Holytrainer, small pink 40mm, this is my second one, the first I wore off and on for a year and went thru wanting to changed some stuff I got rid of it. As soon as it arrived I put it on and it felt so good having my small cock locked back up. I've been working on or gasping by only using my dildos and no touching, getting closer and after caging my cock back up I was closer than ever to shooting a load, lots of pre cum.

slinkycat | USA | 29.06.2016
Incredible device, thank you so much for producing these. I was skeptical at first after finding it difficult to locate even a modicum of negative reviews, but now I understand why. It seems to get more and more comfortable the longer I wear it (going on 3 weeks now). My wife and I were initially unsure how we would feel about long term chastity, and decided we would give it an honest try and use it for one month continuously, unlocking it on our anniversary. However, we have both enjoyed the results so much it may very well go back on for a much longer stint than either of us would have dreamed. Thanks again!

Happy with HT V2 | USA | 13.06.2016
My wife seemed interested, but skeptical about long-term chastity because of the "failure" of other devices we have owned. Now that we own the HT V2 it is obvious long-term wear is possible due to the V2's design, its comfort and security. She has become very much sold on keeping me locked for extended periods and enjoys the changes that go along with her holding the keys... in and out of the bedroom. I soap up well in the shower each day. Afterward I apply silicone lube under my scrotum on either side of the ring and use a cotton swab to apply silicone lube inside the tube through the hole in the end. This helps my penis center itself for urination. Using this routine she only feels the need to remove the cage about once a week for a deeper cleaning, inspection and shaving. The only drawback is the "edge" at the top of the tube that rubs my penis right next to my abdomen. I apply a new band-aid at the base of my penis each morning to provide some padding where that edge makes contact. That seems to solve the problem. We've even incorporated the HT V2 into a "chastity diet" and I've lost 10 pounds. Each week, if I've met my weekly target loss of 2 lbs., she releases me for 24 hours with other rewards. If the goal is not met the cage stays in place for the next week and there are other repercussions. The V2 will eventually ensure that I don't regain weight after I meet my overall goal. All of this is possible because of the V2's ability to be worn long-term. Great product!

Spookiie | USA | 11.06.2016
I got my Holytrainer today and put it on ASAP! I was skeptical about how comfortable everyone was saying it is to wear... NOT anymore! I have gone through several different devices including the CBX line. This is indeed as comfortable to wear as everyone has said. I am EXTREMELY happy with my purchase! =)

Babydick | USA | 07.06.2016
I am in the military and I wear one of these, and it is perfect. I can run and do other things with it. I wear it all the time. Woul easily recommend this to anyone.

marito | Deutschlanf | 06.06.2016
Nachdem meine Frau entschieden hat, dass ich einen Peniskfig nun dauerhaft tragen soll, haben wir endlich mit dem Holy Trainer den optimalen Kfig gefunden. Der Holy Trainer passt perfekt und ist sehr angenehm zu tragen, ich trage ihn jetzt seit drei Wochen und bin sicher, dass ich ihn langfristig tragen werde.

Bo | Deutschland | 30.05.2016
Ich kann dieses Keuschheitsgrtel zu 100% weiterempfehlen. Wer einen KG auf lngere Zeit tragen muss/will sollte definitiv in den Holy Trainer investieren. Er hinterlsst keinerlei Druckstellen und passt sich angenehm dem Krper an. Ich habe mich mittlerweile schon so an den Kg gewhnt, dass mir mittlerweile etwas fehlt wenn ich ihn nicht trage :) Danke an das Team von Novamedia, ihr habt unser Liebesleben um einiges attraktiver Gestaltet.

Du | UAS | 14.05.2016
My wife has tried several different chastity devices on me but neither of us, especially me, did not really like any of them from a comfort standpoint. So it was with some reservation that she ordered the HolyTrainer device. We both thought it looked like it would be very comfortable and easy to work with not having a padlock to fool with was important to us for several reasons. When we received the device she put it in me the same day and it was TRULY AMAZING how easy it was to put on. More importantly it is THE most comfortable of ALL the chastity devices I have EVER HAD THE PLEASURE TO WEAR!! I wear it constantly and consider it a part of my wardrobe. To anyone who is thinking about getting one ....don't wait any longer....you will love it!!

Bibi Jones | United States | 13.05.2016
I have bought 5 (including this device) to try different styles. I had a metal, silicon, (2) plastic and then this one. The first plastic one I bought from Amazon broke and was to tight. Silicon was to bendy and hard to clean when I was in it. The metal was great but it is a little heavy when you try to work out. The next plastic was great but after a few days I escaped during the night and couldn't get back in without getting the key. This is by far the best one that I have been in for over a month and no problems. I can pull the head out during showers for a good clean and go right back in without a problem yet it cant come out on its own. There is absolutely no pinching at any time which I encountered on all my other devices.

kevin | UK | 13.05.2016
Arrived yesterday and was locked in immediately. 24 hours later very comfortable and no problems with sleeping or doing daily jobs. Key holder bought a self timer kitchen safe so no release for 10 days and no override or discussion. Very pleased with long term wear prospect. Wanting to find permanent fixing by using piercing, any advice please.

Duffy | USA | 11.05.2016
I started wear the Holy Trainer v2 in early November 2015. On 26-11-2015 I posted here how good it is. Since then I switch to using very small amount of personal lubricating jelly instead of the hand cream.which is working better for me. Recently I was doing a lot of heavy work and was very active and several times, some how, one testicle slipped out of the ring. I dont understand how this was possible because it was impossible to slip the testicle back through the ring. I remember seeing how the device becomes flexible when heated in water. I tried that but it was just now hot enough. I used very carefully a heat gun until the bottom of the ring was just soft. I pushed it up in the middle and held it until hard. It is now more comfortable and there is no way I can slip out. I have been wearing it for over a month and has not changed shape since I modified it.

Gabi | Romania | 08.05.2016
I bought my holytrainer v2 with 40 mm ring, black. It is the best product out there. At first i couldn't wear it more than a few hours, but gradually i increased the time, now i am going for full time. I will give the key to my gf, can't wait! The service was very good, i communicated with the seller in a good manner, any quiestion i had was answered quickly. The device can not be seen under the clothes, and i even went on a bike trip with no problems. As for getting hard in it, is impossible, fits like a glove . All in all i am very pleased with the product so far.

Sam | Norway | 06.05.2016
I just got my Holy Trainer, and the moment I unpacked it, it was installed and locked. We expected a period of getting used to it, but the fact is that it has so far not been removed at all, as it is so much more comfortable than other devices I have tried. Furthermore, it is also very secure. I think this device is on to stay - for as long as SHE desires.

Rolf | USA | 06.05.2016
I'm very satisfied with my Holy Trainer. I'm wearing it longer term now about one month trying for 6 months. The longer I wear it the more comfortable it becomes.It seems like it is molding itself to my body. Really a great product. Thank you for providing it.

Zavou | France | 25.04.2016
Apres beaucoup d'hsitation, je me suis lanc! J'ai chauss mon Holytrainer dimanche aprs-midi et j'ai dcid de ne plus l'enlever. Malgr un certain inconfort initial, j'ai rsist et je l'ai laiss toute le lundi au travail. Le resultat est incroyable ! Pas une minute sans penser a ma nouvelle condition d'encag. Le soir en rentrant a la maison, j'ai sorti mon appareil encag de la braguette de mon pantalon pour l'exhiber et pour afficher ma nouvelle condition de soumis. Et je me sens vraiment panoui, comme si j'avais toujours renonc a tre moi et que ce dclic m'avait rvl! La plus grande frustration qui me reste maintenant, c'est de ne pas avoir encore trouv le gardien des clefs du Holytrainer. Je veux tre libre de cette tentation d'chapper a la chastet. Et j'espre qu'un gardien saura m'epargner cette faiblesse!

TinySissyClit | USA | 22.04.2016
We've had the 50mm with long cage for about 12mo now. It's by far the more the most comfortable device she's used to lock up my clit. I'd love to have her open it more but that doesn't happen unless I can prove that I've told a new person about (and I quote) "my pathetic, tiny and useless excuse for a dick that better described as a miniature clit." The build quality is great and the ring is comfortable at night.

Josh | Usa | 21.04.2016
I got mine last Friday been warring it for 6 days today and so far I like it I orderd pink regular with the 45 ring but recived clear but decided it might be better for me so I didn't complain at first it felt to snug (ring) since I have bigger testicals so orderd the 50 ring haven't tried it on due to the 45 feeling better now only complain is since my job requires me to sit most of the day I tend to feel some pinching in the back but that's a personal issue overall this is the device I've been wanting for a long time and finally own it I recommend it thanks.

AllisonScoober | USA | 20.04.2016
I just got my chastity device today, I was so excited & tried to put it on immediately. I purchased the small with the 45mm ring. I went thru the measuring procedure and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get down to the 40mm ring even as much as I wanted to. The fit is very nice, and this will be my first day in chastity 4/20/16. My scrotum sack is very small since I wear panties 24/7. My cock used to be 7" erect and curved down, now it is 3.25" erect and curves backwards, probably due to wearing tight panties for the last 30yrs straight. Looking forward to what this small 1.9" penis tube will do for my little clitty cock! I will have to post pictures on my tumblr page asap. PS, this device is comfortable, and one more thing, I'm not slipping out, not a chance...

LockedSliver | USA | 19.04.2016
I bought the Holy Trainer v2 with 50mm back in January. I have been breaking it in for a while now and finally got used to it. It is so very comfortable and easy to put on. It just takes a few tries of practice and you'll be wearing it perfectly. Thank you so much for your product. The only wish I had is I wish there was a ring just slightly larger than the 50mm for those of us high and tight. Even at 50mm it's not bad just a tad too tight. Of course, I've been told I'm endowed in that area. Again, thank you for a comfortable product that hasn't been difficult to use. I've tried others and this by far is the best I have tried yet.

new locked guy | spain | 17.04.2016
Received my new HT 12 days after ordering it. Today is my third day locked. I can't believe how easy was to get in it and how confortable it feels along the day. No pinching or chaffing at all. The two nights locked so far have been a bit troubled though: never realized i could have erections every two hours. Not real pain, but uncomfortable enough to wake me up. I think my body has to learn. About the higiene: While the head can be easily washed and rinsed through the holes provided, the shaft is difficult to reach. So it should be removed once a week. All in all i think was a good purchase. Thanks

diaperboy | switzerland | 16.04.2016
Aprs bien des mois de fantasme nous avons command une holly trainer pour que ma belle ait le contrle de ses affaires en permanence vu ma propension a tre un garon pas sage. Dconvenue d'abord car impossible de mettre la cage vu mon excitation et la taille de "mes" attributs qui sont la proprit exclusive de Madame. Frustr de ne pouvoir expriment le contrle d'orgasme et surtout d'interdire mes branlettes en cachette car je ne peux m'empcher de me toucher comme une petite cochonne, nous avons command The Curve qui cette fois tait enfilable mais tellement inconfortable que difficile porter sur de longue dure et encore plus en tant lange comme je le suis souvent. Nous avons donc r-essay la hollytrainer et bien que le tube soit trs court (et pourtant taille regular) nous y somme parvenus :-) Depuis que du bonheur, je ne me touche plus en cachette, Madame adore ce contrle effectif de mes orgasmes et en plus la Holly trainer et la cage qui se marie le mieux avec des couches vu son ergonomie. Merci pour cette cage qui nous rends heureux et volontiers pour un tube un poil plus long et plus large pour les soumis qui ont une nouille trop grosse pour les petites sissys qu'ils sont. bisous

MatresseLaura | France | 08.04.2016
Magnifique cage, discrte et hyginique. Mon mari est maintenant maintenu 24/7/365 et ses orgasmes se font trs rares (3, 4 mois, ou +). Je ne peux tre plus ravie par l'obissance que m'apporte ce petit objet.

Sissy Cuck Samantha | USA | 06.04.2016
I have been wearing my small pink Holy Trainer V2 for 17 months now and I absolutely love it. It is so comfortable I truly forget I am wearing it. My only wish is that HT would develop an even smaller cage based on the V2, maybe a 'Mini". I highly recommend it for anyone considering chastity, especially long term chastity.

newlychaste | United Kingdom | 05.04.2016
I got my first chastity device from you a month and a half ago. I have since come to be locked in 24/7 with the consent of my initially reluctant though obliging wife. As a newbie to male chastity, my feelings toward a life in chastity only become more clear as time passes. When I invested in this device initially it was a gamble as I did not know if my wife or I would take to it. We have both since enjoyed heightened sexual intimacy and a wonderful period of mutual disclosure and trust unlike any time before in our marriage. As we grow into chastity, still learning, the feeling of chastity itself is becoming more comforting to me. This feeling of comfort is made all the better by the comfortable design and ergonomics of the clear HT2 small with a 45 ring that I ordered although I am now considering the 40 ring due to night time slip.

Chris | USA | 04.04.2016
I've used many different devices over the years such as the CB6000 and Jailbird and hands down the Holy Trainer V2 is the most comfortable and best ergonomically fitted product I've ever worn. And, no more annoying lock clanging with their ingenious design. HT is worth every penny especially when coupled with their great customer service. Bravo to the HT team at getting male chastity right!

Les | USA | 02.04.2016
Just received my HT and I love it! Easy to put on, fits like a glove and very comfortable. I'm new to the scene, but can see this becoming a regular lifestyle. Incredibly fast delivery, as well- received my order in less than 72 hours! Great job-thanks!

melblthrbiker36 | Australia | 28.03.2016
Purchased the Holy Trainer V2 in this year - the service was great and delivery took apporx two weeks. I have been locked in many devices before however none as comfortable as the Holy Trainer V2. As I have high balls most of the devices last no more than 2-3 days, With the Holy Trainer V2 I have been locked on and off since purchase currently been locked for three weeks with the only release when Master mitted me to unlock the device and clean. Love the device - it works!

Firemandcb | United States | 26.03.2016
I've tried 2 silicon devices and 4 metal, all pale in comparison to the HT. Excellent fit. Extremely comfortable. No sharp edges. Mistress will be getting the keys tomorrow night. Should be interesting.

success at last | USA | 24.03.2016
After years of experimenting and failure with multiple other devices, success is finally here. Failures with others was always due to pain and/or non-security issues. My wife never really got into the advantages mindset, because I was never able to keep wearing one long enough. She became bored with the whole thing. I have had the small tube/40 mm ring set for three months now. For me, soaking the ring in VERY warm water is the key to being able to put the snug ring on and not have it later slip. I went from wear at night only during the first week, to one night/day/night and off for one day for the next week. Then it was three days/nights with one day off. By the end of the month, it was 24/7. She took your advice and only removes it for cleaning /shaving me after my hands are secured behind me with cuffs. She has gone from being an indifferent participant to an absolute advocate. She loves the long term control she now has and says I had better be satisfied with things as they are now (be careful what you wish for; you might just get it), because she has no intention of ever going back.

My_Secret | USA | 18.03.2016
I received my HTv2 in clear a couple days ago. The device appears to be fairly comfortable, except when I have my morning wood. My Mistress approves of both the quality and look of the device. My only suggestion for v3 would be more vent holes to allow for easier cleaning. It's pretty snug on me, so there's not much chance of fitting any swabs inside for regular hygiene. Long story short, good build quality, good fit, and easy ordering/fast shipping. Good work y'all!

jack of all | U.S.A. | 15.03.2016
The Trainer is the most comfortable, best fitting and secure devise we have used. My Queen and i love it. i am her kept sub-man. Now we will see how much i'll regret what i asked for, three months of no erections and semen release. i have been kept caged for three weeks and starting to think i was thinking with the wrong head. Of course my Queen is saying that with all the pleasure she is getting 24/7 that three months may not be long enough!

stephanie | united states | 11.03.2016
I got the pink short version and love it. I wish there was a spiked version

Bbboymaster | Switzerland | 01.03.2016
Sehr zufrieden mit dem Device (HT2 standard, clear) aber leider wird darber gelogen dass in der Schweiz per PostPac Priority versendet wird... Leider nur PostPac economy und es ist niemals innerhalb von 24h da. Aber egal! Trotzdem danke und sehr angenehmer CD

Feminized | USA | 25.02.2016
I am writing this at the direction of my wife as an exercise to tell the readers that she and HT has changed our lives. My over active libido has now been completely turned over to my wife due to the HT. She and a couple girlfriends have mastered total control of their husbands with the HT and their bedroom skills. It's hard for me to believe what she has done to me without me just walking out on her. She has after a couple months of gradually increasing my time in the HT, to full time wearing, and being out for sex only, and that's when she decides, and not me, as it used to be. My underwear drawer has only panties, bras, girdles, garter belts, hose, and nighties. When we go out, it's feminine undies, and thankfully she is very careful not to embarrass me, however she has made it clear that if there is a need for an attitude adjustment, she will march me right into a VS for a fitting. The one time I complained about being horny, she took me for a mani and a peti and when I calmed down she said that's a good girl and picked out a less noticeable peach color instead of bright red. My hair is on the long side and she has mentioned a few times that her hair dresser can't wait to give me a cute pixie cut. The HT on 24/7 is now impossible to tell I'm wearing it during the day, but my night time wet dream pain which my wife used to laugh at, does not happen anymore. My wife regularly milks me, a trick her HT girlfriends taught her. The other day at home she said honey, I love you so much, if you would like to go back our old lifestyle and get rid of the HT we can, and I said let me think about while I'm taking my bubble bath shaving my legs. She then said ok, I can't wait to show the new bra, pantie and nightie I have for you tonight, by the way I have no idea where the the key to the HT might be. Maybe we can look for it after I milk you, and I said whatever you want to do sweetie, and once again got that sly smile.

Xavier | France | 25.02.2016
Nous possdons cette cage depuis un an et demi, ma femme me la fait porter pisodiquement, j'ai fait l'erreur de lui dire que lors ce que je fais des travaux la maison, je l'oublie totalement tellement elle est confortable, j'ai vu un magnifique sourire sur son visage, je vais devoir la porter en permanence mme au travail. Cette cage est solide et rellement trs confortable donc tu seras en permanence sous cl, de plus elle est trs discrte, donc aucune raison de la retirer, m'as elle dit.. Depuis 5 jours ma nouvelle vie de soumis commence, sans espoir de libration prochaine...

