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Subby Hubby for 50 Shades of May | Canada | 28.11.2023
Absolutely love the V5! I've worn literally every version of the Holy Trainer except for the first one. This one is so much easier to put on, and I sized down to the Nano, and I'm so glad that I did. So far all is well.

Dontjudgeme | USA | 17.11.2023
I am a 68 year old happy married for 47 years. After my wife went through her change she no longer was interested in sex. I love her so much and would never look elsewhere. After researching I came across male chastity. After trying a few products I found the best product is the Holytrainer V5. I had purchased a V4 prior but the V5 is the best. Nobody knows your wearing it. It is very comfortable and the price is great. I have found this to help me center on my wife's needs and I have complete peace of mind. Thank you HolyTrainer

Cuckslave | Canada | 03.11.2023
Most comfortable chastity for long term wear. Got the nano V5 with 40 inch ring. Perfect size but gapping between ring and cage was too tight. Had to modify mine by using a torch lighter and heating up each side of the ring and bending it back to reform the ring, So unnoticeable under the clothes.

Miss jessie | Uk | 30.10.2023
I just had to write to you and thank you for a great product. I have keeping my boY in chastity for years using various devices starting with the CB range, always having issues with his comfort and security. I was giving up when I found Holytrainer range. Magic, now peace of mind he has been an HT5. 36 mm ring and clear nano tube. I just love the look always full tube and a pair of well displayed balls to play with. He only needs to be taken out once a fortnight for cleaning. Total control for me and comfort for him. I think this will be his norm from now on, I can't lose him now . He loves me and I reward him periodically with some teasing during his wash time. Keep up the good work though I doubt if you can improve on the HT5

CNDBOY | CANADA | 29.10.2023
Although I am new to full time chastity, I have experimented for short one-off fun with several different brands over the years. I recently learned about the HolyTrainer brand and bought a V5 standard - 50 mm base ring. I was immediately surprised at the comfort of the cage and ring. I love the locking system, and I personally have a clear cage as I enjoy seeing my trapped penis. I find myself wanting to stay in this cage most often. Although I do have a cage from the main American competitor, my KH often lets me pick the cage and I gravitate to the V5 most often. I have just ordered a smaller cage and can't wait for it to arrive. I hope that this will help with the pee spray. Although I love to sit down to pee, there are times I do need to stand and hopefully the smaller cage will help with that when needed. I though you might also enjoy knowing that I wear 24/7 including the gym, gym showers, and only take it off if my KH desires. I find it comfortable at work, and discrete in my workout gear, clothing and my day to day life. Lastly sleeping with it is a breeze and I have no complaints. Erections do occasionally try to happen, and my penis wants to grow, but in the end the cage wins and I stay both small and comfortable. In sum, I think it was money well spent and am both a happy and proud customer.

Tom | Schweiz | 18.10.2023
Holy Trainer erhält Prädikat sehr gut. Stabil und einfach perfekt. Die Investition lohnt sich auf alle Fälle.

Tom | Schweiz | 15.10.2023
Qualität welche keine Wünsche übrig lässt. Andere Marken gehen schnell kaputt. Holytrainer hält offenbar ewig. Noch dazu bequem. Danke das es Euch gibt.

Chrissy | United States | 06.10.2023
I have been in a V4 Nano cage for about 3 years now. Love how it fills my panties and the hands free cumming that I am now accustomed to.

James | UK | 27.09.2023
Mistress put me in a small cage with 36 mm ring months ago because she caught me cheating with youNg lass in my office. I was always having pain under m ball sack and after complaining to mistress she said she could fix it. Boy I was relieved. New V5 appeared with a 40 mm ring and she put it on and pressed the button before Insaw the cage was a nano. Solved the ball pain .but I hate the smaller tube she says I asked for it, so live with it .That was weeks ago . Holytrainer has the answer for everything. Love the comfort but hate the smaller size , can get no relief . A

Jennifer | Germany | 14.08.2023
I have been living with my much older boyfriend for several years now in a femdom relationship with strict chastity for him that my girlfriend introduced me to. At first I used chastity cages like the CB 6000 (many parts a lot of work for the key holder to put on and take off). At some point I discovered HolyTrainer and was thrilled. I started with the HolyTrainer Standard and then reduced the size more and more over Small to Nano. The version V5 with the click and lock system I find great, I can put on my friend the cage much faster. when I hear the click it is a wonderful feeling and like a liberation for me. Unfortunately, the HolyTrainer had to be unlocked more often for washing and cleaning, which I actually did not want, so my friend had to wear a small metal cage with bars at home, which I rarely needed to open for cleaning and shaving, but he wore the HolyTrainer when traveling, because the metal cage would have been recognized at the security check at the airport. Two months ago I now bought the V5 Nub for my boyfriend (he had the smallest ring, 36 mm, already with the Nano before) and couldn't be more pleased. It is so delightfully small, I love it so much because it frustrates my boyfriend and I love his sexual frustration. The balls stand exposed there, so that I can play wonderfully with them and torture them a bit. Since the opening for the pee hole points more forward than downward, he can, if he makes an effort, even pee again while standing. But the best thing is that through the opening the front foreskin and the tip of the penis is pushed out and - because of the smallness - always remains outside. it looks like a (very small) clit, he can play on it but not get an orgasm. But above all, nothing can drip into the cage when peeing. and so I let him wear the cage much longer now (1-2 weeks at a time) before I open it to wash and shave (bath/shower he does with cage of course). Thank you HolyTrainer Team !

