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Vincent | France | 23.06.2024
Ayant testé des modèles en métal et en plastique, je peux affirmer que ce soit en design ou en confort, les Holytrainer sont de loin les meilleurs, je n'utilise plus que leurs produits, et la personnalisation fait qu'aucune se ressemble même si la configuration reste la même (55mm, nub). Et vraiment, le confort est inégalable.

Beepee | Australia | 08.06.2024
In an earlier message here I spoke about moving to the Nano size tube. This move was with a little trepidation as I was concerned that it would be too tight. After adjusting to the Nano over several months it was decided that I should try moving to the Nub. I did find that it was difficult to install but however I must say that once fitted it is the most comfortable device that I have ever worn. The penis snuggles very comfortably between the testicles and all movement is nicely restrained. It is amazing how small a penis can become when required. One way I found that makes fitting the Nub a lot easier is to wear the Nano for a few hours first then apply some lube to the Nub, remove the Nano and fit the Nub without delay. I hope that this gives some encouragement to anyone considering a move to the Nub. Regards

Stefanie | Deutschland | 16.05.2024
I received my Nub, model V5 a week ago and got locked up immediately. It is much better than my old V3 model, which was already good. The V5 is so much more comfortable to wear during the day and night. I could recommend the new Nub to any sissy out there. Please keep up your good work.

Tigger | Usa | 09.05.2024
Hello I just thought I would follow up on my chastity cage I purchased back in 2013. My wife has kept me lock 24/7 sense it arrived. I absolutely love it and have had no problems with it other than some shrinkage in my member. I've gone from 7.5 inches to 3.5 inches in 11 years. My wife is thinking about downsizing my cage to the nub style. Plus don't like dealing with the padlock.

Herluckyboi | USA | 07.05.2024
We have been using the V5 Nub since last August. I have been locked 24/7 since October and we absolutely love the V5. It is by far the most comfortable I have ever worn and the resin is perfect because it is light, non-allergic and She loves the look. I am released twice weekly for cleaning and shaving. The integrated lock is perfect for this because She unlocks me and I take care of cleaning and shaving and then am able to relock without ever having the key. I frequently go through security scanners for work and the V5 has never set off the scanners.

Fred | Philippines | 06.05.2024
Recieved the V5 nub with 50mm ring today. Prevviously used a Riker 24/7 but had issues with testicles pulling back between 50mm ring and cage. The 50mm ring on the HT seems a bit tighter. The big difference seems to be the mount on the cage pushes the cage lower on the HT thus reducing space netween the lower part of the cage and the lower part of the ring. Impression after an hour or so is that this device will not remove itself.

SissyRenae | USA | 21.04.2024
Just like to comment on how much I love the Holy Trainer Nub Version 5! I've been locked 24/7 now for over 6 months in this wonderful device, with removal 3-5 days for cleaning and shaving. The feeling of submission and continuous shrinking are wonderful! The integral lock mech is a great addition to the design. Can't wait to see what's next in the designs evolution.

sub-d | usa | 16.03.2024
I have tried a large number of chastity devices, metal, 3d printed, full belt, silicone, etc, over many years. Both my favorite and least favorite has been the holy trainer. Favorite as it is lightweight, comfortable, extremely well designed, stays exactly in place, even during the middle of the night, tightness but no squeezing, pinching, pulling, i can pee standing up, wear during most sports activities. Least favorite as it works exceedingly well for the purposes intended. My lady has kept me locked almost continuously 24/7 for close to 5 years, with just a couple of short breaks in between. She does unlock supervised for cleaning and when she wants to use her toy. There is always pent up excitement for her and explosive releases when she allows. It's been over a year since I was permitted to get my self off, and that was with her supervision. I have tried a bunch of times with vibrators without success as the snug design prevents any growth and excitement. We have had HT 1 or 2, v3, and v4. Best one so far is V5! The great thing about this is the built in lock, which does not require a key to lock on, or extra steps for her such as having to take out the keys from wherever she keeps them. Recently goin thru airport security she let me take if off, but as soon as we went thru security, she handed me the device and told me to go put it on. She told me she was not sure if she had the key with her or not, and whether there would be any release during our vacation. This was also handy when she was away for a conference, she told me where the hidden key was for the HT v4 that I had on after a few days, let me wash up, and then had me immediately lock on the v5 without the keys, which she showed me a photo of both keys in her hand, a thousand miles away.