Chastityslave | England | 19.02.2016
Brilliant! I have had a cb6000 for a long time, it was fairly effective but uncomfortable and quite bulky, but the woo rat thing was the c on asking and bulging from the padlock. Eventually the tube split causing me some pain when the skin got pinched. I've just received my holy trainer. Ordered 4 days ago, got here yesterday so very quick delivery. The holy trainer fits so much better and is much more comfortable even with night time erections (well I say erections- it is very effective at stopping them!) The design keeping the tube much closer to the ring means that pulling out is all but impossible. Thouroughly recommend it!

Matresse Sophia | France | 17.02.2016
L'utilisation de la cage Holy Trainer a t une rvolution pour notre couple. Mon soumis la porte en permanence depuis 1 mois et demi. Depuis mon mari est beaucoup plus docile et humble devant sa Matresse, il n'ose plus se rebeller. Quant moi je matrise totalement son plaisir en le librant trs pisodiquement. De plus, la cl que je porte toujours entre mes seins nous rappelle sa frustration permanente. Je ne peux que conseiller d'autres femmes lacquisition de cette cage de chastet.

Craig | USA | 16.02.2016
Master locked away my cock in the HT at the end of October (see posting). While the original deal was to sport the HT for only 30 days, I kept saying how much more comfortable it was than anything else I've worn. Thus, we agreed that I'd wear the HT for at least six months. After a bit more than three months of non-stop wear other than to shave my pubes and do a deep cleaning, we're both delighted as neither of us wants my junk released from chastity. I have a feeling that I'll be begging to go longer than six months, with Master eagerly keeping both keys stored securely. Love the HT. Keep engineering superior products.

Feminized | US | 10.02.2016
My wife has had the Trainer now for about a month and I have quickly learned that she and the Trainer are in charge. I never know when she is going to put me in it and as time goes on she has me in it more and more. She never liked my sex drive and how often I would pleasure myself, so she decided to get the Trainer after a girlfriend had told her about it. It is as advertised, so confortable you really don't you know you have it on, that is of course unless you are arroused. I have found myself waking up at night with so much pressure that I was miserable and going through her jewelry box looking for the key. When I woke her, and begged to be let out, she just laughed and said you better get some ice on that thing. She loves that she can use the Trainer and sex to be in total control. She now has me in pink lace panties that match her pink Trainer and sleeping in a bra, and I have never had women's clothes on in my life. She told me at breakfast that she loves that the toilet seat is always down and that a pink garter belt and hose were next for me, as I'm about to become a lot more feminine. I have to admit, when she lets me out the sex I always wonderful and exciting. This product is a woman's dream, and once a guy gets used to it he will always go back in it when he is let out.

KayleeBoyGirl | USA | 10.02.2016
Well, first off I have to say I'm very happy with the device. It took 10 days to reach Orlando with the cheapest shipping option which wasn't too bad (my only gripe on shipping is that it was opened and inspected by customs, so expect that can happen). Now as for the device itself, it's amazing. I've used the CB6000 before and it had a seam which closed around my skin which made for a very painful experience, but the HT has no seam so I don't have to worry about that happening. I also own a Bon4 and it's huge and bulky where the HT isn't noticeable at all. It also keeps me inside where others have had an issue of slipping off. I am immensely satisfied with this unit.

Leathercrab | Malaysia | 08.02.2016
Have now had the HT for well over a year and wear it much of the time with no hassles. Occasionally my Young Master takes it off for cleaning but generally it cleans when I shower, use a cotton bud and blow dry. Master made me wear it continuously for 6 months after hearing that I had been servicing and worshipping a Leather Master's boots whilst overseas in England without his specific permission. Fortunately it remains extremely comfortable even when playing golf and hasn't been detected passing through airport security.

locked-up | Germany | 07.02.2016
I received my Holytrainer V2 (small cage, standard ring)a while ago. For me it is definitely the superior product one the market. It is light-weighted, easy to use and comfortable to wear. The lock is just genius. The material is easy to clean and well constructed (no sharp edges etc.). It's worth every penny , if you are into chastity.

Lilpeni | Usa | 05.02.2016
Had mine since early December. Overall a great product.Very comfortable to wear overnight and under clothes. Been locked up for a week at a time. Hopefully will work up to a month or longer.. Only drawback is that you can not wear a PA with it.

manawyndan | USA | 03.02.2016
I got my HT v2 just days ago and it is the most comfortable device I have ever worn. My key-holder and I are talking about long term wear only after a few days of wearing the device. I can see this becoming a permanent fixture in my life.

Penny | USA | 26.01.2016
I bought the pink small tube with a 36mm ring it went on very easy and I can't get out of it trust me I've tried and I love it. I plan to leave it on for a week and then after that we'll see, I only wish I had someone to hold the keys. If your planning to buy a chastity device the Holy Trainer is by far number one.

Charles | USA | 14.01.2016
I bought a HolyTrainer V2 Clear stander with a 40mm ring. I have been wearing it now for over two week without removal except for cleaning. It is a must to be sure to buy the right size. I took the time to insure I purchased the right size ring and tube by following the guide on the FAQ tab on their web site. The fit is amazing, and the comfort of long time wear is more than I expected. I was glad to have ordered the proper size. I cannot escape from this device. I do not have a problem wakening in the night with any pain at all. In fact the way it is designed I cannot achieve an erection. My key holder loves to tease me yet I only become semisoft. In this state I still dont have any discomfort. I love the locking system on the HolyTrainer V2. I wear it in public without it being noticed. The thing I love the most it doesnt cause any health problems at all. The only down side my key holder now keeps in it 24/7.

Sub Jason N | US | 12.01.2016
My wife finally agreed to put me in chastity yesterday. For the last 4 weeks, I've been wearing the HolyTrainer during the day to prevent me from ejaculating. Last night after one last blowjob with cum, I was locked in my HolyTrainer device. I've been in it for about 24 hours and I love it so far. Knowing I can't cum or play with myself is a huge productivity booster. She has both keys and will determine my future sexual plans. Only she holds that right over my body, dick, and balls. Thanks for the HolyTrainer. I like it so far!

Prim | USA | 08.01.2016
This is my first chastity cage and my first experience EVER with something like this. I can say after over 24 hrs caged now..... OMG!!! This is the most comfortable thing I've worn. I really can't tell its there. A bit hard to put on at first. Mainly because it was my first experience. But, after some lube it slid right in. I highly recommend this device for those looking for a cage. I'm no expert, but it truly is nice.

LockedupbySandy | U.S.A. | 05.01.2016
A friend of mine that shares my chastity kink bought me a small/short version and it is the best fitting cb i've worn. I've tried several cb-x's and a few birdlockeds and the holy trainer is the best, snug yet comfortable, i do not know which size ring works for me, she only got two but it is escape proof or atleast for my anatomy which means i'm stuck wearing a pink chastity device for my best friend...:)

Cdpacific | USA | 02.01.2016
Love my pink one smaller model with the 45mm ring

todmalet | France | 02.01.2016
Depuis 2009 je porte une cage de chastet Avec la plupart des cages j'tais en permanence gn et irrit. Depuis le 22 Dcembre j'ai reu ma Holytrainer je la porte en permamnence t je l'oublie sauf pour les rections nocturnes. Je n'en avait plus et depuis que je porte la Holytrainer plusieurs par nuit, allez savoir pourquoi ! retrouvez moi sur tumbr Todmalet ou jemexhibx.erog.fr

K-Bar | USA | 01.01.2016
My Holy Trainer arrived in the mail yesterday. It took 9 days to arrive, had to sign for it at delivery. My girlfriend took it and took me down to the bedroom. With in a minute she had this device figured out and installed. She took both keys and gave me a big wet kiss as she grabbed my nuts. She then said "remember this was your idea" and that we were going to have some fun. I spent the next 40 min on the tread mill, showered and went to work. It has now been 24 hours. I hardly knew it was there untill the last three hours when I started to feel a small sore spot on my nut sack. No open areas, A little red. Very impressive first 24 hours. My girl friend said 5 hours to sleep and back on it goes for another 24 hours or so.

smoothjustin | USA | 29.12.2015
Received my HT today...couldn't wait to put it on. So far, very comfortable and I can't get out of it! YES! Just what I was looking for. I hope I can make it through the night....and as long as possible.

fatbloke | united kingdom | 26.12.2015
i purchased my holy trainer 17/12/15 and received it 19/12/15 , great service . my exwife locked me in it 20/12/15 .I hate to say this but it is so comfortable i hardly know its on , worse i can not pull out or stimulate my penis in any way . leaving me completely helpless .its now 26/12/15 6 days now problems except frustration and only my exwife can free me of that

Jossshhhh | Australia | 22.12.2015
I own a CB6000 and a Bon4, recently adding the holy trainer to my collection. I first bought the CB about two years ago and wore it on and off with different partners, my general consensus was that it hurt to wear long term and night times were the worst. I also found it pretty easy to slip out of when soft, and sometimes during CBT play my partner would kill it off accidentally. So I bought the Bon4 about three months ago as I wanted to enter chastity long term, wow that was a mistake! I hoped the Bon4 would be more comfortable as it was soft silicon, absolutely not the case! The ring is massive and pushed your package away from the body making it hard to conceal, and it promoted sweating which is not ideal for long term. Again it was easy to slip out of and the shaft section was massive. I recently bought my holy trainer (3 weeks transit time to Aus) and it is brilliant. I put it straight on when I got it and I could have worn it for days on end. However my partner thought it was sexy and let me out for a prostate massage and to make me cum in my own face before she locked me back up again. I've since slept two nights in it and haven't taken it off, it is soooo comfortable! People worried about it getting too soft with body heat shouldn't worry, it's very sturdy! Also I bought the short cage and my little cock fits nice and snug in it, it's very difficult to escape, however not impossible. Next cage will be custom steel :) Hope my review helps anyone interest in a purchase.

Bunny | UK | 18.12.2015
Have had the holy trainer now for a few weeks and wife has had me locked up 24/7 except for my weekly release. Have to say that since we started down the chastity path six months ago with a different product our sex life has become amazing. I was a serial masturbater but now my darling wife has total control over when i come and boy does she use that control well. As to the holy trainer itself i did make the mistake of not measuring and ordered the standard sized ring but this was too uncomfortable, the largest size ring though is a perfect fit and you can easily forget you are wearing it. My wifes only complaint though is that there needs to be some sort of numbered plastic locking system so it can be worn through security checkpoints.

carlj | U.S.A. | 15.12.2015
I have had the Trainer2 for several months now. It is comfortable to wear at all times. I have the short with a 45 ring. I have worn it for a week w/o any problem. Very comfortable, I hardly notice it. It fits better than a cb6000 and I find it extremely difficult to get out of. Great job, fine work.

chastity addict | USA | 08.12.2015
love my HT2 small with 40mm ring, hoping they'll come out with an extra small model soon (something like 38mm length and 30mm inside) to go with the 36mm ring

DavidD | USA | 28.11.2015
Recieved my device yesterday and I'm very happy with my purchase. Had an issue with shipping, but their customer service was there to help me and everything ended up working out perfectly. If you're thinking about making an order you should do so with confidence. You'll definently walk away a happy customer.

skier | USA | 28.11.2015
USA I've started using HT and find it incredibly comfortable for long term wear. The design and lock system is precision engineering perfect. Thank you for doing a great job and making it available. skier.

Duffy | US | 26.11.2015
I just received my Holy Trainer V2. This is much more comfortable then the 3000. I only use a very small amount of hand cream to slide it on and the lock is very easy to use. I have been using a CB3000 with the next to smallest ring. I have had several occasions that I slipped out during heavy activity. The Holy Trainer people recommended I get a 40mm ring. I am just able to put it on. There is no way I will ever slip out of this.

Brianukoz | Australia | 26.11.2015
Purchased the HT2 small with 45mm ring. Worn it straight from the box for 7 days now without issues. It feels lighter, and is a better fit than my CB3000, also no more click click from the padlock as I walk.

Chastity Lover | USA | 15.11.2015
Got my HTv2, short 45mm, black. Wore it straight for two days. Like it better than my CB-6000S so far. Less obtrusive under clothes. Less pain from night time erections. Peeing is easier, as my limp cock fills cage and aligns with hole. My ball sac is very high, so I am experiencing soreness in my balls. The hope is my sac will adapt and stretch. All in all, a good product!

Mistress key holder | USA | 14.11.2015
I purchased the H2 for my boyfriend. At first he was a bit hesitant since his level of sissification has been makeup, corsets, costumes, heels etc. Seven days into it, he seems to be enjoying it. He wears it at work, at the bar with his buddies and of course in bed and that's when the fun really starts. It has made him submissive and orally generous. He's keeping a diary so he can document every thought and feeling.

Vpr | ny | 07.11.2015
I put it on my friend. He said it's so comfortable that during the day forgets that it's on. So discreet that his wife has no ideal that he wearing it. Since its so comfortable I see no reason to take it off til he's divorce. Be careful what you ask for! Now who's in control!

tt | Singapore | 03.11.2015
Just got this a week ago, and it it FANTASTIC. Super comfortable without any pain, unlike the CB6000 which I couldn't wear for more than a day. Love it so much,thank you HT!

Cdpacific | USA | 29.10.2015
Love my ht 2 ! Can be worn for a long time. Me I've had it on for 7 days,I .I know not long but feels great!

Maria | Russia | 28.10.2015
Good device can be worn for long periods of time, removing only for hygiene purposes!

Craig | USA | 27.10.2015
Just finished wearing a Birdlocked MINI for three months, and I asked Master if I could wear something different for a while. A few days later, the HolyTrainer arrived. Master removed the MINI, then locked away by package in the HolyTrainer. While I thought the MINI was comfortable, the HolyTrainer is a quantum leap better in comfort -- not to mention the inability to touch or really feel anything with my cock. I immediately agreed to Master's demand to sport the HolyTrainer for a minimum of one month. After only seven days, I may need to *BEG* him to leave my junk in it for much, much longer, it's that comfortable. Master's delighted, since I service him even more willingly than before. Great product for any man willing to give short- or long-term chastity a try.

Cdpacific | USA | 23.10.2015
I think its the best device ever! I had a cb-3000 and was very uncomfortable. Couldn't last a day. With this 7 days now 24 hours. Wonderful. I could keep this on always!

hh | USA | 22.10.2015
I have worn male chastity device on and off for about 18 months. We are still getting use to the idea of male chastity. I used a CB-6000s with a 3 ring. I have broken the ring three times while cleaning the device. I normally wear the device 24/7 for 7 days and then remove it for a thorough cleaning and to shave the scrotum and penis shaft. After I broke the last one I decided to get the Holy Trainer. I purchased the Holy Trainer small transparent 45mm chastity device. The round edges of the Holy Trainer ring feels great between my legs. The ring is slightly bent to conform to the body. The instruction for putting on the Holy Trainer is good. I do recommend the shower for the ring. I clean twice a day using foaming soap and a q-tip. Hope you find this information helpful.

Carlj | U.S.A. | 20.10.2015
I love my trainer v2. I have had a cb-2000, the curve,and a cb6000S. They were nice. But they don't come close to the Holy Trainer v2. The Holy Trainer v2 is just like the ads and description say. When it arrived I wore it for 48 hrs. before taking it off. It is comfortable and easy to clean. I am presently wearing it for 5 days. I like the new lock system also.

Chastity slave | USA | 15.10.2015
I just received in the post my HT V2. Small with 50 mm ring. my Owner placed in on me and it wasn't easy. But......... after Master lock it on. It was bliss. i have never felt anything so comfortable. Since Master intends for me to wear it 24/7, i see no problem. Other that getting frustrated. But now i will be able to keep my mind centered and on my duties.

CagedCanuck | Canada | 09.10.2015
I am wearing the white HT V2 (almost 48 hours now), standard cage with 45 mm ring, and I just have to say that this has to be one of the most comfortable devices around. That, and the almost complete lack of stimulation means that I have absolutely no sensation down there. It is devilishly effective and keeping me locked and secure, and I'm afraid my Keyholder will insist on keeping it on a lot longer than I would like...

Anitadick | usa | 02.10.2015
to begin,my wife got my first one that was an extra small cb,needless to say i kept falling out of it,she finally found the holy trainer,it does work no matter how small you are and you can wear it for long periodsand while your in it for lengthly times get the milker also you'll need it or wished you had .over all i love mine or i should say both of mine,it is a good buy an you never no its there even in the airport .

SexyFlashGuy | United Kingdom | 02.10.2015
I choose this product primarily for the compact design and concealed lock. The padlock variety get on my nerves. But I couldn't have imagined how comfortable it would be, after a single day breaking in the device my wife decided to keep me locked up for over 48 hours without warning. It was the most erotic 48 hours of my life and the Holy Trainer stayed comfortable and secure throughout. Even sleeping in it was easy, apart from my 4am morning glory but once that passed I felt safe and secure again. The Holy Trainer really is an excellent product.

petitgilou | france | 26.09.2015
Bonjour : ayant un petit sexe on m'a achet le modele le plus petit : je suis encore puceau et fait toujours pipi au lit : une cage de chastet tait ncessaire pour m'empcher de dchirer mes couches pour me masturber :pour cela elle est tres efficace car je n'ai plus d'rection. On me la fait porter 24 H sur 24 et 7 jours sur 7: qu'en pensez vous ? Moi j'en suis tres content. Merci

herman | USA | 26.09.2015
Ordered my first cage a week ago, the CB-6000s. It was fun, but for daily wear it poked, pinched, and allowed parts to squeeze through at the wrong times. I also had a problem with my balls slipping through the smallest ring i could fit into. Ordered the HolyTrainer and am really happy with it. It's very secure, feels more gently constraining than the CB-6000s, and it's very comfortable for daily wear.

sissymarie | de | 22.09.2015
Absolut zu empfehlen. Ringgrse sollte etwas kleiner gewhlt werden als bei anderen kg. Angenehm zu tragen und guter Schutz.

ras | usa | 19.09.2015
Love the device, very comfortable. Wish it were still mildly flexible when heated, but I hear they were having trouble with that material. Use caution when using a powerful vibrator on the top of the device. The lock mechanism can build up a potentially dangerous amount of heat.

Caged Bear | Canada | 18.09.2015
By far the best chastity device. I have tried popular plastic and metal chastities and the Holy Trainer is the most comfortable to wear. A bit awkward feeling for the first 24 hours but now I don't even feel it. Loving being caged. One bit of advice. What ever cockring size you are order another one size larger. The larger size fits me perfectly. Well worth the money spent.

