Male Chastity Guide

Male Chastity Guide

An introduction to what represents and can bring male chastity in a couple.


Let's discover the topics of this male chastity guide

We will present you the points which integrate the concept of chastity in a couple as well as the feelings and expectations of each other.



First of all, it should be said that if you are worried about having a partner who talks to you about his desires and his interest in chastity, you have no need to be worried. Some men (even a lot ;-) ), like to give control of their sexuality to their partner, while others like to control their partner and preciously keep the key.

Couples who experience male chastity tend to find improvement in their relationships in a profound and lasting way. The entire couple is involved with male chastity. Let me tell you how chastity favors well-being in a couple. In reading these few paragraphs on male chastity, you will develop an understanding of why a man wants to be chaste and why this significantly improves relations in a couple.

There are only two reasons that push a couple to choose male chastity. The first one, to improve relations with one’s partner; the second, to improve your life and share pleasurable, rich and intense moments.



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Start with male chastity

Spend some time in your relationship before using a chastity device. To begin, explain him in advance that you want him to satisfy you sexually, but that you will not allow him to reach orgasm.

Start with chastity

First steps in male chastity

The first time, you will certainly feel a bit intimidated by the circumstances. But with time, and in seeing your partner take pleasure in satisfying you, you will quickly understand your advantages and you will become more self-confident. You may also tell him that if he does his job well, you will allow him to reach orgasm tomorrow.

Once this first step has been completed and if you feel at ease and you observe that everything is fine between you, you may start having him wear a chastity device. (Preferably a HolyTrainer, of course ;-))

Once your partner is locked in a male chastity device, I advise you to adopt a firm attitude towards him. The chastity device reminds him at all times that he is under your control. He will expect you to make suggestions explicitly. He will have the task of executing to your satisfaction, and in order to obtain the forthcoming release. So don’t hesitate to have guidelines and to share your desires with him.

You must be clear about the fact that he consented to your idea or that he approached you to ask that you manage his sexuality. It’s necessary to always remain firm about your shared commitments.

If one day he asks you to remove his chastity device to reach orgasm, he will also want to be rebuffed and teased. So, don’t hesitate to refuse but offer a future date so that he can fully satisfy you until then.


Putting your chastity device for men in place

If you are new to chastity, I advise you to ask your partner to put the chastity device on you. However, be sure to keep the padlock close at hand. You must close the device with the padlock so that the little click, the noise produced by the lock when it is closed, marks the start of his “chaste period”. Starting from this moment, it must be clear for both of you that he is under your control.

I also advise you to always keep the keys on you. You must make him understand that you are the keeper of his freedom and that this could happen at any time. As a safety measure, I advise you to put a duplicate of the key in a hidden envelope so that, in case of emergency, he can remove the chastity device.


Testing period and getting use to it

Make sure that you can tolerate the chastity device by first closing it for 1 hour, 1 day, 1 night and then 2 or 3 days. Once these steps have been completed, make sure that there are no problems of pinching or burns on the skin. If everything is in order, you may then begin chastity for longer periods.



If the device is worn for a long period, it will be necessary to clean the penis on a regular base. You will not need to open the chastity device because a small amount of soap and the shower head, that splashes water around in the device, will be sufficient. All the same, make sure to dry the penis well using a hair dryer because it is not good for the skin to remain humid. However, once a week it will be necessary to remove the chastity device in order to clean it well. If you do not want him to be able to touch his penis during this weekly cleaning, I advise you to bind his hands behind his back during the operation. The sensation of being released from his device without the power to touch himself will cause even more frustration for a man.

Don’t forget that for good physical hygiene, a man must empty his prostate gland regularly. It enlarges over time to produce a liquid that allows sperm to move freely. This gland, which does not contain sperm, has to be emptied in order to avoid prostatic hypertrophy. The time interval between each evacuation is specific to each man but, personally, I think that once a week is sufficient to offer total safety in this regard. If you do not want to authorize intercourse or masturbation, a man can empty his liquid through the urethra by simply massaging the prostate using a prostate massager. The advantage of this technique is that the man can empty this gland without reaching orgasm and without any sensation of pleasure, while also remaining enclosed in his chastity device.


The psychological aspect of male chastity

You will quickly notice a change of attitude in the chaste man. He will be more attentive and will not grumble about helping you with household tasks. He will treat you like a prince(ess) and will be attentive to you. If these changes please you, don’t forget to adjust your behavior towards him. Have a firm and directive attitude focused on your well-being and your sexual fulfillment. Once you have taken control of his sexuality, his principal preoccupation will be to be at your service. Don’t leave him on the couch in front of the television. Give him directives such as cleaning up the kitchen, preparing a bath for you, waiting for you in the bed to give you a massage or simply to warm your bed (very practical in winter!). Don’t be bothered about giving orders and remind him that if you are not satisfied you will leave his device on for a longer period. This is very simple.


In conclusion

Male chastity can bring a lot more to your couple that you may think at first glance. It’s an enriching lifestyle for you and your partner. Don’t forget that it’s up to you to make this time pleasant and constructive. If you control his sexuality, adopt a firm attitude and don’t hesitate to tell him what you’re expecting from him and how he can satisfy you. If you have given control to your partner, show this person love every day, be in a good mood and courteous and make sure that your partner lacks nothing. The day of the next release is approaching with each hour ticking !