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Punisher | France | 12.10.2020
Hello. I have bought the HT3 Nano a few months ago because I wanted to stop masturmating at work and during the night. It is a comfortable cage. I have tried many other cages before. And I can tell you the HT Nano is the only one that I can wear during several days in a raw. Today I have received the Nub version and I was excited. I tried it immediately. And, Wow !... It is realy more comfortable to wear than any of the other cages I tried before, including the HT Nano. I do not think I will use the Nano anymore. I think I am going to wear the device the entire week.

JasonBear | USA | 11.10.2020
I am in love with the Holy Trainer V4! It is beautiful to look at, it feels great, and it does a terrific job of preventing erections and ejaculations. It is very comfortable from the moment I put it on, and the longer I wear it the more comfortable it feels. The integrated lock design is a huge improvement over the dangling padlock of other devices and works beautifully. To be constantly stimulated with almost no possibility of release is the most exquisite torture. In short, the design and craftsmanship are superb, it feels amazing and it works like a charm. This is by far the best chastity device I have found.

Jed | United States | 06.10.2020
I've had the V4 for about a month now. Not my first HT, but the first one that's really worked for me. I have the Nano with standard size ring. The fit is perfect. That makes all the difference. As other reviewers have said, be sure to go small enough, probably smaller than you think you need. I use it for self chastity. My partner would not be interested in exploring her sexuality on this level. I keep the key myself, at home in a private place that takes a little effort to get to. I take it off to shower, and I don't always sleep in it. I got the device to limit porn time and to help me stay faithful. Great results so far. Makes me feel connected to my partner when I'm out and about and in touch with my sexuality at the same time. I feel generally more useful and productive when I'm wearing it. Very satisfied.

Lockedlimp | United States | 22.09.2020
I love HT the Nub. It's perfect for my small looser dick. I love the idea of being gradually castrated by the most suffocating cage there is, but still comfortable and discrete in the process. One suggestion might be that maybe add smaller rings like a 32 mm, since my dick is very small, a smaller ring would fit even better. The same could go with the cage. The Nub is already pretty small. It would be even better to have a even smaller cage that barely let the penis protrude out of the body.

Caged Boy | United States | 13.09.2020
I recently bought the Holy Trainer v4, and it's been one of my favorite purchases of the year as well as one of my best sex toy purchases of all time. The device is really comfortable to wear all day long and for many days in a row (with once-a-day cleaning), even for a chastity beginner like me. Discreet under clothes and super easy to clean as advertised. And just as important as the product itself, the customer service has been outstanding - even after buying the product, the company has been great at helping me with my needs and I'm very grateful for it. Quality product and quality company - keep it up!

Allo56 | Netherlands | 09.09.2020
Love this HolyTrainer V4.This the third type I have. I have the V2,V3 and now the V4. Love to wear them.

makaronik | Poland | 08.09.2020
My boy is wearing this for several months now, and it's definitely a good product. It works well with the 'morning wood', unlike other devices that pull the balls causing pain and damaging skin. So I certainly do recommend HT over other devices. We have the v4 version. One minus is that we would welcome additional smaller (34/32mm ?), size of the ring. But still the smaller one fits almost perfectly. I guess there are not too many guys out there who would need smaller ring size ;)

Anonymous | Portugal | 04.09.2020
Have been into chastity for over a year now, tried 3 other cages but there was always something weird with the fit, finally decided to spend more money on one and the Holy Trainer was the option, I must say I'm impressed most of the time I don't even remember I'm wearing it, until of course it limits me. The only regret so far is buying small, should have gone with the nano.

Nathan | USA | 27.08.2020
Anal milking tool: I got the anal milking tool thinking it would be a fun toy that might not work but my god does it work. I put it in sit down and just contract my ass with it and i drool precum the whole time. Almost reached orgasm my 2nd try but needs more work. Definitely worth a companion to a Holytrainer to really teach you how to use your ass. Great for beginners.