Pw | Holland | 09.09.2015
i must thank myou for your swift service and fast delivery from the Holy Trainer. Although i was use to the convential systems of Cbts, i must admit this holy trainer is the most comfrotable to wear. Took some time to get it on , but seems i know the trick to use it now. will send some pics to schow the result.

Eric | USA | 07.09.2015
Bought the small clear tube with the 50 ring. Was concerned about the fit but followed the sizing instructions and the ring fit perfectly. This my first chastity device and I am amazed at how easy it is to put on and how comfortable it is. Sometimes I have to jiggle the lock cylinder to get it to the correct position to lock but otherwise it is perfect. Have already worn device for over 24 hours with no problems. Peeing while standing only works if I am perfectly centered in the tube. Overall an excellent product.

MV | USA | 07.09.2015
Super happy with my purchase. The design is beautiful. Good quality. Just really great design. I chose the Holy Trainer because of its aesthetic. Surprisingly comfortable. Very comfortable indeed. Most of the times it feels nothing wearing it. Not noticeable when you have on clothes, except when you wear tight clothes. I wish they will come up with a design that won't have the little bulge from the lock area. But not a big deal if they don't come up with it. I had recommend a lot of people on my blog to get this device. Once you have it on, it's impossible to get a hard on. I chose a smaller ring since I have small balls. I think it's better if you choose a smaller ring after you've done your own measurements.

White Fang | usa | 03.09.2015
Got my cage today amazingly fast shipment all the way from Switzerland 5 days to Utah USA you guys rock it fits wonderfully and is the most comfortable cage I have ever been in took a little getting used to but now I hardly notice it there at all the quality of your device is excellent I really love the tight fitting ring to tube dovetail type fitting I have yet to find anything to pinch myself on that I am grateful for.

Morloc | USA | 31.08.2015
We purchased the Holy Trainer after the claims of comfort while in long term chastity. More or less these claims are right on. There is some discomfort at night during an erection but it is not nearly as bad as some of the other devices out on the market. Also if you are planning on sitting for extended lengths of time, you will need to find the "sweet spot" where your device is the most comfortable other wise you will feel some burning. Despite all that the Holy Trainer is by far the most comfortable device we have tried.

MattsBoy | USA | 24.08.2015
Best device on the market. MUCH more comfortable than CB600. For those of us w/bigger balls, I can assure you, there is no way out of this device. You could try to get your cock out but you'll soon think better of it since you can't get your balls out! Only hitches: 1. There's no travel lock -- so Master basically has to give me a key when I travel, which is deeply unsatisfying. (if you're in long term chastity, it's very hard to be given even the hope of control.) Get us a travel lock! 2. They'll need to work on a belt of some kind. It does fall low on balls/cock, which is fine -- i just bought lots of new support underwear. Still -- best there is.

nubbin | Sweden | 14.08.2015
I have been using the HTv1, for two years now, (not all the time), I had the smallest ring 40 ring, but still had some problem with the balls popping out, especial when it was Cold out. Now I have received the HTv2 Small with the 36 ring, it fitted me perfectly, and very comfortable, had it on for 3 days the first time I put it on. Only one "problem" now, it is to comfortable, is it possible to make a cage with some spikes? I think that would be great. I know my Mistress would be happy if it caused some pain to me. Over al I am very satisfied with this product. Thank You

Noryj | USA | 06.08.2015
Definitely the most comfortable cock cage on the market, and v2 means no separate padlock for a more seamless restriction and less obvious bulge. Can be worn very descretly and hardly shows, even in tight pants. Very well suited to long term wear, and makes you almost forget you have it on after a while. WD40 on the lock and spray inside with air duster after showering and you really needn't remove for several weeks or more. It's very secure although I have found it possible to pull a flacid penis out the top with some dedicated work. Virtually impossible to cum while locked, in fact not without a lot of rigor and been noticed. While it is on there's almost no senssation or movement below, which is the idea. Order a larger ring than you think because there's not much gap for the scrotum and nocturnal erections can hurt (I was woken up by one). Occasional pinch from the front pee hole can also occur, as it's a little too big and skin can push out, but this is true with most cages and belts I have found. All in all the best cage I have used and really achieves it's goal - total chastity to the point of emasculation, and really stiffles erections well.

Col | UK | 05.08.2015
This is the best device I've tried although I can only compare it to a CB. I do have trouble getting the thing to initially lock, which is a bit frustrating as it seems that you have to tee the two parts exactly together to do so. Unlocking has not been a problem. It is comfortable and you can forget you have it on. A great addition to my collection.

PAB138 | Canada | 04.08.2015
WOW!!! I have two of the Holy Trainers now, one Pink and one Clear!! I have to say I was very sceptical with all the Hype and loved my CB6000 but could not wear it like my partner wanted me to during the day as it just showed to much under my clothes. I now wear my HT Standard everyday and Love it!!! :)) It is exactly as described and the most comfortable one I have worn. Lucky for me the fit is almost as if I had it custom made. My cock fits fully inside with the 40mm, even as I am writing this I can feel the shaft trying to get hard but can't and zero discomfort! Well Done! and Highly Recommended! Great for everyday wear, zero smell like the 6000 and most comfortable. I wear if even when playing golf.

AndrewF | UK | 04.08.2015
Having been locked in (and still in) a holy trainer v2 small version for several months to raise money for charity I can definitely recommend this for long term chastity wear. A lot more comfortable than anything else on the market. I will be looking at a new one if I am to stay this much longer. Why did I agree to do it for charity grrr....

Subrob | Spain | 26.07.2015
This is the most comfortable device I have tried, I received it 3 weeks ago and have not taken it off at all. Thank you for a great experience.

pim_eke | Belgium | 26.07.2015
The HTv2 (Clear) is far the most comfortable chastity device I bought. I bought the same ring size as my CB's and it fits perfect. +The Pro :shape of the ring, really comfortable, no more painful erections, discrete, integrated lock, secure, can sleep with it, I can pee standing, perfect position of the pee hole. -Con : Large key, daily hygiene is necessary. doesn't come softer at body temperature. Final thoughts : The best Chastity and is worth buying.

d'caged | Singapore | 24.07.2015
Ordered the holy trainer and it arrived 2 days later. This is so comfortable that I forget I am wearing it. Definitely better than CB6000

brombow | germany | 23.07.2015
having had a lot of other devices in the past, I am now wearing the holytrainer (small, ringsize 40) and I am excited! This must be the work of an evil genius. It wears comfortably and fits perfectly while allowing none stimulation and can in no way be taken off without the key.

sd9967 | USA | 13.07.2015
Just spent my first full day in the device, very happy with the way it feels. I work a very physical job and aside from a pinch here and there, it felt like a gentle squeeze all day long.

Geju | Germany | 11.07.2015
Nach nur 3 Tagen Lieferzeit war endlich der ersehnte HT da , Nervs packten wir aus und sofort zog ich ihn an. Es passte perfekt,war federleicht,ich fhlte mich pudelwohl und nach 10 Minuten sprte ich bereits nichts mehr.. Dieses Teil ist absolut zu empfehlen,alles andere auf dem Markt kann man im Vergleich dazu vergessen !! Besser geht nicht!!

Princess | Australia | 09.07.2015
We were both extremely excited at the much anticipated arrival of the HT2 and I instructed PS to put it on immediately when it arrived. I specifically ordered the small device in clear because I love the visual of seeing the restraint. Prior to its arrival, I had him locked him up in the metal cage device. It was way too big for his tiny clit like size, with far too much room to grow. I was disappointed that the cage did not restrict his tiny erection to my satisfaction. It was bulky, heavy, noisy and didn't fit well at all in pretty panties. (Yes i make him wear panties)It was also sharp and somewhat painful whenever I rode him while he was wearing it. The small size is a perfect fit. No room for growth at all and looks amazing. So smooth and sexy. I'm so happy with it and sissy tells me it's so comfortable with no pinching and he is not constantly readjusting it. I love that it fits so nicely in tiny lace panties and its unnoticeable under clothing, unlike the cage which has gone straight to the bin. I have the key firmly secured, he's locked up tight and I'm totally loving it. Looking forward to him spending a lot of time in it :) The HT2 will not disappoint,its a top quality and well designed device.

Sander | The Netherlands | 06.07.2015
With the 40 ring there was some sliding down of the cage/ring, then I ordered the 36 ring. A bit more tight but not too much. Very good, no sliding anymore. The 6th day in now. Wonder when the horny frustration feeling starts. The HT2 is an excellent product!

Lynn | New Zealand | 01.07.2015
This is my second review. My husband has been in his Holy Trainer now for 6 weeks. He is "allowed out" once a week for an hour while it is cleaned. ( I'm thinking about getting a second device so his release is only while I change them over) The device is very comfortable and totally discrete which make long term permanent chastity he is going to endure very easy to establish. Very happy wife.

Anon | Switzerland | 23.06.2015
IF you get the A ring and cock cage sizes correct, the Holy Trainer is BY FAR the most most comfortable CB I've ever used. The bio resin adapts to you over time (the heat of the shower softens the material) and devices, to your disbelief, just becomes more and more comfortable over time. The pee hole is large enough to make urination easy and un-messy and the air holes and bio resign material means the cage simply just doesn't stink (DO remove it once a week though and wash it, don't be an animal) It's incredibly light weight, very discrete profile (meaning it's basically undetectable under your clothes, even suit pants) and feels fantastic to wear. It's subtle enough to complete disappear when you focus on something else, but snug enough to remind you of your position all day long. Simply put, forget silicone and hard plastic. Unless you are going for a custom built metal cage (and keep in mind, getting the size right for a custom cage on the first try is VERY difficult), the Holy Trainer is simply the BEST chastity cage available today.

chastityfun | Netherlands | 22.06.2015
We received the holytrainer v2 transparant and of course I had to put it on right away. What a great comfort and within moments I was locked up securely. My wife / keyholder was very pleased. Fits perfect, tube is 90% filled allowing only a partial erection. Very fast shipping, ordered it on friday, received it next tuesday. Very happy to be locked up in this device, it's light, secure, comfortable and the locking mechanism is brilliant. No more bulgy padlocks of noise of padlocks clicking sound while walking or sporting. It's so good tried to ride motorbike and even that went very well.

Will | USA | 19.06.2015
By far the most comfortable day to day chastity device I've ever worn. It is very comfortable playing sports which is important. Biking and even play tennis or running is not a problem and no painful ball pinching. The contour of the ring fits my body and scrotum better then other devices. travel a lot and have had no issue with security wearing it.

Elle | Canada | 18.06.2015
Hi; I have a short clear that I ware 24/7. I am allowed out once a month for 48 hours and I really can't tell when it is off or on it is so well designed. If I had a wish it would be for an even shorter tube version and designed with an incertable tube, too much of a challenge, oh well, sigh.

Yanker | UK | 18.06.2015
Wow! The HT is a brilliant device. I have previously owned a CB2000 and a CB3000. Both rubbish in comparison. Get the sizing right and the HT Is very comfortable, very discrete and also very secure. No night-time erection pain, I wear it to work under jeans without any concerns and I have not been able to pull out of this thing once. I have no hesitation in recommending it.

biker47 | south africa cape town | 14.06.2015
hi guys have had your standard size holy trainer on now for 7 days with the 40 mm ring. this is the outright best chastity device i have used and i have tried a good few. this thing is long term wearable without much discomfort and at times is almost not noticeable. a fantastic piece of engineering,thank you. thanks guys biker47

Luke | USA | 11.06.2015
Holy Trainer. Holy camoly! I have been wearing this 24/7 for almost 2 months now. Truly concealable under dress pants. Honestly, the most comfortable device I've worn over the past 8 years. So very comfortable, but you WON'T forget you are locked up. Hygiene and cleaning are a breeze and the magic locker is scary how easily it locks, without access. These guys really got chastity right! Only downside for us is that the key is rather large, so my wife decided it was a bit too long to wear on her necklace, which she desires. Can't wait to try version 3!

Steve | USA | 08.06.2015
Wow didn't believe it until I got mine, but this really is the most comfortable male chastity device. The ring size is perfect. The small tube is just right, I fretted after I ordered that the standard may have been more my size, but the small is spot on. Would definitely recommend to anyone on the fence!

Paul | Canada | 04.06.2015
I used to use a custom made metal device but with the added expense of mailing it back for adjustment and still not getting it right, I gave up on it. The HT2 ring is more comfortable. No padlock needed so it is light as a feather versus a metal device. I used to pinch my foreskin enough to draw a little blood in my metal device and sometimes pee in weird directions and usually peed on my testicles which smelled by the end of the day. An open cage design is not easier to clean as I thought. I love the HT2 also because it directs my urine where it is pointed no matter which direction my urethra is facing. I go up to 6 months of 24/7 wear except for removal for sex and a good cleaning three times a week when I shower. I wish that I did not waste hundreds of dollars on my custom device. Although it fit better, it never was as comfortable as the HT2.

bitch | France | 03.06.2015
Got my holytrainer yesterday, and jumped into it.. love it.. great product.. Keyholder is more than happy to find out I can easily sleep with it, witch probably means I'll be kept locked for some time...

Happily Locked | USA | 03.06.2015
This is my first chastity cage and it was not at all what I was expecting. It was an extremely comfortable fit and wasn't painful at all! I got the standard white cage with the 45 (classic) diameter ring. I am 6" and it's as if it was designed specifically for me. When it arrived my wife immediately had me put it on and I wore it for 8 hours without any issues. I took it off to get cleaned up and she let me go to sleep without it (we'll see how tonight goes). It was well concealed under my clothes and after about the 5th hour I actually forgot I was wearing it. I'm coming up no 12 hours in it now. I wore it to work with no problems other than having to sit in the restroom instead of standing like everyone else. The package arrived EXTREMELY fast and was 100% discreet. One interesting unpublished benefit that my wife noticed was that I no longer have the need to constantly reposition myself; the cage holds everything in place. Needless to say my wife is VERY happy with the purchase and is shocked so few have discovered all of the benefits of male chastity.

Lynn | New Zealand | 24.05.2015
The trainer I ordered for my husband arrived on Wednesday.Small with 40 mm ring. He was locked in on Wed afternoon and has been in now for 4 days. He reports that it is very comfortable and discrete. However he is one of those guys who " grows" a lot when excited but is quite small when flaccid -- so a smaller cage would have made the product perfect. But --he us locked up tight and I love it.

bobbytrainedwell | usa | 23.05.2015
Put it on 6 weeks ago...never has come off since.... I use a little squirt bottle with soapy water and spray it down the inside 2-3 times a week... stays clean... The pink blends with my skin and almost looks natural...I would like to see a different design on the lock so it would not look so obvious... She says it loks great and (oh my) probably will NEVER come off except if she needs it off...! It is so comfortable, and I really enjoy my predicament... LOL! Don't waste money on enything else...take accurate measurements, and put it on, enjoy it... and forget it is there...!

Tactileanus | United Kingdom | 22.05.2015
Careful and diligent hygiene has enabled Master to keep me locked since my post of November 2014. No longer being able to pleasure myself I rely on my Master to milk me for his pleasure which is all that matters. He says he has noticed that I have become more readily compliant and obedient in his presence and serving others. My one complaint is the device works! Remain comfortable and looks professional so appearing at a club or event wearing it shows the slave is in the hands of a good Master.

Pussylover | Schweiz | 20.05.2015
Using now the Holy Trainer for about 3 Weeks,day and night. It's very comfortable and also no problems. It's enjoyable to use the cage and I don't want to be without anymore.

BNBoy | Brunei | 16.05.2015
Got it yesterday, straight away wear it and sleep with it. It is the most comfortable chastity device I ever used, far better than the CB-6000s...after few minutes,feels like your not wearing it. Worth your money, I highly recomend Holy Trainer V2. I have to thank my SG friend to recomend me to this website, hahaha!! Thanks!!

Keystone83 | USA | 15.05.2015
I love my holy trainer v2. Super comfortable to wear 24/7.

Leathercrab | Malaysia | 11.05.2015
Now had the Holy Trainer for over 6 months and am locked in it almost all the time apart from when my Master decides to play with me :) Then give it a good clean but it is surprisingly hygienic whilst being worn and urinating when standing is remarkably comfortable. Great pleasure being Locked on the links and even improves my putting - or maybe concentration. Surprisingly easy passing through airport security wearing it.

Jordan | United States | 07.05.2015
This is definitely the best chastity device I've ever used. It's comfortable that after a while you forget that you're even wearing it. I have the standard tube with the large ring, & what I love about it compared to other chastity devices is instead of making the ring a bigger circle like most due, they instead increase the ring circumference by making it oval shaped. Which I love because it allows my testicles to get the blood flow they need (that other competitor's ring cut off) but doesn't give me the space to slip my testicles and penis out of the tube and ring like my previous chastity device. I would definitely recommend the Holy Trainer to anyone in the market for a chastity device. I don't have the money to buy every chastity device available and test drive them to see how good they are in comparison, but I feel comfortable and confident saying that the Holy Trainer is the best male chastity device on the market.

Fox | USA | 02.05.2015
I used to use the CB-6000s(to try to stop a nasty masturbation habit), will little success. I did my research and settled on the Holy trainer v2. Let me just say, that this device is better in almost every way imaginable. Comfort...Better. Security...Better. Design....better. Price... better. I literally have no complaint over this device. I think I finally found a device I can wear 24/7 365. My wife is going to love it. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Britani | USA | 30.04.2015
I just got my device (pink, small tube, 40mm ring) and I just wanted to say that this is the best design I've ever seen! Thank you for coming up with this great chastity device! I couldn't be happier!!!!!

lockedleatherbiker | USA | 27.04.2015
i have been locked in the HT v2 for 21 days now and could not be any more comfortable or happier. It was comfortable from the moment i first put it on and that has not changed over time. it has in no way interfered with my daily life, even under my motorcycle leathers. i just ordered the HT2 small and am looking forward to spending a long time locked in it.

Cristina | Romania | 27.04.2015
I bought this cage for my husband and i am very happy. The old cage was a metal one but very very different comparing with this, especially that is more discrete and safe. What can I say? I am a happy wife !

skiptheuse | Russia | 25.04.2015
Great device! I locked myself in the morning and after few hours i am used to that! It is like my second skin now and i used it for months. Great feeling. Thanks so much! Highly recommended.

roik00 | usa | 24.04.2015
Recently bought your product out of curiosity, with my girlfriend on board but skeptical, 1 month locked up, and wondering why I have never done or tryed before. When I take it off to clean I can't wait to put back on. I got the clear and pink cause I couldn't chose, love the pink as girlfriend does also. Great product and so comfortable. Thank you.