Brune | France | 27.02.2024
Bonjour. Je suis une sissy soumise et cette nub a réduit mon sexe à  un petit clitoris, c est extra. Reste que je supporte plus mes boules et que je cherche désespérément un professionnel pour me castrer. Bises à tout le monde.

Mistress | Australia | 27.02.2024
AusCharch I need you to really thank Holy Trainer because you are now in the same circumstance as many other locked and happy guy's, long term chastity is what you need.

Dani | Schweiz | 17.02.2024
Tolles Teil, passt perfekt und ist sehr bequem zu tragen. Service ist perfekt, bestellt und zwei Tage später geliefert, gerne wieder.

Joezee | US | 14.02.2024
Best devices on the market! Hands down! I ordered the nub, with a standard ring. Unfortunately it's too small for me. So I reordered a small with a slightly bigger ring. Now my goal is to work my way into the nub.

Beepee | Australia | 24.01.2024
I have been using a chastity device regularly for around 15 years. Started with a Chinese knock off of a CB6000 and then moved to the genuine model. After reading excellent reports about Holy Trainer I purchase one with the Nano tube. I did think about the Nub but was concerned that I would not cram into it. I am slightly larger than average, more than 8 inches erect and a proportional size when slack. The Nano is a reasonably firm fit. Anyhow, after discussing with the wife and getting encouragement I purchased a Nano tube and it arrived last week. Surprisingly it fits, took a little time to get it on first time, some saggy skin to take care of but..I have never worn anything more comfortable. More comfortable when sitting and walking, no scuffing at all. I put this down to the way that the penis it tucked more tightly into the balls so nothing moves around as much. Much like wearing a tight supporter. By the way, my wife and I are into our 80's and still enjoy a play around, just not so frequently these days.

AusCharch | Australia | 22.01.2024
I am very happy with the V5 Nano I received a few weeks ago. My mistress demanded I use this product and i am so happy she did so. It is cute, and comfortable and I am using it all the time. It feels a part of me now.

Jess | France | 19.01.2024
Je porte régulièrement une cage de chasteté depuis plusieurs mois afin d'arrêter de me masturber. Comme je n'ai pas de KH, je pratique l'auto-encagement avec un coffre à  ouverture programmée. Après avoir essayé plusieurs cages de marques connues, j'ai récemment acheté une HT V5 NUB. J'avais déjà une HT V3 NUB. Mais, cette nouvelle cage offre plusieurs avantages par rapport à  toutes les autres que j'ai pu acheter. Premièrement, elle est bien plus efficace que les autres cages en terme de sécurité car il est impossible de tricher. En effet, la languette de sécurité vous empêche de libérer votre pénis en le tirant par l'arrière de l'anneau. Donc, une fois la fermeture enclenchée, il est inutile de songer à essayer de tricher. Super efficace pour ceux qui veulent vraiment rester encagés. Deuxièmement, la cage est l'une des plus confortable que j'ai eu à porter. Elle présente par ailleurs un avantage que j'apprécie tout particulièrement qui est le suivant : le trou de la cage s'aligne parfaitement avec l'orifice de mon urètre. Je peux donc pisser facilement sans en mettre partout, ce qui n'était pas du tout le cas avec les autres cages. Rien que cet avantage justifie à  lui seul l'achat de la cage. Troisièmement, l'ergonomie de la cage fait qu'elle s'adapte parfaitement à  mon anatomie. Il est inutile de rajouter des straps pour la maintenir en place. De plus, elle ne me gêne absolument pas lorsque je fais du sport. Pour l'instant, je retire ma cage tous les jours pour me laver. Mais, j'ai pu constater qu'elle reste relativement propre même après une journée de port. Il est donc possible de la porter en 24/7 en la retirant juste fois par semaine pour l'hygiène.