Jasmine | United States | 28.07.2023
I ordered one of these products. So far, I love it. I have had it on for over 24 hours so far and no issues. Even if I get turned on it doesn't have much room to move. You have to measure correctly. I did find it a little difficult to put on but that is because one of my balls didn't want to go through the ring part of it. With a little finagling I got it through and on. It is super comfortable. I have used the bathroom in it. I have gone to work with it, bathroom, slept, I plan on wearing it for at least a week before taking it off for cleaning.

Roberto | Schweiz | 06.07.2023
Endlich mal ein Chastity Cage der nicht kaputt geht. Hab schon so viele konkurenz Produkte zerstört, so viel Geld aus dem Fenster geschmissen. Hier ist das Geld sehr sicher und gut angelegt. Prädikat, sehr zu empfehlen. Alles andere Finger weg.

Mistress Jo | UK | 03.07.2023
I don't know if any other keyholders read these reviews, but I have had my first real success keeping my boy under control with a chastity device. Congratulations to Holytrainer on the HT5 design. If you get the ring and tube sized properly there is nothing he can do to get relief. I am using 36mm ring and nano tube on him , he always completely fills the tube so no blow back when he pees and only need to take him out every 2 weeks. Balls don't move and it all looks really good locked up. Cleaning is really easy I just cuff him before getting the key and unlocking The key goes back to safe and we can clean everything without taking off his ring and the tube easily slips on when any erection subsides . Press the button and all is secure for another 2 weeks. I love this thing and if my boy is really good I can give his reward.

Analslave | Schweiz | 22.06.2023
Ich bin sehr positiv überrascht, habe ihn nach Erhalt gleich angelegt und er passte wie angegossen und trage ihn jetzt 24/7 ununterbrochen. Bis jetzt war es der beste Kauf von allen KG. Ich kann diesen V5 nur empfehlen.

Stormpet | Netherland | 21.06.2023
Have tried other products but being blessed with bigger than average dick they never felt comfortable to wear for long. Too small giving trouble peeing or too big which can make nightly hardons painful. This is the first product that is so comfortable I think of requesting my Mommy to let me make Her happy by wearing it all the time, except for playtime of course ;-) It is nice and tight reminding me of Her control over me at the lightest exciment, which I love, but also so comfortable that at times i forget i'm even wearing it. It can be a struggle to get it on but once on it fits perfectly, best product ever.

Little girl | USA | 13.06.2023
I've been caged for 8 straight months wearing the Holytrainer short. My wife loves the enclosure. I like it also along with its weight my penis has shrunk significantly she measures every two weeks it's steadily at 1.5 inches at most and normally down to 1 inch if it stays at 1 inch at the end of the month she will order the nub that should be my permanent cage. I don't think I can get any smaller.

Joe | Is | 14.05.2023
I just got the v5 love the comfortably. I like that it stays hidden while wearing. Improvement the tube could be a little wider and the base rings could be narrower

Idaho | USA | 03.05.2023
We've been using the V5 for 9 months now and couldn't be happier. After 8 months with the 40 ring we switched down to the 36 ring which solved the issue of the ring being sometimes a bit looser than desired. The current combination with the 36 ring and standard tube is fitting just right after a week or so of some minor adjustments on my part. The V5 is virtually indetectable when dressed whether in dress slacks or jeans. I definitely recommend the V5 for any user as long as they are taking care to take good measurements and remain realistic.

Anonymous | Germany | 14.04.2023
After playing with the CB3000 and CB6000 for some years I wanted to give it another try. Worst thing about the CBs were that I could not sleep in it cause of painful erections that put pressure on the balls. I finally decided to give the HT v5 a try. After measuring my body a lot I finally settled for the Nano and a 45mm ring. The Nano is by far the smallest one I ever purchased and I couldn't be happier! Untill I decided to take things a step further: I ordered the Nub together with a 40mm ring. Oh boy what a feeling! Not only is the 40mm ring a far better fit, but also the feeling for my body is sensational! It's like it's hugged by a rigid but also soft friend. Can't wait till mistress is taking control of the keys. ;)

Sven | belgium | 12.04.2023
i love the HT i'm still at ht3, but it is comfortable only problem is the wife. she does not like to play.