Recent Buyer | US | 23.04.2015
Fantastic product. It's the most comfortable belt I've ever worn. Very nice quality. A+ product

nikki | USA | 23.04.2015
By far the best chastity device on the market. I have the CB-6000S and Mature Metal Short and they dont compare. The Holy Trainer 2 feels like it was custom made for me. It fits perfectly and not even the slightest erection can occur. No pinching or irritation and no unslightly pins protruding in clothes. As a completely feminized sissy its very important to my Mistress Wife that no bulge shows in my panties or my dresses and maids uniforms. My mistress insists that I am strictly girdled and corseted at all times. I usually wear two open bottom girdles and an open bootom lace up girdle so comfort is a must as I am not allowed to remove my foundations unless under Mistresses supervision.

clittie dickie | Canada | 20.04.2015
Got the small clear cage.Now I can see it but can't touch it. Fantastically comfortable, even at the gym.

Jade | United States | 19.04.2015
This is a phenomenal advance over any other model. It is strict yet comfortable. By strict, I mean inescapable. No more pinching. No more involuntary escapes when your package shrinks in size. This is the chastity device that we have all been waiting for!

Lockmeup | Hong Kong | 18.04.2015
The Best chastity device i have ever tried. Received it today and locked up immediately. It is now impossible to touch my penis. it is a first class device with zero possibility of pull out. Very secure and comfortable to wear.

SissySlut | USA | 16.04.2015
Finally recieved my holy trainer in a really unique package. I was so excited to open it up because i knew my Mistress was waiting for me to get it and was getting impatient with me. I struggled a little bit to put it on and for a second didnt think that it would fit because i got the small pink one and i got an erection the moment i opened the box. I calmed my thoughts and my erection subsided. Then i squeezed one testicle in at a time, very nervous thinking they wouldn't fit, but thankfully they did. Then I pushed my penis, or what my Mistress calls, my clit because its so small, through a little hole that was left and then i was ready for lockdown. I put some lubricant on my clit and in the holy trainer and slid it on easily. After locking it, it felt like it was made for me. It was comfy and snug at the same time. So far i havent took it off and dont plan on it until my Mistress gives me permission. Definitely recommend to any slaves out there who have useless little dicks or just small dicks in person. Love the product!

KJ | Australia | 15.04.2015
Super comfortable, the locking mechanism is excellent and generally well designed. It IS easy to get penis out but could never get the whole thing off without damaging something. I wonder if a smaller ring would make it more secure. But (a) rings are expensive (b) loosing any of the small amount of space between cage and ring (the only space for scrotum to go through) worries me as it get colder and my balls pull higher.

Chastityslut | Usa | 07.04.2015
Mistress and me locked in it the day we received it. First 2 days, then 5 days. Now I'm locked in it for a month before I get my next release. Tested the locking mechanism through the medal detector. Worked great didn't set it off. Thank you Holy Trainer

dicki- do | united states | 01.04.2015
Got mine 3-31-15, I couldn't get it out of the box fast enough, love the feeling and the girl friend loves the pink color she picked out! Haven't taken it off yet, can't tell I'm wearing it either, thank you!!

Masobottom | United States | 25.03.2015
Talk about a world of difference!! There is no comparison to other cages. I have been locked in for some time with a competitor's product and when SIR slipped the Holy Trainer on, it was phenomenal. The fit is much better and ergonomic and love the encasing feeling. The competitors product while fun is quite a bit larger and often My shaft and head would 'bounce' against the sides when flaccid. It's locking pins also made it difficult to conceal under professional attire. The Holy Trainer fits literally like a second skin that wraps me in a gentle yet firm reminder of my servitude, without concerns of detection. I have no doubt too that it will be just as undetectable even in a swimsuit! Sir is pleased that I am pleased. Well worth it!

MichaelCA | USA | 24.03.2015
I tried two others and they were not comfortable enough to wear for more than a few hours at a time. This one rocks. In a hot shower, it molded to me and I am enjoying being tamed and having to earn sex. This has made me more relaxed, happy and a better partner. Not being on the prowl all the time keeps me out of trouble. This is also the best birth control device we have found. I stay locked up from well before until well after the fertile part of the month and the keys stay locked in her desk at work. This is secure, comfortable and totally effective at controlling a male.

Lockedforher | Canada | 24.03.2015
Wow! This is amazing ! I've been in the cb-6000 for over two years ,after the second ring broke my wife decided to purchase the HT...been in it for 6 hours can't even tell I'm wearing it ..amazing

Noodle | Russia | 18.03.2015
It will be hard... really hard. But... HT is really the best device on market.

ShinoPuppy | USA | 18.03.2015
For someone that had never been caged before, plunking down almost $200 on a device I'd never tried before was a risky move, but it paid off! The Holy Trainer is a great cage, and the new lock system is pretty much impossible to defeat without damaging it.

Subperb | US | 17.03.2015
my wife was very happy when this device arrived. I was locked almost immediately. After a couple days it was very comfortable. However, when she found that my cock could be slipped out the back, she was very mad. The next day she took me downtown and had me pierced. Now that I'm all healed I'm back inside the holy trainer. With a lock on my PA there is no possible way for me to "escape". She is very happy now.

prospector | USA | 11.03.2015
by far the best one on the market. I'm able to do all the things with this device on and it feels like I have nothing on. in fact I threw all my other ones away after wearing this for one day. be a believer and buy this one.

dusty | usa | 10.03.2015
man this Holly trainer is the greatest chastity device I've ever purchased it does not cause pain like the CB 6000 and there is no way to get it off without the keys.

slutboy | UK | 05.03.2015
Hi, OMG this is superb. My wife treated me to a cb6000, and then we tried the birdlock. Neither were that good so we stopped using them for a period of time. My wife attended a party where she learnt about the Holy Trainer and within 48 hours we had one. I have now been wearing it for 4 weeks. I sleep well, it is easy to clean and easy to conceal inside my panties. If you want more info, you can email me at thetumbleweedcottage@gmail.com If you are 50/50, just go for it, best piece of adult equipment you can buy.

Subatheart | Uk | 26.02.2015
I've now worn version one in white for 2 years no problems at all the comfort factor is good too. I like to wear sexy soft underwear and there is no slippage at all. It comes off for a bath and back on once per week and for when the wife fancies me. Even under a suit no problem. I have a v2 but as yet to to wear it until this one wears out Thanks guys

Pretty in Pink | UK | 23.02.2015
I can't reccomend novamedia customer services highly enough. They helped me out at every stage....... a big up for Mike & Co for going above and beyond to help me out. Mistress N is now happy with her new toy.

afire25 | U.S.A | 20.02.2015
I'm still in the first version and its doing fine. The only thing I did that helped me was add a few extra vent holes. other than that my wife loves it.

macfly17200 | France | 09.02.2015
Bonjour, je porte la holytrainer pink short V2 avec un anneau de 40mm. Je la porte de faon continue depuis maintenant 96 heures et tout se passe bien. Quelques chauffements gnants mais je compte sur le temps d'adaptation. Merci pour ce bon produit.

Pussy Willow | USA | 07.02.2015
I just got my HT in the mail and I immediately put it on! Then I got in a hot shower to adjust it. It is amazing and I'm not taking it off all weekend! Thank you sooooo much for making this amazing cage! - Pussy

KinkyFerry | Nederland | 04.02.2015
I bought my HTV2 through a local webshop - didn't want the hassle with TNT and their way of customs clearing. Anyway the device arrived today and obviously I had to try it out before the wife comes home :-) After a few hours I can already say that this device outperforms the competition, I can pee standing up again and it sits very comfortable ... Putting it on was a bit of challenge i.e. pulling my testikels thru ring - I have tight balls - but I managed to pull them thru without hurting myself, now it was time to put on the cage - I lubed the inside it a bit allowing it to slide on easy - all the excitement started the growing process - gently the cage closed in on my penis and there was it was nicely caged and locked away - Its been on now for 4 hours and it still feels comfortable i.e. I know it is there, but it doesn't feel it is there. I'm happy with this very cool (i bought the black version) and executing toy.

sub_jon | USA | 01.02.2015
I just received my trainer and had it on for a week. I can't even tell it's on, very comfortable, no chaffing either. The locking system is foolproof. Unlike the padlock systems that can be cut off. No way to get this one off without distroying it. I've tried to escape and that is impossible as well. Very nice job on the design of this cage. Jon

chastityinlove | France | 23.01.2015
Hi, I have just received today my HT V2 small with 45mm ring. I cleaned it and locked myself on directly and I gave the keys to my girlfriend. So adventure has just started some hours ago and after almost 5 hours in, I can tell you that comfort is really here as promised and read through reviews. The product is much more better and efficient than CB6000 small and birdlocked mini (already very good, but not rigid and high technology designed..). As of now it seems very difficult to remove, so I feel secured and my girlfriend will be able to handle my chastity period. The magic lock is a very good idea and "wearing" procedure is so easy unlike to CB6000 or even Birdlocked. Finally thanks a lot to Holy Trained team for the support and the quick shipping even via standard post service.

lasvegascuck | usa | 19.01.2015
I can't tell you how happy my wife and I are about this product the Holy Trainer we've been in a Cuckold/FLR (Female Led Relationship) for about 6 years now and have bought numerous types of chastity devices which always end up in the bottom drawer of our toy chest due to the devices we've bought always hurting at some point by pinching, causing pain when sleeping or they just weren't made for long term wear. We came across the Holy Trainer and figured we would give it a try, we odered the pink device with the 45 size diameter ring. We place our order on 01/11/15 and received and email stating we would have our new device within a couple of days and good to their word we received our new toy on 01/14/15 I still can't believe how fast it got from Switzerland to Las Vegas,NV!!! The device is everything they say it is and more my wife has had me locked up 24/7 since 01/14/15 the only time I'm allowed out of the device is for just 5 minutes a day so I can clean down there when showering then its right back to being locked up. I've worked, played baseball, jogged and a list of other things with no pain at all and to tell the truth I often forget that I'm even wearing the device at times and the BIG PLUS is there is NO huge bulge when wearing clothes due to the way the device is designed to lay flat and downward. The only thing I would recommend the marker of the device to change would be to maybe flare out the end of the penis tube (the edge) so that it could lay flat against the body instead of it sometimes digging into your body. But if you are serious about chastity and being locked up long term this is the device to order trust me and like my wife said she doesn't know when she might let me out of it since I'm having no issues wearing it, I guess be careful of what you wish for because you just might get it! ;) With all that being said YES I would buy from this company again and YES my wife and I are very very happy with the product and the shipping!

Bo | USA | 08.01.2015
Super comfortable! Shipping was amazingly fast, even w/ holidays. The standard tube is shorter than CB standard and I fill it completely; perfect. Urine slit works and standing toilet use is no problem. The Magic Locker system is awesome and my Wife/KH likes that we don't need her pony tail holders for "stealth". The ergonomic/anatomical ring completely eliminates pain and chaffing. Will give further reviews as we continue the journey!

Rob | usa | 03.01.2015
This is the one! I am new to these and I bought 2 other products one was metal, to large of a ring and very heavy, the second one was plastic, one night the plastic ring broke, so I started to read up a little more and came across the Holy Trainer It came in the mail today, it was backed up a day or so because of the holidays. I put it on when I came home from work and I can instantly tell you that this is the one. As long as nothing brakes or falls apart. My wife is getting mad with all the boxes that are coming in the mail. So I think this is the last one I am going to buy... I will be adding my 24/7wearing feedback on in a week or so. Rob

Jonnyboy | Great Britain | 02.01.2015
I have been extending the time that I wear my HT2 on a 24/7 basis since September and I have now commenced an initial 3 month period of continuous 24/7 usage other than for weekly cleaning. I fully expect that will extend to at least 6 or more likely 12 months. My wife refuses to monitor my progress or be my KH so I will have to do these things myself as well as ensure my prostrate activity which will be a challenge. My HT2 is great and I should easily mange 12 months from a physical perspective. Mentally might be more challenging as whilst my wife is not trying to stop me (yet) she wants no part in it and remains quite negative.

tiny | usa | 31.12.2014
My wife got this for my bday. I have had the Cb, metal and now this. This is by far the most comfortable device on the market. I would still like to see a shorter version as well. Thanks for a great device

CD-Alyx | USA | 27.12.2014
A very nice product. I've tried two other chastity cages before this and I find this one better in almost every way. I like the material its solid, but not heavy like stainless steel. I prefer how the locking mechanism is enclosed. This way it can't get stuck in odd positions, or damage delicate clothing. The delivery time was very fast for international delivery, and even faster than I was told it would be. the price was a bit higher than the other models I've tried, but not signifacantly considering the relative price of other models. my only real complaint is that cage I ordered was too small. I ordered the smaller cage because I was worried about getting one that was too big. However even with the small cage it isn't painful even when getting hard. It just doesn't feel like things hang right with the smaller cage. But I was so happy with everything else about this product I'm willng to get another, larger cage as well. =D

Sally | Australia | 23.12.2014
I love the Holy Trainer, it certainly keeps everything in its place. I have been locked in for five full days now and my partner has said not to even think of release before the new year. It is comfortable, other than the delicious constrictions when I am aroused. The night time wake ups are a reminder of your submission, not the extremely painful pinching I used to get from the CB3000, or the stainless steel cage - both of which have a bottom hinge. It also looks more durable than the CB3000 where the pins were prone to breaking. The fact that the lock is an integrated part of the device means that I am unlikely to try and wear on a plane to pass through a metal detector. In conclusion, I was sceptical of the hype when I read the reviews, but they are true. My partner wnated the clear one and we have had no problems with softening of the materials. The delivery in Australia was within five days too. Thankyou Holy Trainer. Obediently, Sally

Chaste Male Slave | UK | 21.12.2014
I have been locked in my new Holy Trainer now for 10 days. Previously I was confined in a steel cage for 70 days. I find the new device far superior. It is light, has no annoying external lock which made holes in my underwear, and is definitely impossible to get out of without a hacksaw (or the key). My mistress loves it. It is invisible underneath my clothes and does not rub or chafe. It doesn't pinch my skin and is by far the best device I have tried. It is impossible to touch my penis and I think I may well be in it for a long time. Brilliant design

LovesAllanah | Israel | 19.12.2014
I've previously used cb6000 and cb6000s, and I can say without a doubt the HT2 is far better in almost every way: The Pros: The oval shaped rings on the HT work much better with the natural curves of the male anatomy, after a while you hardly feel them at all. The HT2 comes with only two parts and a lock, while the CB comes with quite a few parts. So it's much easier and faster to clean and put the HT2 on. Despite having less available "combinations" of spacer/ring-size, the HT2 is good to go as is. The ventilation shafts on the HT2 are in the right place, unlike the CB which needs to be modified via superglue. So you can clean the HT2 easily, and the penis's skin breathes better. This is especially important here where the temperature is high. The cage angle in the HT2 is also much better, facing downwards it discourages unwanted erections, while the CB allows semi-erections which can become painful, especially in my case. :) The locking system on the HT2 is also much better. No clinks when I walk, and no unnatural buldge in my pants. Overall the HT2 is awesome, and I hope to see future versions in stores.

Unknown | Australia | 04.12.2014
Review of HT2 Having only worn the CB6000 previously to the HT2, I was frustrated for all the wrong reasons. The CB6000 was uncomfortable to wear for long periods at a time, became smelly easily even after one day, and simply bulged to much when worn with slightly tighten fitting clothing (including jeans). Becasue of this, I had to have the device removed a lot...sometimes once a day, which annoyed my wife a lot. The Holy Trainer v2 has completely solved all of those problems! I originally purchased the 50mm ring based on the sizing guide, and immediately felt a massive difference in comfort. For the first time, I was confident I could wear a chastity device long term. After a couple though, I soon found my anatomy changed, and the ring became too big. Whilst it still fit OK, I found myself having to adjust myself a lot throughout the day, and wear certain underwear just to keep it properly in place. I eventually decided to purchase the 45mm ring, and although it felt quite tight...was perfect. I haven't had to take it off yet in over a week (apart from cleaning), and looks like it will work long term very well. The comfort and fit of this device is wonderful, and has the CB6000 beat in every facit, excpet for cost in finding out the size you need. The CB6000 offers you the chance to find your best fit, whilst the HT2 is more hit and miss. If you get it wrong, then you're up for more money. The black looks great, feels great, and doesn't smell nearly as much as the CB6000. I would love to try the short tube, and even a 40mm ring in time, but having already had to pay to go down in ring size once, it just becomes too costly. The material of the device is great, and works well for both looks and comfort. The shape of the HT2 is also fantastic, and eliminates any of the problems I had with the CB6000. One slight alteration I would like to see in future models would be more of a rounding where the two pieces join. Wearing just underwear around the house, it makes my package look somewhat deformed with a square looking bulge protruding out rather than a more natural looking curved bulged you would naturally expect to see. The only thing that has marred my experience with this device was the delivery time. Yes I know it has to travel a long way to Australia and go through customs...but it just simply took too long to arrive. The original order took about 2 weeks to arrive, which wasn't to bad, but the second order took almost 5 weeks to arrive. It was a long time to have to make my wife wait after finally talking her into the idea of chastity...which she now enjoys! Apart from that, I love the product, and what it has done to our lifestyle. This is by far the best cage device on the market.

Tactileanus | United Kingdom | 02.12.2014
Have constantly worn this, I don't have the key, since my last post on 5/11/14. Therefore as you can guess very frustrated. Impossible to get off once locked. Regular daily hygiene and cleaning are easy to acheive. Especially comfortable when we have sex and no problem at the swimming pool. Looks like I have to be in this for a long time.

Danny | Great Britain | 27.11.2014
Thank you holy trainer. Delivery service was excellent . Ordered late Sunday evening , delivered on Tuesday , excellent service .after trying other devices and never managing to find the right combination of rings and spacers I was very keen on your product . All the reviews are correct , you can take it out of the box and go pretty much into long term wear . I followed your size guide and fell right in the middle of the 45 mm ring measurements . Having read reviews I also ordered the 40 mm ring . Never needed the 45 mm ring , expensive mistake . After wearing for a month I now feel I may even need the 36mm ring as I have become so used to it . Overall this is a superb product . I am very happy with it . Can wear it for a couple of weeks at a time with no problems . Only take it off for safety check and hygiene reasons , I suspect it can be worn a lot longer with out problems . I have given my wife the key and am hoping she gets to like it as much as me , she is not into my chastity but let's me wear it . Very nearly 10 out of 10

Jonnyboy | Great Britain | 18.11.2014
I received my HT2 on 9 September. I was a CB virgin and it took some time to perfect fitting the device. Now super quick at it and can confidently fit it tightly within 2 minutes. My wife was surprisingly unmoved when i showed her my purchase and is quite OK with me locking myself up. She is unwilling to even contemplate being my KH. I want to start wearing my HT2 24/7 from January. I am just getting to 1 week with no pain despite being constantly aroused. Great purchase.