Lockednloved | United States | 19.01.2024
We recently purchased the V5 nub in baby pink. So far there have been no complaints about the fit after 72 hours of wear. My sub he hardly notices it being on. I personally like the locking system and it definitely keeps things compact. I have been enforcing chastity for around 3 years and since then we have purchased many different types of cages. I think the holytrainer is going to be my favorite. 5 stars!!

Gus | Belgium | 23.12.2023
J'utilise ma V5 depuis plus d'une année. Elle est très confortable je fais du sport sans problèmes. Je l'ai portée près de 3 mois non stop au printemps, je la porte depuis début novembre et la porterai au moins jusqu'au 31 décembre, et à  minuit sur un lancé de dés, soit je serai libre soit je resterai enfermé jusqu'en juillet. Sur l'année dernière j'ai été encagé 6 mois. Je ne dirais pas que je ne la sens plus et heureusement car c'est la contrainte permanente qui est agréable. Je suis fan

JP | Finland | 01.12.2023
The cage arrived yesterday and I want to give positive feedback to you. Firstly the delivery was super fast, thank you for such a great job. Secondly, the cage is perfect. I have looked for and tried to use various cages over the past ten years and I have never had such a good fitting and comfortable cage. The nub is perfect for me despite I'm a grower. There's no pain or discomfort and both sleeping and moving are easy to do. Thank you for the best cage I have had.

Subby Hubby for 50 Shades of May | Canada | 28.11.2023
Absolutely love the V5! I've worn literally every version of the Holy Trainer except for the first one. This one is so much easier to put on, and I sized down to the Nano, and I'm so glad that I did. So far all is well.

Dontjudgeme | USA | 17.11.2023
I am a 68 year old happy married for 47 years. After my wife went through her change she no longer was interested in sex. I love her so much and would never look elsewhere. After researching I came across male chastity. After trying a few products I found the best product is the Holytrainer V5. I had purchased a V4 prior but the V5 is the best. Nobody knows your wearing it. It is very comfortable and the price is great. I have found this to help me center on my wife's needs and I have complete peace of mind. Thank you HolyTrainer

Cuckslave | Canada | 03.11.2023
Most comfortable chastity for long term wear. Got the nano V5 with 40 inch ring. Perfect size but gapping between ring and cage was too tight. Had to modify mine by using a torch lighter and heating up each side of the ring and bending it back to reform the ring, So unnoticeable under the clothes.

Miss jessie | Uk | 30.10.2023
I just had to write to you and thank you for a great product. I have keeping my boY in chastity for years using various devices starting with the CB range, always having issues with his comfort and security. I was giving up when I found Holytrainer range. Magic, now peace of mind he has been an HT5. 36 mm ring and clear nano tube. I just love the look always full tube and a pair of well displayed balls to play with. He only needs to be taken out once a fortnight for cleaning. Total control for me and comfort for him. I think this will be his norm from now on, I can't lose him now . He loves me and I reward him periodically with some teasing during his wash time. Keep up the good work though I doubt if you can improve on the HT5

CNDBOY | CANADA | 29.10.2023
Although I am new to full time chastity, I have experimented for short one-off fun with several different brands over the years. I recently learned about the HolyTrainer brand and bought a V5 standard - 50 mm base ring. I was immediately surprised at the comfort of the cage and ring. I love the locking system, and I personally have a clear cage as I enjoy seeing my trapped penis. I find myself wanting to stay in this cage most often. Although I do have a cage from the main American competitor, my KH often lets me pick the cage and I gravitate to the V5 most often. I have just ordered a smaller cage and can't wait for it to arrive. I hope that this will help with the pee spray. Although I love to sit down to pee, there are times I do need to stand and hopefully the smaller cage will help with that when needed. I though you might also enjoy knowing that I wear 24/7 including the gym, gym showers, and only take it off if my KH desires. I find it comfortable at work, and discrete in my workout gear, clothing and my day to day life. Lastly sleeping with it is a breeze and I have no complaints. Erections do occasionally try to happen, and my penis wants to grow, but in the end the cage wins and I stay both small and comfortable. In sum, I think it was money well spent and am both a happy and proud customer.

Tom | Schweiz | 18.10.2023
Holy Trainer erhält Prädikat sehr gut. Stabil und einfach perfekt. Die Investition lohnt sich auf alle Fälle.

