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Brett | USA | 05.05.2022
I have been in the V4 NUB for 1 year. Only 10days in the last year with out it. The new V5 is great. Much better lock. Fits well!

PHIL | AUSTRALIA | 29.04.2022
Have been wearing the same Holy Trainer for eight years now it is really a part of me don't know what it would feel like not being locked, my wife has her boyfriend also wearing a Holy Trainer as I am his keyholder he is learning to be locked for long periods.

Daniel | Czech Republic | 24.04.2022
Perfect ergonomic chastity cage. Great for permanent use. My wife has both keys.

MissAmandaSlave | Usa | 15.03.2022
Just received my device, very comfortable and forget it is locked in place. After trying to find a device that worked for us we tried the V4 small. Wish we would have gone here first

Comfortably Caged | USA | 03.03.2022
I just received my 36mm Ring, Nano in Black. This is my 3rd Holy Trainer. I went from a v3 standard to a v4 small. I believe this will be my final cage from HT unless a really cool new model comes out (Integrated Vibrator or something, haha). I also purchased the milking tool, it was smaller than I envisioned but still very nice and I can tell this will be nice for extended stays and perhaps using during some exercise. Thank you for the expedience in shipping in addition to your professionalism and discreteness in service. This will prevent me from "Spilling my Cup of Hermes" so I can perhaps regain some Spiritual Strength, perhaps I'm too far gone for that or perhaps it is all mechanisms for societal control...haha...but seriously. I figured the home of the Knights Templar might know some of what I speak of but perhaps I am making too grand of an assumption. Anyways, Thank you very much, Holy Trainer, your product is worth every note.

Jeff | USA | 21.02.2022
Oh Wow! From the first moment I put on the HTv4 nub, it was as if you had made a mold of my genitals it fit so well. Snug as bug in a rug. I have been wearing it 24/7 for the last week, and most of the time I forget that I have it on. No balls or penis slipping out, yet never any pinching or rubbing. Just a fantastic product. Well worth the price. And Mistress likes the deep red color.

Per | Germany | 14.02.2022
First of all: thanks for the very quick delivery! Such a surprise to receive the package within two days. Great service. After torturing myself for quite a while with a CB6000 I finally made the step to a HolyTrainer V4 (thanks to the good reviews on Within a few minutes I experienced the perfect fit and the comfort - I can't tell you how happy I am and I can't wait to show it to my wife.

Johnny | USA | 08.02.2022
I was using the HT V4 small but I recently got the V4 nub, wow! It's comfortable enough to wear 24/7. Little Johnny stays aligned in the cage and always up to the end so there's no adjusting when I pee, everything flows fine. Beautiful feeling in the morning when I wake up and little johnny is straining against the cage in a fruitless effort to get hard. This cage is high quality.

Halcyon | United States of America | 06.02.2022
Literally the most comfortable cage I have ever worn. Far surpasses even the Kink3d Cobra. The build quality is amazing too. I was a bit skeptical at first, especially because of the price, but I am glad to say that it is very much worth the price. I wear my cage pretty much 24/7, only removing once every few days for cleaning. I almost wish I could leave it on forever. I absolutely recommend it to anyone that is wanting to get serious about chastity. You won't regret it.

Tamed | Ireland | 19.01.2022
I have been living in HT 4 for the past year. Every 2 weeks mistress supervises cleaning. She takes out her key and unlocks me, quickly slides off the little tube and thoroughly washes her penis with soapy water, then after drying applies a little baby oil and I slide easily back into the tube. All done , no erection now unless she wants it. The Holytrainer has saved our relationship, it's so comfortable that I forget it is there most times. I still look at tumblr but its not the same. There is only one woman for me now. I now live in the small tube and 36 mm ring. We played with other cbs but couldn't get one that worked for me.

Able | Canada | 13.12.2021
A series of events has lead to my Chastity. My recent wandering eye, and lack of self restraint sums it up. My key holder (my partner) will be away from me until March of next year. I was given 2 choices. Chastity or it would all end. My small V4 arrived 4 days ago. The day before she left. The fit is tight, the tube length is small. No chance of arousal at all. Since I had never been in long term Chastity before (longest period of time had been 2days) I knew I had to get into the correct mindset and accept the fate I had put myself in. Daily video check ins are required. We agreed to a weekly timed cleaning cycle with live video supervision. As you can see the logistics will be a challenge, but I'm hoping that it works into a manageable routine. The one manner of routine I don't think I will get used to the fact that the key holder in her absence is her sister, as see will be waiting each week for the return of the key in the next room. Day 4 and each day is improving.