Diapers and Chastity | Germany | 17.11.2014
To improve our experiences when I am kept in diapers by my mistress, I bought this HT device. After only 5 days, it arrived. A little bit delayed due to customs checks. But the really ordinary package was ok. Of course, I tried it on the same day it arrived. But I really had to figure it out! Fortunately, the 45mm fits perfectly. I both doesn't hurt at all and I can't touch myself any longer. Fully locked and therefore unable to stop our role play when staying overnight in thick diapers in a weak moment. I didn't regret buying it ! It's totally worth it.

Cucky key holder | Australia | 12.11.2014
I have had my sissy cuckold hubby in the holy trainer now for near 3 months, apart from release for hygiene he has been constantly locked up and has not experienced any of the past issues with other devices such as rub marks or night pains. The pink colour has reinforced his place in the relationship while the shape and design mens he can wear it in his pretty panties without looking "wrong" in his business suit. The holes at the head allow just the right amount of flow for hime to go peepee as well as allow his prostate to be milked and the results to be cleaned up easily. Thank You for a perfect design without the clunky locks that get in the way of my teasing, or ruin his pantyhose. I'll be buying spares real soon now. L xx

Dan | USA | 08.11.2014
This is the most comfortable, secure, discreet, and well-engineered chastity device I have ever owned. I can barely feel it while it is on. I have a feeling this is the last device of this type I will need for a long time.

Tactileanus | United Kingdom | 05.11.2014
As soon as it arrived I was ordered to put it on, that was two weeks ago. Now this is the most comfortable and hygenic device I have been made to wear.

4AnalSlut20 | USA | 05.11.2014
I commented once already but feel there's more to add now. I got the Holytrainer chastity device on the 21st of October and after a couple days wrote my first review of my experiences with this site and product. I was ecstatic with the device and it wasn't until a few days passed and my morning wood began to really build that I discovered that the 45mm ring was just a hair too big as one morning my balls slipped through the gap between the tube and the ring and the device came off... I was a lil bummed out that I got a ring that wasn't entirely escape proof. Well I wrote HT customer support and explained my mistake to them... I asked if I could have a smaller size ring shipped to me at a discount... Not only did they respond quickly, they were also willing to send me one discounted a bit. It was still an expensive mistake on my part but not nearly the hassle I imagined it to be, and they sent me the 40mm ring as soon as I ordered it... I received it within 3 days which astounded me further and this ring is much better. It arrived on Halloween. My girl was home once again and after I locked myself up I gave her my keys... She held onto them all weekend and didn't let me out, and on Monday when she left she sealed up the keys in an envelope and made me promise to be good and remain locked up until she gets back and DECIDES to release me... I've been locked up now for 5 days straight and tho my mornings are still a lil uncomfortable as my cock strains to be free, this new ring refuses to give an inch and keeps me secured. I love my chastity device and couldn't be happier with the service and consideration of the HT staff. Again phenomenal job and product. :-)

Vinny | USA | 05.11.2014
I got my trainer about a week ago. Extremely fast shipping, especially to America. The first thing I have to say that I didn't read anywhere on this site is that the tube sits tight against my abdomen. With a cb6000, there is a 1/8 inch gap, plus the diameter of the ring. The holy trainer actually fits underneath the ring, giving a very snug fit. I used to wear the cb6k small, and there was always room at the end, but with the short trainer, I fill the tube completely, and the snug fit is like a little hug for my cock! This truly is the most comfortable device I have ever worn. I have a severe metal allergy and with the cb being so uncomfortable, my wife and I had given up on chastity devices until we found this product. I was concerned when reading these reviews about the lock area breaking, but in reading how excellent the customer service is from this company, I decided to give it a try. After two days of getting used to it, my wife already has me locked away for three days straight now, and I have had no discomfort whatsoever. The integrated lock means no clicking noise when moving around, and the trainer has such a low profile, even in just underwear it is impossible to see that its even on. I don't have ANY negative things to say, i simply love the Holy Trainer!!!

MissMichelle | U.S. | 04.11.2014
Great device, I love locking up my hubby. Usually if we are both home on weekend, I keep my hubby naked and locked up. I love seeing his plump hairy naked body walking around the house with his manhood in check. He was a chronic masturbator so resisted at first but now he loves it because his orgasms are less often but much more intense. It has made him a much better lover and obedient hubby. Plus when he is naked wearing it, it is a constant reminder to him of his role and makes him very submissive which is great. Plus he loves the attention he gets from it and being able to show it off to my girlfriends when they visit. So I am very happy with the device, thanks!

MrSub | USA | 29.10.2014
I need to give Mike and the folks at Holy Trainer Five Stars on their Customer Service. I ordered a replacement cage for my old style Holy Trainer. They sent me a new style cage, by mistake, which I could not use. Instead of making me return it, they sent me a new style ring, and a Magic Locker, so that I could have a complete new style HT2 Holy Trainer. Great Customer Relations - thanks so much!

Georg | Deutschland | 27.10.2014
Seit Samstag bin ich Besitzer und Trger des HT V2. Hab lange drauf gewartet. Er ist einfach toll. Als ich ihn auspackte musste ich mich sofort einschlieen. Ein tolles Gefhl. Ich fhle mich darin richtig wohl. Ich brauch den 50 mm Ring und das kleine Rohr. Passt perfekt. Nur das Schlo ist schwierig einzufhren. Der HT V2 sitzt gut nd bequem. Ist auch nter engen Jeans gut zu tragen. Man gewhnt sich sehr schnell daran. Fr mich absolut sicher und stabil. Der Kleine ist darin gut aufgehoben.

BGX | England | 22.10.2014
Item arrived yesterday, well packaged. Easy to put on and secure. Very comfortable to wear. No nocturnal problems. Forgot that I was wearing it, it is so comfortable. Have worn many different types of chastity devices in the past but have always had the problem of testes popping out of their collar. This device seems to have overcome that problem. I followed previous advice (in this column)and got the 40mm ring. Normally I need a 45mm ring but the 40mm one fits perfectly. Overall impressions are a first class device with zero possibility of pull out. Very secure and comfortable to wear.

Leathercrab | Malaysia | 19.10.2014
Certainly the best chastity device I have had the pleasure of being restrained in. Comfortable for long periods - I had release after 5 days, but not for long, and easy to urinate both standing and sitting without being messy. Also surprisingly comfortable in bondage shorts and with full harness. It never seems to be obvious under clothes and is comfortable when exercising both in the gym and outside - but yet to go swimming.. Certainly there are benefits of having a padlock which is audible to both the wearer and keyholder but the subtlety of this locking devise is super.

Trew2 | UK | 18.10.2014
Very good device, far better than the CB6000 and a metal device that I have had previously. If you have used a 45mm ring on a CB model you need a 40mm ring size on a holy trainer. strongly recommend

Long Term Chastity | USA | 16.10.2014
My wife loves to keep me locked up in chastity for a long time. This is the first device that has actually been comfortable to wear for a long period of time. It hardly shows if at all under your clothes as well. Other devices you could tell. The only thing bad I can say about this device is it does what it is suppose to do....lol Guys you will be very horny with this. You can not get an erection at all with it. If your keyholder is anything like my wife, you will be in it for a long time.

KL | USA | 10.10.2014
Thanks for producing a device that works, is comfortable and enables long term wear. Having tried others, this is far superior. I ordered the short tube with the average ring of 45mm. It fits very well and comfortably prevents both erections or any climatic experience. My wife/key holder also finds it more attractive on me and can be warn under any type of pants. Thanks for a quality product. The one area that could be improved comes from my key-holder wife who would like the key to be redesigned so as to be a bit shorter and more decretive in nature so as she is wearing it on a chain around her neck it would be more elegant to display. All in all I am very grateful

Leathyercrab | Malaysia | 10.10.2014
It took almost 2 weeks for the Holy Trainer to reach these parts but once here it arrived in perfect condition with no delivery hassles. I had ordered the small tube and ring, in black, a little apprehensively but they make the perfect fit. It took a couple of minutes to get the scrotum and balls through the ring - but much easier and more comfortable than the CB circular ring. The shaft followed comfortably and straight into the tube with just a little oil. Fitting the lock was more difficult but becomes easier with practice. Now had it on for 36 hours and comfortable under a suit for the office and a concert. Intend keeping it on under leathers for the weekend and see how it goes with a harness before surrendering to my keyholder. Thanks for a fantastic toy,

Scrub and rinse | USA | 01.10.2014
Nice to see that these devices are becoming more mainstream. The Holy Trainer is far superior to the CB series. On a scale of 1-10 regarding pain and discomfort while sleeping. The CB would rate a 10 in my view. With this device scoring a 1 or 2 on a bad night. That is after about a week of constant usage. Each night becoming less and less noticeable. In other words I was unable to use the CB devices 24/7. So far as the plastics being somewhat malleable, I have not noticed. Seems pretty firm to me. But the device itself is nearly unnoticeable. Both in terms of comfort and the noticeable lack of an unsightly, unyielding bulge. Peeing has not been an issue. Standing has taken a bit of getting used to but it is doable. So for those of us that work in an office this device is far less likely to put your career in jeopardy. I ordered the small tube with standard ring. My average sized penis fit nicely inside. Only about 15% of the device was empty when completely limp. The entire tube being full under normal usage without being excited. I ordered the small ring as an afterthought but not sure if it will be needed. My wife never liked the way the CB series looked. She thought it looked painful and unkind. She wants her jewels kept safe and in good condition. The the Holly Trainer did the trick. The device is sleek from a good design. Little to no slippage. Just be careful here. Because once your in this thing odds are likely that you wont be coming out for some time to come. My wife for one has made it clear that until the house has been cleaned inside and out and is spotless she wont even consider it.

pierced | USA | 19.09.2014
When I saw the Holy Trainer V2 I knew I had to be locked in one. And so I was - a standard with the 50 ring. It's a great device and feels wonderfully secure. The design really is genius - it sits low and tight to the body and is absolutely the best design made today. Unfortunately I can't wear it for any length of time as the 50 ring is just too small. Limp is painful and any hardness is way too tight. (Some of us weren't gifted with small junk and have to make do with what we have between our legs.) It would be great if you came out with 55 or maybe even 60 rings for those of us who need them. For everyone else: I truly doubt you will find a better synthetic cage. The design really is genius. (Also - how about some non-metal way to replace the integrated lock temporarily for flights and entry to secure buildings?)

pj | U.S.A | 17.09.2014
The best device for your buck! excellent job on the design. fits like a glove. very comfortable no pinching. iv got the small tube and the 40 mill ring perfect fit. I think the larger tube would have given room to grow back and fourth causing it to chaff. the small tube works best for me, a little coconut oil on a cue tip lubes the tube just right to keep it from chafing and to keep it lined up right for urinating. very impossible to manually masturbate or get an erection,. make sure that you lover-mistress locks away all vibrating toys cause thats about the only thing that will get you off. Very easy to work in and lay flat on your stomach long term wear is not a problem except for the funky smell that works its way around the tube. Hopefully the coconut oil will help with that or some other type of lube that is safe to use. I used regular water based lube and it doesnt lubricate very long and think it starts the smell faster. Over all iv tried other devices and experimented with making some of my own. Save yourself the trouble and cost of trying others out and get yourself a holy trainer. First day wearing the holy trainer and I said to my self holy shit what have I got my self into ! my lover leaves me pent up in it for her pleasure only now and I am unable to do anything to masturbate now. When I am finally released the sex is great and I am much more sensitive and willing to please my lover. I ordered the black one but may order a pink one to match skin tones better if anyone should catch a glimpse of it in public. My lover keeps one key on her key ring and the other key frozen in a block of ice in the freezer in case there is an emergency or loses her keys. Thanks for the excellent product.

KinkyKiwi | New Zealand | 17.09.2014
Delivery was super-fast - my fianc had signed for the parcel and it was sitting on my bedside cupboard when I came home from work! Unwrapping it, The device (black) looks great, slips on easily and feels very comfortable (much more so than the CB6000 & 6000S I used to wear. It fits easily under clothes, including skinny jeans. I have worn it for a few days now, including to the gym without any issues. When my fianc saw it, she immediately took the keys off me and put them away. Whilst holding my "locked-up-package" and examining it, she said that she much prefers the look of the Holytrainer2 over the CB6000/6000S and then casually remarked that I would be wearing it on our wedding day!

Jonnyboy | Great Britain | 09.09.2014
Just received my HT2 Small Tube in clear with 40 and 45 rings. I am finding it a bit difficult to get my scrotum through the ring without it falling out when I pop my penis through. It is technique as I have managed it once with bot rings. Very comfortable and see no reason why extended wear will not be possible and pleasant. Amazed no bulge in clothing even with tightish jeans. Excellent purchase.

spinfanseattle | USA | 07.09.2014
Thrilled with all. The shipping was rocket fast. The device brilliant in design and comfort. My Mistress delights in the pink color and is very pleased with the locking mechanism. I continue to practice wearing it for longer periods. Tonight the objective from my Mistress 24+ hours. In two weeks she will be the sole keeper of the key for an extended period of chastity. Very happy with the process - bravo on a great design and exceptional customer care!

Jonny Berkshire | UK | 30.08.2014
A couple of years ago I explained my interest in Chastity to my wife. She initially didn't like the idea, she thought it was a bit wierd. When I explained that I could have sexual fun without "bothering her" and still remain hers, she was somewhat interesed. When I explained that I could be her plaything my with no fulfilment for myself and how I would enjoy being teased she [slowly] started to get used to the idea. We've tried many devices, knock offs from ebay, a CB2000, a CB6000 and CB6000s and none of them compare to the fustration, security or absolute comfort of the Holy Trainer mk2. Even though it's a gental genital caress on my most personal of places, I can go about my daily business without even noticing I'm wearing it (including walking the dog and even cycling!). Lsat month I did a 7 mile countryside walk and only remembered I was wearing it when nature called and I needed to find a tree... However when my wife as much as flirts with me, I feel the difference immediately! And she knows she has my undivided attention. When we have periods of "bedroom fun" the smooth lines and well designed tight locking mechanisms leaves me fustrated and solidly contained within the device without any soreness or discomfort. She can also be close to me without being scratched against an unsightly dangling lock, like most other devices. Hankou - because of the security, visual appeal and comfort - i've started to enjoy wearing the device more and more.

Humiliaslave | Canada | 26.08.2014
I believe many of us are still waiting anxiously for a slightly larger version. Something more like "The Curve" and able to accommodate those of us that have a bit/ a lot extra when fully soft!!! I hope we won't be kept waiting much longer!

Seanmon | USA | 24.08.2014
Best chastity device ever. Period.

Michel | France | 21.08.2014
J'ai reu cette cage de chastet il y a dj plusieurs semaines et voici mes impressions et rflexions : - Cette cage mise pour la premire fois donne une impressionnante sensation d'emprise sur le pnis, l'immobilisant , mais sans le comprimer. Sa mise en place est simple et compare d'autres produits analogues elle ne comporte que deux pices avec le plaisir, grce la serrure intgre, de ne pas avoir ce cadenas gnant, bruyant et inesthtique. Ajoutons aussi qu'elle est trs lgre, on l'oublie donc vite. - Cette cage n'est pas douloureuse la nuit lors des rections nocturnes ou matinales ; au bout de quelques jours le corps s'habitue, ne ragit plus de la mme manire et la gne devient toute fait supportable. - Pour moi, elle est aussi remarquable de discrtion, et la portant par ailleurs, 24h sur 24, je signale que je la porte la piscine sous mon maillot de bain, sans problme, car on ne la remarque pas. - Pour des raisons de discrtion, mais aussi pour mieux empcher les rections, il faut imprativement ne pas surestimer la longueur de son pnis l'tat flacide, c'est pourquoi, la taille courte parait la plus adapte au plus grand nombre (Je prcise que la taille du pnis flacide n'est pas en relation avec la taille du pnis en pleine rection). Je vous recommande vivement la lecture de cette article de conseil : Getting a good fit (for a male chasty device) : http://www.malechastityjournal.com/living-with-chastity/getting-a-good-fit/ Cela peut donc tre une proposition de proposer une longueur du tube plus faible (3,5cm, 4,0cm) que celle de la version dite courte. Certains concurrents le propose dj, et s'il faut essayer, je suis preneur ! En rsum, je suis entirement satisfait de cette cage de chastet, la mieux conue et ralise des cages de chastet non-mtalliques.

Tim | UK | 19.08.2014
I have tried various devices (curve, cb6000, birdlocked) and this is by far the most comfortable due to the ring shape and material. I did however take the measurement as indicated in the FAQs and ordered the large ring but later had to order the medium one as it just kept sliding off when I got erections... But I guess my primary issue with it is that the tube is a bit too short. It would be great if they could offer a larger version as well. Only one tube size seems like a very poor choice considering the variety of lengths out there. As it stands only the front part of my penis can get into the tube so the part closer to my body gets larger when I get an erection and it's not really contained by the device which therefore gets pushed away from my body and the ring ends up being half way down. Well, that was the issue with the larger ring. With the smaller one it just gets very painful and unless I can get the erection to subside by sheer will power, I just have to take the device off. It's a shame because with a bigger tube it would probably work better.

Sub pad | Australia | 09.08.2014
First time device, which I wanted to give to my Mistress. So far so good thank you. Delivery was quick. Cheers.

Kuchi | USA | 05.08.2014
As I write this I am secured in the HT2, small tube, small ring in sissy pink. The design is masterful, locking mechanism - brilliant, the materials? I say that because like a few others my penis tube's engagement slot cracked after about 3 weeks. I emailed the company...expecting not much, and received the best customer service in the adult "toy" world. Within a week I was relocked in a new tube. The fit and comfort level are very high,much much better design that ANY of the CBXXX models I have tried, not to mention their history of cracking/splitting and getting skin pinched! OUCH!!! Security, I guess it is as good or better than ANY ball capture type of device that does not use a piercing to secure it.If I lube up my member, pull the cage down and backwards, I can fairly easitly slide my shaft out of the device. This has been possible in every device I have ever tried, without somehow secureing my PA to the tube. Bottom line...best available chastity (non-metal) on the market at this time!

munster4x 4 | US | 03.08.2014
I got mine yesterday. So far I like very much. I wore it for a short time right out of the box. Got up this morning and installed myself in it first thing. The standard ring is a bit tight but ordered the next size up. I feel nice, tight and secure in it. I will wear it today for a longer period and continue to add time.