Jo | Uk | 02.04.2023
My chastity journey. Some years ago I started self locking with a cb6000, eventually got a mistress who made me go for too long locked, but the CB was too uncomfortable when it was tight enough to stop pulling out, I got relief when needed. Mistress decided to introduce me to HT cages, I liked them because they were so comfortable and easy to wear. We have arrived with the HT5 and I am upgraded to the nano tube and smallest ring. No pain at all, I can wear it for a week at a time. It looks like I will always be caged now and mistress says she is very pleased and gets all the attention when she wants it. It's impossible to escape and I Am resigned to waiting for periodic supervised orgasms. Guys avoid these cages if you don't want end up like me

lilken05 | USA | 27.03.2023
I love the Holy Trainer Nub. I thought it would be uncomfortable but it is not.

Boy mark | United States | 20.03.2023
Have been in chastity since February 23. Already have had to order smaller cages as I have begun to shrunk. Added a chastity strap to keep from constantly sitting on my balls which has increased comfort considerably! Can't believe how much my sex drive seems to have increased. Of course now, I have to find other outlets for release!

JJ | USA | 09.03.2023
I've tried many chastity devices. The HolyTrainer is the best. I tried the Nub and then the Small. The Small tube was perfect for me. I've been locked up for forty days now and have been very comfortable and frustrated. Great experience.

Krp | USA | 04.02.2023
I have dabbled in male chastity for the last 17 years. I have had multiple devices over the years and by far this is the most comfortable one i have ever owned! I am currently using a 40mm V5 Nub. This is the first device that i was able to sleep through the night on the first night of wearing it. I am truly amazed by how comfortable this is. Peeing is not a messy proposition. While i havent tried it yet, i do believe i could pee standing up but i typically sit to pee anyway. Will need to wipe after peeing unless you are wearing a pad. Amount left after peeing is minamal but does get some on the scrotum. This device allows you to focus on the metal aspect of male chastity instead of the physical discomfort associated with most devices. I highly reccomend the V5 and from my point of view is worth every penny i payed for it. Thank you for an amazing product!

chris | united states | 21.01.2023
this is the most comfortable cage i have ever worn. i have the v5 nub. this is definitely for micro*enis. most nub cages slide down a bit but not this one. it stays securly in place. i do think that i need one ring size smaller tho. im using the 45 right now.

David | Germany | 05.01.2023
I had a cheap knock-off of the HolyTrainer before, but could never wear it for too long, because of increasing discomfort and skin irritation, plus, I never quite trusted the material. I could not have afforded the real thing back then. A month ago I had a bit of a think: I've been playing around with this kink for a couple of years now. I might as well do it safely, while a have a bit more money. So I invested in a HolyTrainer V5. I checked the ring size according to the FAQ a hundred times, because it recommended a smaller one than what I had before. This is where the HolyTrainer shines, from my now couple of weeks of experience. It can sit tight on you in all the right places, without causing issues. It is a really well thought out design, which surely has benefited greatly from its previous iterations. Well done HolyTrainer-team. If chastity is something you know you like and you know you will play around with for more than just a couple of weeks (even occasionally, like myself), I can wholeheartedly recommend the HolyTrainer V5.

Aaron | USA | 02.01.2023
Just bought the HV5 Nano 40mm. I love this chastity device! I’ve bought the authentic 6000s in the past years. The Holy Trainer V5 is by far the BETTER of the two for sure! 6000s is ok but to many parts, spacers and and external locks.. pain in the butt and wife doesn’t like the look! The only way to go is with the “Authentic “ Swiss made Holy Trainer!!!! Do Not Buy EBay Or Amazon Knock Offs!!!!! You will be sadly HURT by this crap!!! I made a EBay knock off purchase only to see for size and the new lock… Never lasted TWO days and was very uncomfortable!!! 165.00 is lots of money but it’s worth putting your jewels in Surpreme Product! Shipping is four days fast! Customer service is extremely helpful too! I love being lock up in the Holy Trainer V5 Nano…So does the wife!!!! Release is always a fun time to look forward too! Really comfortable for long term chastity too! My advice is to go for the smallest ring you can handle and the shortest cage. Both work to keep you comfortable and keeps you thrilled and contained without to much discomfort when the natural erections happen… Best to have them start and be contained before it gets out of hand !!!! Lol

Kreestyn | France | 28.12.2022
Once you hear the "click" know you have the best chastity cage...shape, locking system, bio resin material...everything is beautiful, clean and well-designed...this is the best cage of chastity that I have never worn until now… keep this high level of requirement and do not stop innovating: thank you.

Joe | USA | 28.12.2022
Just received the V5. Chose the black version with a 55 mm ring and the small tube. Fits like a glove and my wife loves it. This is definitely the Rolls Royce of Chastity Cages. It is worth every penny. Thanks for making a great product.

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