Jens | Austria | 15.08.2020
Habe mir den HolyTrainer v4 bei euch gekauft. Und ich bin angenehm Überrascht. Er passt , zwickt nicht und meine Frau ist sehr zufrieden das sie ihn endlich erhalten hatte und mir anlegen durfte. Nach vielen Versuchen , ist sie nun zum Entschluss gekommen ,das dieser das Nonplusultra ist. Vor allem wegen der sauberen Verarbeitung. Danke noch mal für das super Produkt, können wir sehr empfehlen. mit freundlichen Gruß. Jens I bought the HolyTrainer V4 from you. And I'm pleasantly surprised. It fits, doesn't pinch and my wife is very satisfied that she finally received it and was allowed to put on me. After many attempts, she has now come to the conclusion that this is the ultimate device. Mainly because of the clean workmanship. Thanks again for the great product, we can highly recommend it. with friendly greetings Jens

Tony Tempah | UK | 04.08.2020
Well 1 month in and this is the most comfortable cage I have owned. I have since reduced the ring down to 40mm and bought the nub as well (which effectively turns the penis into an internal organ) and the small which is perfect. Comfortable for 24/7 wearing with occasional release to please Mistress. She loves me locked up and with the bio-resin I love it too. Nobody does it better

kougax | Japan | 31.07.2020
I would like to express my best gratitude to those who developed HT series. I have heard many positive review and recommendation from other chastity friends, and I have found they were right and that I had encountered the best chastity device for me. Once I have received mine, and I have tried it on since then, I have found it is so comfortable that I can wear it for a month without any problem. I have been wearing chastity device only to keep my purity, not for BDSM play or such, so I have been looking for a chastity device which I can wear with no more irritation than any other normal cloth may make. The shape and orientation of HTv4 is just similar to how my flaccid genitals are, and it makes little stress. Even when I try to erect, it gently push my shaft back to flaccid position without much pain. Also, the MagicLocker system enables the whole chastity device smooth and compact but still thick and tough. I do not need to care what to wear over it or to beware not to crash it by hitting or sitting on it. It is such a good product and I am confident I can keep wearing without removing it for another month and even for the rest of my life.

Hermaphrodarch | U.S.A. | 29.07.2020
I recently purchased the Milking Tool to use as a general purpose anal stimulation tool and am greatly pleased with it. It's a perfect size, and the shape hits the spot perfectly, creating a rock hard erection, and instantaneous precum flow. Combined with a wand style vibrator, it resulted in a rather thunderous prostate orgasm. While unbound, I can only imagine that being made to use this would be highly frustrating to someone wearing the trainer cage ;)

Anon Sissy | United States | 25.07.2020
The v4 is by far my favorite cage I've ever used before. I purchased a knockoff v3 before I decided to bite the bullet and get the upgrade. It's extremely comfortable for long term use. I've been locked in it for 3 weeks so far, and don't plan on taking a break any time soon. The price may be a bit high, but I'm more than satisfied with what I got for the money spent. There aren't any sharp corners to pinch your package on, and there's no discomfort after a bit of sanding in the tube to lower the extra extruded material from molding. The ring on this cage makes it extremely comfortable, which was important for me since I'm active a lot. 12/10 would recommend :)

Kelsey S | USA | 23.07.2020
Most comfortable cage by far, the last chastity cage you will ever need to buy. The bio-resin material is fantastic, it feels softer than the rigid plastic I am used to with other cages. No sharp edges to be found. It's also great to have a 55mm ring option, many only go to 50mm and were never comfortable enough to wear long term. The ring shape also makes it different than other cages. No longer cramming your bits into a perfect circle shaped ring, HT rings actually make sense with our anatomy. Plain brown shipping box, inside is a nice discreet soft case with no lettering. Also the shipping was lightning quick! An international package made it to me in 2 days. I have never liked metal cages and am so excited to have a resin cage that I never have to take off. I wait to see what V5 brings. If there was a size between Nano and Nub it would be beyond perfect for me but the Nano is still the most comfortable tube I have found.