Buildit | Uk | 02.08.2014
As a building site manager I'm very impressed with the holy trainer. I can wear it at work very discreetly and I've now been locked for 8 weeks doing a very demanding job. It's locking mechanism is the biggest plus as chastity is not understood by many builders and the older cages with the padlock are to bulky to wear 24/7. My key holder is loving the fact that her favourite toy is well protected and after a week being locked I rise for her pleasure in a short time which is due to the non constricting design. Other devices have left me needing time to get the blood flowing where it matters. My attention span to my mistress is greatly improved now I'm comfortably locked as I have no excuse to be released. Customer service is brilliant and I can't praise the people at holy trainer enough

Rickster | USA | 30.07.2014
I have tried many different devices, and even the Holy Trainer original which was the best I have ever been locked in! The Holy Trainer V2 is the most innovative and the first and ever lasting experience is that your are 100% secure and not getting out until your Key Holder set you free! Very snug and comfortable, after a period of time you'll forget that it is even on! Very impressed with this cock locking product!

Locked4Good | USA | 27.07.2014
I have tried chastity cages in the past (mainly CB6k) and did not have much luck. The CB6k was just too painful, especially at night. And after a while, the CB6k cage actually split open at the end and almost cost me an emergency room visit (that would have been embarrassing!). Anyway, my wife and I gave up on it a few years back because there were just no good options for a chastity device without spending a fortune. However, my wife recently went on an extended vacation to visit family for 3 weeks. She has zero tolerance for masturbation, and I have been faithful not to for the past few years. But 3 weeks without her was too long! Knowing I would not be able to control myself, we did some research and found the Holy Trainer. To my surprise she did not hesitate having me order it. Unfortunately for me, it has worked so well and has been so easy to adjust to (WAY MORE COMFORTABLE than the CB6K!), that my wife now plans to keep me locked up all the time in between sex. Painful night time erections are no issue with this device. Most of the time, I forget I'm wearing it. I ordered the black one and have sent her pics of it on me. She gets completely turned on at just the sight of me in it (and she has even pleasured herself over the phone with me wearing it - not fair!). I still have 6 more days until my wife comes home. She plans to let me out that night she comes home to "reward me", BUT she made it very clear she is going to lock me right back up after and plans always keep me locked up in between sex from now on (she wants me to stay "adjusted to it" and likes the idea of me only being allowed to have erections for her). Guess my days of freedom are over...

Steve | Belgium | 26.07.2014
Hi, I have my HT2 for about 10 weeks now. It is the V2 small with 50mm ring. I have to say after using the CB3xxx for the last year and my birdlocked before that, the HT2 is a far more superior device. It is better then the CB in every way; looks, design, ring-design, the integrated lock, the feeling and overall, just the way it looks on you and these are my wife's words. It is not bulky like the CBx, the night-times are a dream come true !! Because of this device, I'm now in 24/7 without any complaints whatsoever. I think that the HT2 is the best non-metal device on the market. The service was fast and great. I could easely recommend it to all my friends, if they only knew and where into chastuty too ;-) Thank you HolyTrainer

When my wife lets me | USA | 25.07.2014
I have purchased the standard size and the 50mm. I have to tell you so far I love it. Before this my wife had me caged in the CB-6000. I hated wearing it during the night time. It was bulky to sleep with it on and painful with night time erections. Also bulky under close. Holy Trainer is a lot better. I have a little discomfort with night time erections, but it is very minor in comparison. Wearing it under my close is a breeze. No one would ever know I have it on! The lock is amazing too. No more sounds of a pad lock slapping the cage. My wife really enjoys having this control over me, and now I can be a lot more comfortable with cock being in its little cage.

Onenutjimmy | New Zealand | 21.07.2014
This is a great device, I've got the small with a 40mm ring. Only problem is I slip out of the small with a 40mm ring. Wish there was a smally ring size, based on how you measure them, say a 35mm? Otherwise is super comfortable. Perfectly livable.

PupUK | UK | 19.07.2014
I've had my Holy Trainer just under two weeks and have had it on for all but half a day, so far. Compared to the three other devices I've tried, this is amazing....in other devices I could only last one or two days before the pain and discomfort were too much. I have the small size with the 40mm ring...which for me, makes me feel very aware it's there, but it is very comfortable and secure. It is not visible under clothing and I have had no problems standing to urinate or with cleaning. I have made the slit at the end slightly longer to be able to fit my PA through (this was very easy to do with a file and took about ten minutes), but this has caused no issues at all. Delivery was very fast and communication was excellent.

Jackwabbit | UK | 16.07.2014
I have tried lots of different male chastity devises from the Bon4 to the CB600 through to various steel devises including the Bon4M. Before ordering the Holy trainer 2 the only one I could wear for more than a couple of hours was the silicone but this wasnt what I was looking for. When I ordered my holy trainer I also ordered the larger ring (because I have had to do this with all the other devises) When it arrived I quickly fitted it & found I could use the standard ring & within a couple of hours I forgot it was on & left it on for a couple of days, but on taking it off I noticed it had a crack through the locking hole on the tube. I took a couple of photos & e-mailed them, feeling rather disappointed that something that was so good had failed so quickly. The response was a lot quicker than expected, they were apologising for the problem I encountered & a replacement was already on its way. 10 out of 10 for customer service holy trainer! If only everyone gave that kind of service. As soon as the replacement arrived it went straight back on for 3 days before taking it off for just one day. Since then it has been on for a week without any problems, if only they made a steel version it would be a real winner.

Teaseded | Switzerland | 16.07.2014
I have been wearing mine off and on for a week now and it really is more comfortable than the cbx devices, which I have tried all of. I have the standard tube and ring. I measure for the large ring, but from experience figured the mid was better and was right. Only problem I have it getting an initial comfortable fit, but once in, it really feels like a glove locked on. The magic lock is a spectacular improvement on cb locking design. Well done!

furslave | UK | 14.07.2014
Impressive. Slightly ore difficult to fit than CB 6000 but once it's onVERY comfortable. Went for the option of the 40mm ring as well which, although a bit of squeeze getting testicles through feels more stable and secure. ((I used No 3 ring with my CB 6000, No 2 could fit at a pinch but not comfortable). Haven't tried cycling with it yet but it's very discrete for normal use.

xavier | france | 14.07.2014
la commande est bien arrive dans les dlais prvus, sans aucun soucis, mise en place ds rception, on se sent tout de suite trs bien dedans,(bien mieux que les cb300 et 6000) elle pouse parfaitement notre anatomie, je conseil la version small, qui est la taille parfaite, on ne nage pas dedans. la frustration est totale et vous plonge dans une soumission dcuple. trop tt pour donner mon avis sur une longue priode. quand une version mtal de cette cage? qui est mon avis une des meilleures sur le march des cages de chastet.

ChasteBoi | USA | 14.07.2014
awesome device! i got the short model in pink and it is way better. I have the cb-6000s, the jailbird, and a birdlocked and this has the most comfortable fit for me. came in a timely fashion and great packaging. LOVE IT!

CAGEDBYRD | USA | 12.07.2014
I have a large issue with this device. I recieved it two days ago and put it on. Since I got home later that day I put it on a few hours before bed and told myself I'd take it off if there were any problems. There weren't, I slept just fine and only woke up because my roomate has no regard for others. There's been no sign of sores, I've worn it discreetly to work in a pair of skinny jeans where im constantly active and on the move. I've even been out of lube to keep things from chafing and theres been no problem there. This thing works a little too well, which one of you signed a deal with the devil?

Cock lock | USA | 11.07.2014
HOLY KANOLLY! I LOVE the Holy Trainer!!! The best most comfortable device I've ever worn. I've tested about 5 including the cb6000. I showed my wife a few sites, reviews and books on Chastity and now I'm Always locked up and no longer have Any say of when I get out, she loves the idea of having control and NO one, not even me, touching her cock. She'll just look at me and laugh. I just made her mad and now I won't get out for a whole longer. You never really know how much you touch yourself and miss it till it's taken away from you. But let's all admit it, it's wonderful having your wife in control of your, or her, cock. Anyway by far the best device ever! Very comfortable can't even feel that it's on you, and not even able to get it off. I' SO happy I stumbled onto the site to find of this device. If you're going to buy any chastity device by the holy trainer!!!! :D

oxxic | us | 11.07.2014
first time in chastity and love it. have been waring the HT2 for two weeks straight and its like it not even there. great fit, i have the short tube and the medium ring. cant say enought good things about it.

sex | Japan | 09.07.2014
Ordered my HT on Monday. Process quick and simple online using PayPal. Delivered on Saturday via normal rather than express post. Initial impressions are that the ergonomic ring (45mm) fits well and is very comfortable. Tube (short) likewise and locking system simple / discreet. The device is okay under normal pants and trousers i.e. not detectable. As yet it's only two days but urinating is easy and hygiene okay. It is comfortable to wear. Much more so than CB range. Very happy with service and device. My only wish now is to have exactly the same design in low allergy metal e.g. Titanium so that it's not possible to break it off with brute force and would feel more secure.

htv2pinksmall | usa | 03.07.2014
Got my device over a week ago very fast and discrete shipping. I ordered both the small and medium rings, i love the small and the medium is hardly secure at all. Of course got the small tube as well. Never felt so submissive in my life, currently locked in an emlalock session. Tham you holy trainer

SmoothCutMan | UK | 29.06.2014
For the last six years I've been encapsulated in a CB6000s. Four weeks ago my keyholder put me in an HT2 short tube, with a 40mm ring ... perfect fit. So comfortable and completely secure, I forget I'm wearing it! One problem, my keyholder liked to hear the clicking of the lock when I walked around wearing the CB6000s, said it reminded him of his superiority ... can't please everybody!

Secretsub | England | 28.06.2014
I have been wearing my Holy Trainer now for 2 days and have found it very comfortable. The best part is that I am able to wear it throughout the night without the pain and discomfort experienced when wearing cbxxxx devices. Well satisfied so far.

lockedcock00 | US | 25.06.2014
I thought all these reviews were just hype until I bought my own HT2 in a short tube and 45mm ring. Now I am a beliver, the HT2 really is the CBxxxx killer! Whoever designed the HT2 should get an award for engineering. The fit is amazing, so comfortable and secure. The locking system is perfect, no more clicking sound and strange bulge from the padlock. No more pain from nighttime erections. My only wish is this would have come out 10 years ago!

HarryO | USA | 24.06.2014
I will be writing to the company soon but here's what I can tell you. this is a really good device with great security and very comfortable to wear, but mine did break at what I feel may be a weak spot, and this is on the top of the sheath where the ley goes through. I was able to carefully repair it using CA and reinforced tape. It doesn't quite lock as smoothly now but is still secure and functional. Otherwise the best chastity device I've ever owned.

silkstockings | United States | 24.06.2014
Wow. Much more comfortable than the CB 6000. Wearing mine now, feels great. Wore it for the first time yesterday and had to take it off and masturbate, was so aroused talking to my girlfriend about it. Love the new lock also!!

Gay | France | 17.06.2014
Je viens de recevoir mon holytraner aujourd'hui hui et je l'ai enfil tout de suite. C'est impressionnant de constater que l'on perd toute sensibilit de la verge. Impossible de la toucher et de ressentir la moindre sensation. Je ne souponnait pas a quel point cela pouvait affecter l'image que l'on a de soit. On ne peut pas s'empcher de se sentir faible. Merci l'quipe Holytraner de nous faire vivre une telle humilit et humiliation.

spike | US | 17.06.2014
I'm quite securely locked in mine and I don't think anything short of cutting/breaking it will change that. It's quite comfortable too. I was a little worried since I'm more on the well endowed side (I previously wore the Curve) but the HT seems to work well. Probably the best it gets without being custom made.

1sttimelocker | USA | 17.06.2014
Follow up review... It's now been 1 month since I self-locked. This is still an amazingly comfortable device. There are days that I almost forget I'm wearing it... That is until I go to adjust and feel the cage. Haven't had any issues with keeping it clean either. On the really warm days, it really does get a little softer and form even better to your body. Thinking about buying the small ring (originally purchased the 45mm).

theduke | france | 13.06.2014
Superbe cage!!! Aprs 3 modles c'est celle qui rpond le mieux mes attentes. Solidit, confort et discrtion. Je vous redirai a dans 1 mois de chastet!!!

DavidG | US | 11.06.2014
Absolutely awesome - the very best available - I've tried them all! BRILLIANT design.

Bri | USA | 11.06.2014
This is the third different device i have worn and by far provides the most comfort and the only device ihave found escape proof so far!

Nick | UK | 09.06.2014
Ordered my HT on Monday. Process quick and simple online using PayPal. Delivered on Saturday via normal rather than express post. Initial impressions are that the ergonomic ring (45mm) fits well and is very comfortable. Tube (short) likewise and locking system simple / discreet. The device is okay under normal pants and trousers i.e. not detectable. As yet it's only two days but urinating is easy and hygiene okay. It is comfortable to wear. Much more so than CB range. Very happy with service and device. My only wish now is to have exactly the same design in low allergy metal e.g. Titanium so that it's not possible to break it off with brute force and would feel more secure.

curioussub | usa | 08.06.2014
Ordered and received it very fast. Have had it on now for roughly 12hrs with no discomfort at all. Very pleased with the fit an just how comfortable it is. Will be doing an extended period very soon. Will do another review after that.

MarkLV | USA | 05.06.2014
Love this chastity device! From the moment I put it on, I could tell it would be a better fit than the CB products I have used before. Specifically, the curved ring used in the design of the HolyTrainer is so much more comfortable than the circular ring of the CB! It is also much more discreet under clothes and has no lock to make noise when you walk. All in all, a MUCH better product than the CB designs! BRAVO!!

TooBig | USA | 04.06.2014
Went with the 40mm ring and standard tube, everything works as it should, except I'm simply too large for the standard tube. For the CB series I've been fine in "The Curve" but needless to say even the standard tube is not close to that size. Basically I squish out of the end holes and rub the sensitive parts against underwear/pants and it tends to get very sore very quickly. Also my size leave to much shaft sticking out the back of the device and I can easily pull out of the tube. I would buy a larger/longer tube right away, I love the design and the locking mechanism and everything else, it's just simply too small. Someday there will be a good device for large guys, this is as close as I've gotten.

Oilerman | Canada | 03.06.2014
Follow up to my previous review - After wearing pretty much constant for 3 weeks, I think this is the best device out there. The pull out is still quite easy, and I think I'll get the smaller ring, but the comfort makes up for that. I'm not big on trying to get out myself, so it hasn't presented a problem. Made it through airport security going to Mexico last week no problem, so it seems to work for scanners. All in all, an amazing device that I fully recommend.

Her baby | United Kingdom | 29.05.2014
Wow! Just wow! Quick delivery. Amazingly comfy first try. A leap forward in comfort compared to the CB6000s and metal Chinese knock offs. I read the reviews about ring sizes and went smaller (40mm compared to 45 on the CB's), and short cage. Perfect fit. Love the locking mechanism. Very Happy to spend the money on this. Added bonus the GF loves it too! ;-)

nonookie | Netherlands | 29.05.2014
Just received my v2 two days ago and wearing it since. I can only confirm their claims, this is definitely the most comfortable and secure among this type of devices. Tried different CBxxxx-like types, this one beats them all. This morning I had almost forgotten that I was wearing the device, until I stumbled upon some nice pictures on the web that woke up little Dickie :-). I am curious about what else the makers will come up with in future, so far they did their homework extremely well.

locked | UK | 28.05.2014
Had the holy trainer V2 a couple of month now and wow it is the most comfortable CB I have ever worn and if It wasn't fo the sexual frustration I really would froget I was wearing it as though day there is no discomfort. At night I do have some trouble but there is NO pain unlike other devices I have tried. It is just sometimes the nighttime erections wake me up. The device is very easy to clean and the ring shape is a huge improvement over others I have tried that have circular or oval rings. The downside I can stay locked up for much longer as I have not developed any problems or sores. To give me a excuse for realese.

croma | italy | 28.05.2014
Vey good product. But what's about the travel by air and security controll?

ofg | UK | 25.05.2014
I have now been wearing the HT2 for a week. I have helped the messy urination problem by blocking the side holes with my fingers while I urinate - this stops the urine spurting out sideways. Otherwise no issues yet. This is comfortable to wear, and to sleep in, although not quite so comfortable to lie on my stomach. Best device I know.

under her | USA | 24.05.2014
I received my HT2 on 5/7/14. My initial opinion was it was a great design. I love the Magic Lock, great idea, nice smooth design. I ordered the smaller tube and smallest ring since I know the importance of sizing for security. I have been wearing it now for 17 days, only being out for about 7 hours for traveling reasons. Very comfortable! There are two suggestions I would like to make on the manufacturing side of things. I strongly recommend either a smaller ring - (which I think with decrease the comfort level) - or make the under side of the tubes longer so they fit a little tighter to the ring. With the current set up I have, with very little effort I can slip one testicle out at a time at the very bottom of the ring in area that is contured to the body. I think making the underside of the tube a little longer and increasing the size of the width at the top side end of the tube that slides under the ring where it slightly pushes down on the penis would make this device more secure. Just my suggestions and observations. Overall, nice device.

Pemberton dude uk | uk | 23.05.2014
Received very quickly ordered on 16 of may arrived on 19 of may been locked in since it arrived. I ordered the small 40mm cock ring and small tube, in white. my girlfriend loves me locked more securely than ever in previous devices like the cb6000s. Extreamly comfortuble. I like the fact its so discrete under clothing. Ive got nothing bad to write about the device whats so ever, Its just the best and most frustrating device i've been lucky locked into. ive never wrote a review before but this device deserves all the good reviews. Dont think about it buy your next chastity device from here.

ofg | UK | 22.05.2014
I bought the white Trainer. I bought a 40mm ring, even though my "string test" suggested I needed the 45mm ring. I found it simple to put on, and, although it is much harder than I thought it would be, it is remarkably comfortable. I cannot notice any softening of the device as it warms up, but that doesn't seem to matter. The magic lock is very clever. There are holes on both sides of the device that would, I imagine, accept a small plastic lock if you don't want to use the magic lock.

northernleo | England | 21.05.2014
After many years of trying various chastity devices, I have at last found one that is comfortable to wear and is secure. So far after 5 days continious wear, I have not experienced any pain or discomfort with it. I have showered and bathed while wearing it without any problems. Very comfortable to wear and easy to keep clean. Minimal bulge under tight jeans unlike other devices where it apprear more ovbious that I am wearing something extra.