Tom | Schweiz | 15.10.2023
Qualität welche keine Wünsche übrig lässt. Andere Marken gehen schnell kaputt. Holytrainer hält offenbar ewig. Noch dazu bequem. Danke das es Euch gibt.

Chrissy | United States | 06.10.2023
I have been in a V4 Nano cage for about 3 years now. Love how it fills my panties and the hands free cumming that I am now accustomed to.

James | UK | 27.09.2023
Mistress put me in a small cage with 36 mm ring months ago because she caught me cheating with youNg lass in my office. I was always having pain under m ball sack and after complaining to mistress she said she could fix it. Boy I was relieved. New V5 appeared with a 40 mm ring and she put it on and pressed the button before Insaw the cage was a nano. Solved the ball pain .but I hate the smaller tube she says I asked for it, so live with it .That was weeks ago . Holytrainer has the answer for everything. Love the comfort but hate the smaller size , can get no relief . A

Jennifer | Germany | 14.08.2023
I have been living with my much older boyfriend for several years now in a femdom relationship with strict chastity for him that my girlfriend introduced me to. At first I used chastity cages like the CB 6000 (many parts a lot of work for the key holder to put on and take off). At some point I discovered HolyTrainer and was thrilled. I started with the HolyTrainer Standard and then reduced the size more and more over Small to Nano. The version V5 with the click and lock system I find great, I can put on my friend the cage much faster. when I hear the click it is a wonderful feeling and like a liberation for me. Unfortunately, the HolyTrainer had to be unlocked more often for washing and cleaning, which I actually did not want, so my friend had to wear a small metal cage with bars at home, which I rarely needed to open for cleaning and shaving, but he wore the HolyTrainer when traveling, because the metal cage would have been recognized at the security check at the airport. Two months ago I now bought the V5 Nub for my boyfriend (he had the smallest ring, 36 mm, already with the Nano before) and couldn't be more pleased. It is so delightfully small, I love it so much because it frustrates my boyfriend and I love his sexual frustration. The balls stand exposed there, so that I can play wonderfully with them and torture them a bit. Since the opening for the pee hole points more forward than downward, he can, if he makes an effort, even pee again while standing. But the best thing is that through the opening the front foreskin and the tip of the penis is pushed out and - because of the smallness - always remains outside. it looks like a (very small) clit, he can play on it but not get an orgasm. But above all, nothing can drip into the cage when peeing. and so I let him wear the cage much longer now (1-2 weeks at a time) before I open it to wash and shave (bath/shower he does with cage of course). Thank you HolyTrainer Team !

Jasmine | United States | 28.07.2023
I ordered one of these products. So far, I love it. I have had it on for over 24 hours so far and no issues. Even if I get turned on it doesn't have much room to move. You have to measure correctly. I did find it a little difficult to put on but that is because one of my balls didn't want to go through the ring part of it. With a little finagling I got it through and on. It is super comfortable. I have used the bathroom in it. I have gone to work with it, bathroom, slept, I plan on wearing it for at least a week before taking it off for cleaning.

Roberto | Schweiz | 06.07.2023
Endlich mal ein Chastity Cage der nicht kaputt geht. Hab schon so viele konkurenz Produkte zerstört, so viel Geld aus dem Fenster geschmissen. Hier ist das Geld sehr sicher und gut angelegt. Prädikat, sehr zu empfehlen. Alles andere Finger weg.

Mistress Jo | UK | 03.07.2023
I don't know if any other keyholders read these reviews, but I have had my first real success keeping my boy under control with a chastity device. Congratulations to Holytrainer on the HT5 design. If you get the ring and tube sized properly there is nothing he can do to get relief. I am using 36mm ring and nano tube on him , he always completely fills the tube so no blow back when he pees and only need to take him out every 2 weeks. Balls don't move and it all looks really good locked up. Cleaning is really easy I just cuff him before getting the key and unlocking The key goes back to safe and we can clean everything without taking off his ring and the tube easily slips on when any erection subsides . Press the button and all is secure for another 2 weeks. I love this thing and if my boy is really good I can give his reward.

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