Happy Mistress | UK | 18.07.2020
I have been keeping John in chastity for years but he always had issues with the device . We got an HT V4 the small tube version 3 months back and I fitted up John with it. What a beautiful effective thing, his cock stays tight up against the end of the tube so peeing is easy and I only need to take him out every 2 weeks for cleaning. This ring design is fantastic ,it keep the tube tight up against his body and the cock facing straight down ,so he has no morning woods after a few days in. Another nice feature is his balls are displayed nicely on each side of his full cock tube. It looks fabulous I just love it. He is totally switched off until I want him! And no rubbing or discomfort under his balls because the ring is broader underneath. Congratulations to the person who came up with this design. I just love it and John knows he can be kept down as long as I desire.

Frankey T | United States | 16.07.2020
Fantastic cage, hands down the most comfortable chastity cage I have ever worn and I sometimes forget it's even locked on. I don't even have that usual early morning pain that all other chastity cages have given me.

Happy Wife | UK | 15.07.2020
I just want to say thank you for the very beautiful pink glittery V4 Nub. It fits perfectly on David, nice & snug. I locked his tiny little willy up in it the day it arrived & it's not coming off until Christmas! I love the added cartridge, it describes what he's got perfectly. Thank you for making such a perfectly delightful chastity device

slave a. | USA | 10.07.2020
i have used 5 different chastity devices and I'm now locked in HT V4 Nano. It is by far the most comfortable and thoughtfully designed of all that I've tried. My little penis is now very snug and secure. Thanks to you, my chastity is finally sustainable over a long period of time.

Tony Tempah | United Kingdom | 08.07.2020
I have just received and fitted my HolyTrainer 4. I'm 24/7 long term with occasion release and this is so comfortable. I will be in there for months at a time and its just easy to forget you are wearing it. Recommended

Atlantik | Russia | 06.07.2020
Thank you very much for version 4!!! The v4 model is very comfortable and does not feel, with a new ring does not move the case. The device is less noticeable under clothing, swimming trunks, and Cycling clothing, the hole in the body is very convenient for a person who does not have a circumcised foreskin on the penis, very convenient and comfortable, thank you!!!

Dredger | United Kingdom | 03.07.2020
Just had mine fitted and locked today. It feels great and whilst I am not sure when I am coming out it's much comfier than I thought.

All Her's | US | 27.06.2020
Solved being kept awake by Nocturnal penile tumescence. Since she keeps it exercised it doesn't need the automatic system check that nature performs. And when it is not one of our nights we have scheduled for possible sex, she can snuggle up knowing I won't get overheated and want more. Added the small (HT3)recently, which diminishes arousal more. Yet use the standard when I want to be able to snuggle up while enjoying some arousal, yet not so much I am not in complete control. Now a much less selfish husband. thanks!

Frank | Deutschland | 19.06.2020
Ich hatte über die Jahre sehr viel Geld für sehr viele Produkte ausgegeben und war früher oder später immer nur enttäuscht worden. Sei es die Bequemlichkeit oder die Verträglichkeit gewesen, nach ein paar Tagen war immer Schluss. Für mich war klar dass die berühmte 24/7 Keuschheit eine Illusion ist. Bis der V4 kam! Ich habe ihn jetzt zwei Monate und er wird nur noch einmal pro Woche geöffnet. Er drückt nicht, er kneift nicht, die Haut ist nicht gereizt, man kann ihn unter Alltagskleidung tragen. Er sieht hübsch aus und von meinem individualisierten KG schaut mich immer meine Frau an. Wirklich ein großartiges Produkt, dass meiner Frau und mir sehr viel Freude bereitet jeden Tag!

mjc | U.S.A. | 17.06.2020
Just received my HT Nano v4. WOW, unbelievable just how comfortable it is. The redesigned cockring makes all the difference! Sets your balls a bit farther back and allows your little clitty to nestle closer to you. Way worth the price to upgrade! Perfect comfort, no pulling, no pinching, material feels Incredible. I went from a HTv3 (2 yrs ago?) to two different metal small/nano size Cage's. Kinda liked the weight of the metal ones BUT really Uncomfortable, pinching and such, always fighting them. Everyone involved is happier too. And it's nice to be able to avoid problems at airport/ Govt. offices again. Hopefully? be able to try a sissygasm tonight. Already thinking (dreaming) about getting a v.4 Nub to enjoy. Well done Holy Trainer.