Oilerman | Canada | 21.05.2014
Just got the HT2 last night. First thoughts: Good - Insanely comfortable, seems very well built, lock design is genius. Bad - Measured using their string suggestion - came in at 150mm, I decided to go smaller than they suggested so I got the 45mm ring. Pull out and put pack in is ridiculously easy with the 45mm ring. Not secure at all. Didn't want to have to spend the extra 70 Euros to get the smaller ring shipped, but may have to. Actually fell off in the night - never had this problem with the CB6000, hopefully it's just the ring size. Once I try the smaller ring, or modify the 45mm to work, I will review again. If the smaller ring works better, I would rate this a 10/10.

PemGuy | UK | 20.05.2014
After a trial period the boy is now permanently locked and very comfortable, feedback from him is all positive apart from he wishes there was a 35mm option on the back ring

slave jay | u.s | 18.05.2014
I ordered this device and it arrived about a week later. As soon as I got home the day it arrived my wife locked me in it to try it out. I wasn't sure how long she planned on keeping it locked on but the rest of the day went by I had no trouble at all. The next day went by and that night she let me know it would be a few more days. I got worried because it seems so comfortable compared to other devices I have tried and after 4 days locked she was going to unlock me but that night she decided to wait another day. Finally after the 5th day she unlocked me that night and we amazing sex! That was 2 nights ago and now I am told I have to lock it back on tonight but I have no idea how long she will keep me locked this time. I love this device and it is very comfortable!! Thanks holy trainer.

steelstrong | ireland | 17.05.2014
Hi All This is my second review since i got HT2 6 weeks ago. My wife has fallen in love with it! I am so so frustrated, never been kept completely controlled for weeks and unfortunately she knows it is so comfortable and doesnt need to come off for cleaning as often as CB types. and I dont get any movement in it since adding the silicon inside [ see previous review] So just nothing ,cant stimulate ,cant see him , I am sorry I found this thing!

1sttimelocker | USA | 17.05.2014
Amazing... That's the best description. This is my first device and it is unbelievably comfortable. Received it on Wednesday evening and have been self-locked since with no issue. Shortly after locking (which the integrated lock is very nice), I nearly forgot I was wearing it. Feels like it's part of me and I don't see it coming off anytime soon!

Dave | USA | 15.05.2014
I have had the Holy Trainer on for 24 hours. I am using the standard cage with the 50mm ring. The way it is constructed, it forces the penis all the way in-no gaps to flow out of. My balls are large, but penis is smaller, and it fits great. Talk about comfortable, I don't even know it is there. I have been using the CB6000, 6000s and 3000 along with a stainless steel belt. The Holy Trainer is much more comfortable than any of these. It is so light you can't feel it. I would recommend it for anyone.

dragonfighter | austria | 15.05.2014
a very good feeling in my new small holytrainer.

PinkPiranah | Canada | 01.05.2014
By far the most comfortable device I have owned! I hope my lady keeps me locked for a good couple months now that we finally have a device that both fits perfectly and is not noticeable under my work pants. Forget the other CB devices! Once locked in the Holy Trainer there is no need or excuse to take it off!

sub ry guy | Canada | 28.04.2014
I've been wearing the Holy Trainer 2 (small)for a couple of weeks now. Great device. Very, very comfortable. My wife and I have had quite a few years experience with the CB series, including a personal best of 90 days locked up. Holy Trainer is way better. I see a record breaking time with the Holy Trainer in my future. Love the locking mechanism. The shape of the ring makes this design work. It even fits well under an athletic cup so I can play hockey with this on. My wife chose black and likes the look. I do miss at least seeing the little guy! We were hesitant trying a new device but have no regrets at all. If you are on the fence, just go for it.

MarkNorth | USA | 26.04.2014
Received the Holy Trainer Small and it is great! I like the fact that the lock is now part of the device - makes it both easier to conceal under clothing and more secure as the keys are unique). Ordered the black version and now my penis is both locked-up and out of sight! Thank you!

Lockedguy | USA | 21.04.2014
Hands down the most comfortable and discrete cage you can wear.

Justine | Australia | 20.04.2014
Very well made and very comfortable; unfortunately, although I measured very carefully (was at the smaller end of the 40mm ring range) and accordingly ordered the small tube and 40mm ring combo, I have experienced several accidental slipped testicle events (3 times in 24 hours) where the whole device just then comes away. I have packed the ring in a variety of locations around the inner circumference of the ring (with 4mm thick sticky back felt, initially to test) and found building in the two side portions of the ring now prevents accidental testicle escape and yet still retains comfort. So two things I ask - 1. what material should be used to build up a more permanent solution (? @steelstrong mentioned silicone?) and, 2. wish list = a super small ring (35mm to 38mm) as an option sometime in the future for us tiny creatures (I would buy one straight away)...

Olala | Spain | 19.04.2014
Very good device! After a few days you forget that you have it on. Comfortabele!

boy chris | US | 17.04.2014
So, received my HT promptly and very happy with the design. However, they sent me a 45 cm ring even though I ordered a 40 cm!!! It isn't going to keep my balls from slipping out. I have contacted them through email but no responses yet, I don't know if I will have to pay for another ring to be shipped, even though it was their mistake that they sent the wrong ring size. Will post a positive review if they make this right.

Gonadman | USA | 17.04.2014
Got the new Holy Trainer 2 over a week ago, IMMEDIATELY put it on and have not taken it off for a minute since. INCREDIBLY comfortable, discrete, and fucking SECURE. VERY pleased!!! VERY FRUSTRATED!! Mailed the keys to my key holder with the understanding that it will be returned WHEN IT'S RETURNED!! Need to shave--getting very stubble itchy and I imagine that's part of the plan..... Used the medium ball ring first but immediately went to the smallest one. I MIGHT be able to wiggle my little dick out, though I doubt it and there is NO WAY I could get it back in, so I'd be found out and that means a full hour of SERIOUS CBT so not going to even try. This is a GREAT and frustrating device. . . . . and EVIL ! ! ! LOL!

Hajaha | The Netherlands | 17.04.2014
Very good! No weak spots at all!

Satisfied | Canada | 16.04.2014
Have had both models of the Holy Trainer. The Magic Locker version is excellent, less visible under clothing, and I can wear while running comfortably. I have gone through Airport Security wearing it with no problem. I highly recommend it!

slave d | New Zealand | 16.04.2014
My solid gold small (well you'd expect it to be at the price) ring arrived and is as well made and perfectly fitting as the original. There's no doubt that for the "smaller" man these CDs are perfect. You can pull out the back BUT that's the case with all ball-capture CDs so nothing's "perfect". d

steelstrong | ireland | 13.04.2014
Received the trainer 2wks ago [small tube and 40mm ring] Very comfortable and super new locking device I did find that I could slip back quite a bit when completely flaccid , I have solved the problem by creating a ring of silicon along the inner edge of tube tube ,it now takes a nice firm grip and doesn't slide down at all. Feels much more secure and I cant get out now Have worn metal cages but this takes away all possibility of stimulation and I cant even SEE him in there

slave d | New Zealand | 07.04.2014
Had an escaped testicle last night so had to order the small ring size which is a shame as it is VERY expensive and i was very careful measuring to their suggestions. Still very comfortable though.

coljuggs | uk | 07.04.2014
Over a month now and still OK. No problems.

slave d | New Zealand | 07.04.2014
Have just received O/our new small clear HT and am thrilled with it. It's like a sculpture and beautifully made compared to the old CB6000S W/we had. The lock took a bit of lube and some hot water to get working well but i'm snug as a bug in a rug and Ms M is thrilled to bits. The only practical downside is that the keys are quite long so W/we're going to get a shorter one made for Ms M's ankle chain. Got the std 45mm ring but will probably get the smaller one for the future once i get used to this one. The small is smaller than the CB6000S by the way and a much better fit for me. I'm 61 by the way and W/we have been married for nearly 40 years but only just got into chastity. If you're considering it the new HT is a great start !!

FelixT | United States | 06.04.2014
I got the V2 about 2 weeks ago, and I immediately put it on. I'm impressed how much more comfortable this device is compared to the CB6000s I was wearing. Been wearing it 24/7 for more than 2 weeks and no problem whatsoever. Worth every penny!

Canadiandude94 | Canada | 05.04.2014
I received my holy trainer very fast and is very comfortable I totally recommend it My girl and me are very pleased.

sissy erica | england | 04.04.2014
thank you for the holy trainer it was a birthday gift from my wife/mistress I love it I have used cheap chastity devices but after a few days they nip and become painful but my trainer fits me perfect no problems at night looks good under my panties I now wear it 24/7 a big thank you xxx

Giles English | UK | 04.04.2014
Think of this as a lockable second skin that stops you having an erection! I've worn it for 15 consecutive nights with no problem.

gb | france | 03.04.2014
j' ai bien reu ma nouvelle holy trainer dans un dlai de 5 jours par la poste, colis OK, bien emball , bon contact pour des questions sur le site. La cage est formidable , bonne qualit , on ne la sent mme plus , aucun pincement, super confortable et discrte . Je recommande ( et ma femme aussi !) ce produit c'est le Top !!

Pat | USA | 02.04.2014
Holy Trainer Finally, your product is something my Goddess and I both love. The standard version in pink arrived yesterday. My Goddess Dom wasted no time in trying it out on me. It needed some lock exercises and took time to feed both balls and cock into the oval frame, but once it was on it felt great. Within a few hours i wore it all night and the next day with a little time out for lube and cleaning. We have thrown away the CB6000s. She loves to tease about my little pink clit and there is no way for me to get out of it without a key. It feels fine and I' m now 24/7 under her control. This is our third device and the first one that lives up to its promises.

Pussyboy | UK | 28.03.2014
The device was received in remarkably quick time, securely and discreetly packaged. After a week or so of use, I find it extremely well designed and comfortable for long term wear. I am able to pee standing up and there is no collection of urine within the tube. Cleaning is no trouble at all. This is by far the best chastity device I have experienced, and both my keyholder and myself are delighted. The only small query is the sizing of the rings. The measurement appears to be from the locking end to the base rather than across the width. It definitely pays to opt for the smaller size to ensure total security.

Larry359 | United States | 25.03.2014
Received my new and improved holy trainer today. Could hardly wait to try it on. But first, I had to release from my HT version 1. Then I had to figure out how the lock worked. It is very improved. There is no possible way of getting unlocked with the new integrated locking system. Before, you could always break the padlock or use bolt cutters. Now, if you KH does not want you out, you will not get out!!!

majic301 | United States | 21.03.2014
Received my Holy Trainer two days ago and am amazed how much my wife loves me wearing it. The quality is really good, has a few shape edges that need addressing with a Emory board,then the fit and comfort was great. That is until my wife decided she wanted to get me hard. Boy that hurt....so good. Nice product, would buy another.

No One | US | 13.03.2014
Have tried them all. Easiest to put on, wear, and sleep in. Great enough for me to want to write about.

spnkswtch | USA | 12.03.2014
I'm new to the chastity lifestyle. I have a stainless steel cage that was used on me for short (less than a day) periods of time. My Mistress received my Holy Trainer on 29-01-2014 and she immediately put it on me. The first few times were for 3 or 4 hours. Then she decided I was ready for a longer period of time - 4 days. Many firsts for me. Amoung them, my first time over night. The first night was psycologically intimidating but I fought through asking her to remove it. Days 2 - 4 were much easier on me but I realized how often I would casually touch myself. The device was unbelievably comfortable. I look forward to getting the v2 model sometime soon.

Subbyhubby | Netherlands | 12.03.2014
All the reviews are so positive and the device looks very comfortable. I have one question. I had a Birdlocked. Very comfortable during the day. But during the night it felt as if my cock was burning. I guess that was becasue of the type of resin used. For that reason my Mistress wanted me to stop using it and use the CB 6000. The materials used for the Holytrainer seems to be much better. Is this giving enough ventitalion to avoid the burning feeling? If so I will show my Mistress this website and ask permission to buy one. I know she will love it because she does not like the very hard material from the CB. But she does want me to be able to sleep. So Curious about experiences.

Gibbin | Canada | 12.03.2014
Just so you know, by removing even the option of using a padlock you are alienating quite a large group of potential customers - ones who usually use numbered plastic locks to show distance keyholders that the device has not been removed, thus enabling them to keep a key for emergencies. Now, it will be impossible to use your device that way. A keyholder who must travel, for instance, would have to take both keys to ensure security at the expense of emergency safety.

coljuggs | england | 12.03.2014
Only just arrived but it is very clear that quality and strengh are in this item. difficult to lock so I was told to lock it on myself. Very comfy the only problem was that somewhere in the translation the black ordered was changed to white.

GoodDirections | Canada | 12.03.2014
The design of the device itself is great but I simply don't understand why a large version of the cage hasn't been made available. I'm sure many people share the same issue with me where as the standard cage remains to be far too small. A size somewhat comparable to the curve would definitely give HolyTrainer a real edge over the entire chastity market!

LeatherDude | USA | 10.03.2014
I just got the version two of the device and it is just as comfortable as the previous version. I love the integrated lock. Makes it convenient and secure for long term wear. Can't wait to give my keys to a keyholder

maru22 | poland | 09.03.2014
Holytrainer looks good maybe someday I can buy one for me...

severin | norway | 09.03.2014
Best solutions so far. I would like to have a 55 mm ring, and a solution for us having a PA. In the "old" Trainer I use a piece of tamper proof string through PA and up to padlock. In this one thats not possible, and yes when limp and in the shower I can pull out. But I cant get it off and neither back in again. So I know I will get caught and stay nice boy. A HolyTrainer included solution for PA and men could seriously start fearing being put in chastity for real...

subatheart | UK | 19.02.2014
I have now worn my device 24/7 now for over a year and love the feeling. my wife likes the shape style and security and the control.

4thewifey | USA | 18.02.2014
I have had a holy trainer for about 1 mounth and I'm a bit disappointed. This is the least secure chastity device that I have tried so far. I am able to pull out of the device easily when not aroused. I also had 2 occasions when being teased by the wife, that the security device became undone. This device is much more comfortable than a CB-6000, but not near as secure. I would not recommend this device to a friend. Sorry

nubbin | Sweden | 12.02.2014
Hello! I bought the holy trainer in the end of november and after training to wear for about two weeks I now has it on constantly, take it off once a week just for cleaning. My Mistress is wery happy to have full control over me. I am under the control of Mistress Dominica, it works perfect i am a very happy slave. I recomend her for you who wants to put your life in another womens hand, she is wuonderful.

wolf359 | United States | 12.02.2014
this is my latest in a continuing quest for a device that is secure. The cb series is a beginners series. Too easy to escape from. The Birdlocked series is a step up, but once you know how, too easy to escape from. I received my HT in 4 days from you! All I can say is that I love it!! The longer I wear it, the more comfortable it becomes. It appears to be very secure. All told, it is a very good chastity device.

Coco | USA | 10.02.2014
Please please make a clear case in the standard size. That would make my day and I will surely buy it~

Scotty | Scotland | 09.02.2014
Had it for almost two weeks. Absolutely brilliant. Initial impressioin confirmed. Very comfortable. My wife insists that I clean and shave daily and so she takes it off and to avoid any pleasure for me she puts a clothespeg on the tip of my cock then leaves me to shower.

mj | United States | 05.02.2014
This device should be up for consideration of being the best designed device of its kind E V E R!!! Comfortable, Lite, able to be worn for long time without pain. It's everything I was looking for in a chastity device.

Deltag06 | France | 04.02.2014
J'aimerais bien tester la cage, mais le problme principal est le cadena. Non pas que je souhaite l'enlever quand je veux, cela n'aurait pas de sens. Au contraire, mais comment faire au passage des portiques dans les aroports? Les contrle sont devenus tellement stricts que je vais sonner au mauvais endroit... Avez-vous une solution ce problme. Denis

andy | GB | 01.02.2014
Got it today, very fast delivery. So much more comfortable than the CB6000s, i wish id find this first. hope they come out with smaller rings.

Scotty | Scotland | 30.01.2014
Received Holy Trainer yesterday. Brilliantly simple. Easy to put on and more secure for me than CB2000, CB6000S or Birdlocked. I am a grower..ie small cock that does make it to average when aroused. and I have a high ball sack so have found CB tricky and hard to wear. None have been properly secure. After 24 hours I can say this is easily the most comfortable CB I have tried nd it seems impossible to remove. I usually wear 47mm ring with CB2000 but 45 mm ring fits fine on Holy Trainer. Overall I am very impressed

tryer | fi | 29.01.2014
I have used this device now few days. It's most comfortable one I have tried. Security is on par with cb-series. It's also invisible under clothes. I hope that there will be some day HT version for Points of Intrigue.