Clit Cage | Poland | 01.06.2020
Product is absolutely amazing for long term wear. I got a custom made nano exactly to my key-holders liking. It is easy to sleep in, comfortable, and easy to clean. 10/10 would recommend especially if you are looking for a custom style.

COR57 | France | 30.05.2020
Je suis enchanté par la qualité et la sécurité de cette cage Small. Confortable, légère et très discrète, elle m'accompagne tous les jours. C'est la première fois que ma compagne réussi à  me faire porter une cage trois semaines. Merci de l'avoir crée, je ne connais pas de produit équivalent !

Tomoya Tamura | Kyoto,Japan | 24.05.2020
I'm not good at English. I am writing this sentence using an automatic translation. Sorry if it's hard to read. I bought a V3 small in Feb 2020, until then I had been using other chastity device. It has now been locked up for 28 days, except for 15 minutes of maintenance in the bathroom. This is a great record for me. No other chastity gear has ever been able to withstand such a long lock for me. Until now, I had given up on long term lock due to "uncomfortable pain". But what about HolyTrainer? There's no doubt that it's the best of the options currently available. I think it's best as a device to protect chastity, but it also means being deprived of ejaculation at the same time. The gently curved tube gently wraps around my small penis. But remember. This tube serves to protect my small penis from the outside world. I mean, I can't make my small penis just a little bit bigger, masturbate, or ejaculate. The testicles keep producing semen and waiting for the ejaculation. I kneel down and plead with the female KeyHolder, "Please let me ejaculate. Manliness? Pride? Do we really need such a thing? What we need to do is maintain chastity, how to submit to the mistress or master, and how to serve. The HolyTrainer is the perfect first step for this. Finally...I would like to thank all the staff at HolyTrainer. Thank you.

Msub | USA | 21.05.2020
I've been using HTv2 (small), HTv3 (small), and finally got the HTv4 (nano). Very snug and comfortable chastity device. It was smaller than what I was expecting (even for nano), but I still got it to fit, and now feel even more submissive with the smaller size. I've been wearing v4 for a while now, and no major problems, able to do daily activities and sleep in it. Great design and great material, would recommend to other subs who should be locked up.

Steelstrong ' | Ireland | 21.05.2020
Got the v4 after having the V3 for a year. New ring is fabulous, it forces my balls out to the side and cage down between them, and being broader is very comfortable. Very secure . Thanks to Holytrainer for this great improvement

Anonymous | USA | 08.05.2020
Hands down the most comfortable chastity device out there. I ordered the maxi sixe v4 in dark blue. My wife loves it. The device is very easy to put on, keep on, the materiel feels soft after wearing for an hour or so. I have tried competing devices such as The Vice ( which was the worst device I ever had, painful and the the tube is not built well.) Also I have tried the Rikers which is sort of similar to the HT still doesn't compare. HT is by far the best chastity device for comfortable wear. And the shipping was very fast. Thanks HT team!

Robert | Spain | 05.05.2020
Certainly the most comfortable cage I have ever worn the wider ring makes so much more sense. I have the V4 small and have just ordered the Nano can't wait for it to arrive

Anthony | UK | 04.05.2020
Today I begin my second year of complete sexual abstinence and, I trust, of continuing enjoyment of the peace of mind that this lifestyle has brought me. My very grateful thanks to all at HolyTrainer Inc for your marvellous little device.

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