Rusty | United States | 19.12.2013
I love my holy trainer! I really like that it doesn't wake me up during the night. That was my biggest fear, having worn a CB before I hated how that would wake you up in the middle of the night when you would get hard. Have worn it for an entire day and only had a little discomfort from my balls moving and getting pinched when bending or squatting.

rob | us | 17.12.2013
So far my holy trainer is the most comfortable device I have tried. I got the latest ring and the small tube. High and tight with large balls. A bigger ring would be nice, but this one works. Hoping I can wear it long term. Will see.

luckyone | Austria | 12.12.2013
Got it today, wearing it now for about 4 hours. This piece of art is wonderful and it seems to be quite comfortable. Looking forward for night experience. Just one thing ... a 35 mm ring would be a nice addition.

tny-c | GB | 07.12.2013
Love the holytrainer its snug and not un-comfortable especially the clear tube flexibility helps, found smaller ring also helps a lot. As a bit of a grower I've found it difficult to find a chastity cage both secure and snug without being irritable/painful, I've now found it thank you.

redjim | United States | 26.11.2013
I don't usually write reviews but I felt that the Holy Trainer was worthy of one. It has been almost two weeks since I was placed in the Holy Trainer and it is by far the most comfortable chastity device that my key holder has put on me. She is very happy about this also as it makes my long term chastity more bearable for me (she has such a big heart). A big pro of the HT is that we fly when we travel a lot so with plastic locks I get to wear it even for traveling. I got the small clear version and it is almost a perfect fit, when I am flaccid the tube is completely filled and it gives me a snug feel all the time. As far as security is rates a little better than others because it is so snug it would be near impossible to pull out of and you sure won't get back in it if you do pull out so the consequences from your KH might be enough of a deterrent to keep this from happening. It is also very discreet underneath of clothing and as mentioned by someone else the lock does not seem to make as much noise since the material is softer in the clear version. Customer service was great to work with also, delivery was fast and discreet.

hugues | france | 13.11.2013
Bonjour , j ai bien recu ma commande , livraison en 3 jours et colis discret et en tres bon etat . Holy trainer est tres agreable a porter ne blesse pas et n irrite pas la peau , vraiment un super produit de chastete ...... A recommander a tout homme voulant s initier a la chastete

Slave | Switzerland | 08.11.2013
Meanwhile I wear because Holy trainer already 3 days in a row and he has to say sitting perfectly. Sometimes I forget that he is still there. He is also very safe, escape is impossible. In a scale of 1 to 10 where 10 is the best of the Holy gets a 10 from me by asterisks. The probationary period is to end, and the key has now my beloved mistress.

sub_bbb | uk | 03.11.2013
Ok, so I own a cb3000, as well as some leather and metal cages. I have played about with cages in a number of circumstances and have managed a maximum of 1 month in the cb3000.

Recently, the cb3000 split forcing me to look at alternatives. Whilst I'm aware that there a number of hard core chastity guys out there, I was looking for a reasonably priced, off the shelf product. My Mistress does not like metal cages. I spent some time surfing the web and reading forums. I accidently came across the Holy Trainer. It's a bit like the cb 3000 but with promised improvements. I showed it to MM who instructed me to order it. I bought the normal sized cage with the smaller ring. According to other reviews, this was needed to increase security. I ordered the device on Saturday night and it was delivered this Tuesday. I picked it up from the Royal Mail today and put it on around 5pm.

its now 10.30pm and I thought I would start a journal of my experiences as I test it out. It's worth noting that I have not been allowed to cum for 10 days through the honour system. So here it goes. The parcel arrived. Its in a tidy cardboard box. The whole package is very light and is evident that it came from overseas. Apart from that, it looks just like any other package.

I opened the box up to find, as I already knew I would, the device in a container that resembles a book. Cute, but I certainly would not hide a cock cage in a box that pretends to be a book amongst my public collection of books. The book (box) will be kept along with all other items I want to remain private. The individual items were bagged in transparent sealed bags and the padlock in it's original box. No instructions included but also not needed.

The cage is made up of 3 simple parts (mine is white as transparent was no longer available although you can buy black) + a padlock. You have a ring, a sheath and a small plastic lid that slide together. First observation is that compared to the cb3000, its very easy to put together. Just make sure you get the right ring size. There is no fiddling about with rings or spacers and you don't have to file down the pins as there are none.

Putting the device on requires putting one piece of your jewels through the ring at a time. Then slide the sheath on, slip on the lid and lock shut. Takes less than 30 seconds. So far, I have had minimal discomfort, no pinching or pulling of hairs and no pain. Sure, I can feel its there but that's part of the point. In addition to this, the device hangs low thus minimising the bulge. I wore it out tonight and even sat with my legs wide open. No one noticed but it did get MM a bit hot under the collar who could not resist giving it a discreet squeeze or two or three or four....

The manufacturers claim that the, all natural product becomes softer at around 36C. I haven't noticed this but can confirm that it's not as rigid as the cb3000 and does have some, if limited, move. I will let you know if this changes with time.

The sheath has a slit for going to the bathroom. In my opinion, it's a little small which means you do have to sit down unless you risk a bit of a mess.

Unlike the CBXXXX range, the padlock does not make a noise when you move. On a personal level, I prefer this. Must be due to the material being softer.

Hard to comment on security as of yet. I can assure you that I cannot free my balls from the device. I have yet to learn if I can remove and replace my manhood but am sure it will be with great difficulty if at all possible.

The ring is not actually a ring but rather shaped to fit your anatomy 'apparently'. Time will tell but so far it does seem to be true.

I'm going to sleep with it on tonight and try cycling, running and martial arts with it on. I'll be sure to feedback on these experiences.

Blueeyes | Denmark | 29.10.2013
Even My wife likes the look of it! And that is a first for her. I have tried a variety of devices, but this is the only one i have managed to be locked in 24/7 without any Heath issues what so ever. Nighttime erections are no longer endured in pain - what a relief!
Pointing Down makes it almost invisible in My jeans, - and Can do sports without any discomfort or Strange looks from People.
This device is a lifesaver for the All-in chastity couple, If you want to make escape impossible you Will need to to fix it with a PA-piercing. I' have one, and it does the job alting with the Holy Trainer just great.

sissykasha | uk | 29.10.2013
very impressive piece of kit, delivery was fast and the device is very comfortable to wear much better than my old cb6000

chastman | Netherlands | 19.09.2013
Very fast delivery, excellent packaging, and very very comfortable to wear. The device has been on almost 24/7 since it was delivered. Customer service is also excellent. On a scale of 1 to 5 where 5 is excellent I would give a 5 across the board.

PAB | USA | 11.09.2013
You need to get the smallest ring if you want to be secure. the shape of the ring will allow you to tolerate a smaller ring than you would in a CB device. this device is comfortable and secure so long as you get the smallest ring you can stand to use. I measured for the Size 50 based on the FAQ page but i am now using the size 40 and it is comfortable the size 50 i could get out of the 40 not a chance.

JRP | ca,usa | 10.09.2013
Haven't received the standard white cage (in shipment). But bought from distributor "Keptforher". Outstanding customer service. Answered all of my questions...worked with me. Will tell more one I get it.

best one yet | Canada | 07.09.2013
Bought the small version with the 40 and 45 rings. Upsides: Delivery was superfast. Best feeling cb ever! My best fit before was the cb6000s with 2nd largest ring (#4 1-5/8" or 41.275mm). The 40 ring was byfar the best and kept everything right where it should be. This is by far way more comfortabe than the cb series. It didnt show through pants at all especially compared to the 6000s. It does act smaller than the 6000s because the ring dosent add any length. I would have prefered the original. So if you fill a 6000s with a hint to spare, the small might be too small. Downsides: The top of the cage turns back towards the body which is one of the best features. I would only reccomend that the resin be fatter at this location or wrap back outwards in order to more evenly distribute the pressure.

sissy | USA | 23.08.2013
I have just received the Holy Trainer, it was fast delivery, it was pretty easy to put on, my only disappointment is I go the smaller tube and I wish it was smaller, I have extra space and hoped it would go on snug so had to room to get any kind of a erection. It is very comfortable and it seem pretty secure.

TJ | USA | 19.08.2013
So far I hate/love it because it works so well. Very comfortable tube. Wish list: a ring size of 47 mm.

Locked and comfy | USA | 15.08.2013
I ordered on Sunday, It shipped on Monday and i got it on Wednesday!!! Still can not believe the fast shipping. Now to the product, I have been in a CB6000s now for 3 years and it starting getting more and more uncomfortable. The Holytrainer is designed so much better with only 3 parts. It is very comfortable and very secure. I wasn't so sure about how easy or hard it would be to get on since you have to squeeze your nuts and penis through the ring, it was not hard at all. Surprisingly easy in fact. I don't plan on ever removing the ring. I strongly recommend this device for beginners or for men that have been locked up for years. Its great!!

pleased | UK | 14.08.2013
First of all I must say the ordering and delivery service is top class, once out of the box it was so easy to fit, my wife was very happy that there was no fiddly bits like the devices we have used before. The device is light years ahead when it comes to comfort. Still early days but my wife is already planning longer periods of lock up for me and with sleeping been so much easier I welcome it.

Quik | USA | 27.07.2013
Wearing is extremely comfortable. Does not feel like you are wearing it at all. Finally, there are no pains from erections, no wake up in the night with awful pain and agony.

No touchy touchy | Australia | 26.07.2013
Time to become holy trained and give wife the key by far the most comfortable chastity device out there 5 star. feels soft to wearing nothing like cb 6000 hard plastic you don't no you even wearing it half the time the other half still comfortable. Only thing I found go the 40 mm ring first to stop fall outs and recommend you masturbate first befor putting it on once he's hard its a little tricky getting it on. thank you holy trainer I masturbate 3 time a day if not more time to save myself for my wife and give her the control *****

Wife Controlled | Australia | 20.07.2013
The holy trainer is the most comfortable chastity device I have ever worn. With other devices there was always some discomfort. Very discrete under clothing. No problem sleeping like with other devices. My wife has had me locked since I received it 3 days ago, and the high level of comfort gives me not excuse to have it removed. 5 Stars.

New | Finland | 11.07.2013
The device is surprisingly comfortable, but then again I've only had two other devices (both were from the CB series). Think I'll try a smaller ring before giving this 5/5 points.

Sam | USA | 07.07.2013
Very nice design and discreet. I did have to order the 50mm as the ring on the standard size seems to tight. The lock has a great click sound. My GF has me put all in place then she secures it with the lock and she loves the sound of the lock clicking and key removal. Very good product indeed.

jacobine | france | 06.07.2013
Trs confortable et 1000x mieux que le CB6000 Un grand plaisir de le porter.

Like | Belgium | 03.07.2013
I have to say that I never realized that having your cock and balls trapped by something could be this comfortable. After a short experience with a BON4 and a CB6000, I have to tell you that the Holy Trainer beats them all hands down. Its comfortable, it doesnt show, and it looks good. Thanks Holy Trainer for an excellent product.

Witches shadow | UK | 27.06.2013
A fabulously frustrating yet comfortable device I still get nocturnal erections but they are less painful than previous metal devices it is easy to clean both on and off and I have even worn it in a sauna. My wife likes it too and is planning longer term chastity for me! It is very comfortable and is well hidden under normal clothing

Very pleased | USA | 25.06.2013
I just got my holy trainer today and its the first chastity device I've ever bought. I researched them for quite a while and after hearing all great things about the Holy Trainer I went ahead and bought one. My concern with buying one is that I'm not very big soft. And a lot of other devices seemed to let you slip out. Well I just put on my Holy Trainer and I love it already. It's comfortable and so far I haven't been able to slip out of it. My girlfriend is out of state for the next month and I'm thinking of surprising her by mailing her the keys. Great product guys! I love it.

Securely Locked | UIK | 15.06.2013
Hi,i got the standard holy trainer cage model 3 days ago with 40 & 45mm ring.I must say the best device i've had,tried cb3000/6000,curve & a few metal devices,yours is by far the most comfortable device,well made & easy to put on.I've been locked up for 3 days now but did have to change to tighter ring as in 45mm ring was pulling away from my body to much.My partner/Mistress love it & she holds all keys!!! Thanks alot Holy Trainer for such a great device!!!!

jay | Germany | 14.06.2013
Hi from Frankfurt, the Trainer was delivered today. i have to say wooow. in the past i treid several like cb's and other models but this one is realy awesome. My egnlish is not at its best to explain in more detail but the holytrainer fits pefectly - no hurts - no escape - no touching.... Now hopefully my Girlfriend is happy about if i tell her :-) and holds the keys

Cape Cod Richie | United States | 12.06.2013
Have had the Holy Trainer (small version) for a couple of months now. The penis tube has a unique design that prevents pull out and also had a great cut out underneath to avoid issues frontal impact with "high & tight" scrotums. The light weight prevents it slipping down after a hot shower. The sizing of the small tube was smaller in width & length than my previous metal device. I cannot escape or orgasm in it. Uh oh. I also like the bio resin material. It's strong & unique. I ended up buying all 3 ring sizes before learning when in doubt go smaller. The oval shape can be confusing. The ergonomic shape is very comfortable and I sleep all night. I have posted an extensive review @ FetLife, Chastity Mansion, Bound Forum & Altarboy. Thank you for an innovative device that seems to address shortcomings in other trapped ball devices.

White knight | Uk | 10.06.2013
Great product but its a big shame customer services don't live upto the standards of the product. E mails go unanswered

chantellette | Netherlands | 10.06.2013
The best I ever had. Day and night now. Very happy thank you

Knight1 | UK | 30.05.2013
I've been wearing the small cage version for 2 days now, and it's much better than the CB6000 I had before, which broke! Really comfortable and the hole at the tip lines up just fine with lube - not too big so your cock doesn't get forced out, like with the CB6000... My Mistress approves, but she asks if the edges on the holes can be smoothed on the outside - she took a nail file to mine yesterday before sitting on it in a tease an denial session yesterday...!

Locked | Ireland | 30.05.2013
Nicely constrained but very comfortable. very discrete under clothes. Looking forward to throwing away the key!

Sub at heart | Uk | 30.05.2013
Over a week now no problems at all. Unlike other models its very hard to see it under my suit and now I don't have to wear tight pants to hide it. I can wear whatever I want now. Shame it wasn't around a year ago when I agreed to wear a device we could ave saved a lot of money. Great design thanks guys

jksprat | usa | 30.05.2013
27 hours with my cock locked up and man it feel so right if you thinking about it for yourself or loved one think think no longer ACT waste no more time pleasuer awates!

jksprat | usa | 29.05.2013
I received my trainer at 3pm today I tore into the box and locked my cock away and intened to keep it that way your product is all I hoped it would be and more thank you

sub at heart | UK | 20.05.2013
received my trainer today and wanted to change from my cb6 straight away. 1st thoughts are how comfertable it feels. the hole at the end does line up if you use a little lube on your cock first. as time always tells I will follow up later with full comments. but so far so good.

LOCKEDUP | USA | 17.05.2013
I am currently locked in the clear small version of the Holy Trainer. After using a CB3000 and CB6000s, This is by far the best device I have ever used, and certainly the most comfortable, as well as secure. I like how the plastic is flexible when warm. As with other comments I have noticed, yes, the hole at the tip should be slightly larger. You must have be lined up just right to take a piss. Other than that, I am completely happy, as is my keyholder. Are there any other colors planned at this time? I would personally like to see red, pink or maybe even green.

thorn | USA | 17.05.2013
Amazing device; comfortable, wonderful!

hagar | USA | 13.05.2013
Wonderful product, Very comfortable, Quick shipping, Wonderful customer service that stands behind their product, 6 days and no comfort issues. Thank you

Ledafan | USA | 11.05.2013
Love the product. I just wish they made them in "pink".

kaywhy13 | usa | 10.05.2013
I received my Holy trainer 2 weeks ago I was amazed at how well it was designed the website did not do it justice I been cb user for many months now but always had an issue with the back rings in the smallest size cage still being too big and too many parts I need for lubrication is not been an issue with my Holy trainer Ordering was not difficult but I wish a confirmation number and tracking number would have been provided nevertheless I'm very satisfied

kly | United Kingdom | 09.05.2013
Device was deliverd quickly , and is very comfortable , and secure to wear , fitting is little hard getting sheath all the way in , My only critism, design fault I think, is and it does effect long time wear , the slot at the end that you pass urine through is too small , you end up weeing in the device , or your penis end gets trapped in the slot , which makes it very difficult to pass water , and found sometimes after zipping up urine drips as you have not properly emptied your penis , due to the SMALL slot . So some how if I can increase that slot some how with out doing any damage or breaking it Maybe good device

Andrew | Sweden | 28.04.2013
Very good guys! Well made, slightly harder to put on but very "nice" to wear. Quality!

sbj | USA | 20.04.2013
I love the Holy Trainer. Compared to the CB X000 styles, the holy trainer is the most comfortable to wear. It is easier to get on then the Birdlock and much less bulky as compared to full steel chastity belts. I enjoy the feeling of total captivity while wearing the Holy Trainer. The Holy Trainer is definitely one of the best devices I have every worn and capable of being worn for long periods of time. Thanks!

Tongass | USA | 15.04.2013
I have a body that becomes very uncomfortable in all the chastity devices that I have tried - and I have tried many. The Holy Trainer works for me. It is comfortable and I enjoy wearing it very much. The Holy Trainer is perfect for me because it keeps me chase so that I can cultivate chi and spiritual energy. It truly is an Angel for me. Thanks.

TIGGER | USA | 20.03.2013
JUST WHAT EVERY CUSTOMER OF HOLY TRAINER TO KNOW, I have been wearing a chastity device 24/7 going on four years now due to a little martial mishap. i have been in many of the competitor's models and the holly trainer is far the best fitting and long term wearing one of all. i had a small problem with my holy trainer and the folks at holy trainer took care of the problem without a fuss. thank-you HOLY TRAINER. For a man that has no choice but to wear a chastity device comfort is a given and holy trainer did a wonderful job on its design.i now have the new clear tube and the wife loves it because she can see my penis in it ha ha

Ric CA | United States | 15.03.2013
I am very pleased with this device, so much so that I came back to write a review. The fact that it is designed in such as way to stay fit without a bunch of sizing fuss makes this device easy to use. I happened to get the sizing right the first time, but was concerned ordering from so far away. I feel that I am lucky enough to fit into the penis cage, as I am thick, yet the cage is just large enough. For anybody with "resonable" proportions (85% of the population), this device should work terrifically! I highly recommend it over any competitor's models.

InChastity | Sweden | 05.03.2013
Have only worn this a few hours as i got mine today. Must say that i have never tried a device this comfortable and yet i cant pull out or rather i have not yet found a way out of it, time will tell if i will manage... I am also very proud to wear this discreet little piece, even under tight jeans. Thank you HOLY TRAINER !

Steve | USA | 22.02.2013
Best device Ever

drooler | usa | 12.02.2013
i have worn a few different devices and have to say i'm VERY proud to be in this device. it fits me perfectly, is discreet under a suit and slim-fitting jeans, and keeps everything locked away. i'll be wearing it until i'm let out...Thank-You HOLY_TRAINER!!!

tigger | usa | 07.02.2013
I recieved my holytrainer this week and have been in it sense it arrived. it is very comfortable and wears well under cloths.

ghsuck | USA | 06.02.2013
I would have to say by far this is the best cage has bought. I have tried a few chastity devices and have finally found one which I feel is perfect. The Holytrainer is very comfortable to wear long term. I found that the CB3000 ect after a short time started to become uncomfortable and chafe. Your cage is simply a great device