Mistress J | UK | 07.12.2021
Hello, I have found that younger partner needs to be restrained to keep him honest. To this end I got a CB belt for him and secured him in it after some time getting the ring size and spacing right. Turned out it was no good for long time wear as he suffered from pain with ring as well the rattling padlock and pins were unsightly, and the tube was too big, not easy to keep clean. Then I saw an add for Holytrainer V4. We got that and it solved all the problems very snug tube ,always full to the end , shaped ring holds the whole thing tight up to his body ,. Great, he is only out once a week for cleaning and looks forward to his monthly orgasm ,if he is good! Bonus for me ,a new caring man. Amazing thing HT V4

Rex | United Kingdom | 03.11.2021
Literally the most comfortable chastity device you can get, I don't know what magic happens when the bioresin gets to body temperature, but it goes super smooth and you can't tell where skin ends and device starts (I got nub v4) The shape is also perfect for stopping erections - you barely get one and it doesn't pull the device away from you I can't wait to see what v5 does even better than v4, if there ever is one And I'd love to see one with e-stim lining, maybe a v4.2 for 2mm tens and a v4.4 for 4mm connector?

Dlolasm | France | 25.10.2021
J'ai pris cette HolyTrainer V4 en rose bébé, elle est au top, j'y suis bien dedans ! J'avais pris une HT V2 il y a plusieurs années, mais celle-ci ne tenait pas vraiment en place, la taille du tube était en Small (donc trop petit pour moi), et j'avais pris l'anneau légèrement plus grand que le diamètre normal... Maintenant, il me reste plus qu'à  faire découvrir cette cage de chasteté à  ma compagne (qui n'est pas encore au courant de ce fétichisme), et qu'elle puisse me la faire porter sur la période qu'elle voudra.

GoatguyNJ | United States | 23.09.2021
This is my first chastity cage and I find it comfortable and extremely erotic to wear!

Jay | United States | 24.08.2021
After purchasing several different chastity cages of varying types, I can safely say this is the highest quality and most comfortable. One day in and I can already tell the material is as good as they claim, as I have absolutely no desire to take it off. I can use the restroom with no mess, theres no itching which makes me believe the material is staying clean as they claim, theres no pinching or pulling when I get an erection(or at least start too) even when sleeping, and I've not had to readjust it all from it falling down or pulling from an erection. The tip is shaped just perfectly where I can pee with no mess, but no weird or painful feeling comes while wearing clothes. Even skin tight clothes like yoga pants and jeggings, nor does it show obviously like my other models(even at nub size this the only one too not be obvious.) I've put off buying one for nearly a year because of the price and the uncertainty of how much of difference the bioresin makes, but now I wish I could have had it when I found out. Overall this product is well worth the price, I would list some pros and cons but I have no cons so far. Only i wish i spent the extra money for a custom color at this point because of how much I love wearing this.

Bisounours | Suisse | 19.08.2021
Chaque fois que ma femme s'absente, elle m'encage pour s'assurer de ma fidélité (je l'ai déjà trompée). Possédant déjà une cage métal, avec la chaleur de l'été, la transpiration et le poids de la cage métal, la cage descend et tire affreusement sur les testicules, solution : une cage légère avec des ouvertures pour laisser respirer la bête et permet d'éviter des odeurs suspectes. La V4 remplis tous ces critères. De plus le fait qu'elle soit en bio-resine, conçue et fabriquée sur place (non en Chine à base de pétrole) m’ont convaincu de l'acquérir ici en Suisse.

Chrissy | USA | 17.08.2021
I've been in and out of chastity for years and have worn many different devices. The HolyTrainer is BY FAR the most comfortable piece for long term wear. Chastity in general makes me more submissive but wearing the nub cage during sex takes me being a sissy to another level. I wear the Nano 24/7 but putting on the nub before I get penetrated insures a hands free sissygasm every time. FIVE STARS

PHIL | AUSTRALIA | 16.08.2021
To Irish Rouge, I am just so happy for you, my keyholder has a new boyfriend that is about to go into chastity with a Holy Trainer and I am so glad that I will be his nominated keyholder, not going to get a lot of realease I know what it's like and I love it, he will as well, after a while.

Je suis dressé ! | France | 16.08.2021
Salut, je viens de lire le témoignage de Philou. Tout comme lui, je vis presque la même chose... Je ne suis pas un chaud lapin, mais j'aime regarder les fesses des femmes quand nous nous promenons dans les magasins ou dans la rue, j'aime deviner la forme des petites culottes qu'elles portent, visibles grâces aux petits élastiques qui dessinent la forme des petites culottes, parfois : de grandes culottes ou des tangas ou strings. Mais j'aime par dessous tout quand la petite culotte rentre un peu dans les fesses, parfois entièrement ou que d'un côté. Je suis très souvent en érection... Ma femme a remarqué cette excitation. Un matin à mon réveil, à mon chevet, j'avais un paquet cadeau. Elle m'a dit c'est ton cadeau ou c'est moi! J'ai ouvert il y avait une cage V4. Elle me l'a posée pendant un mois d'office. Ouverte une fois par jour pour ma toilette en sa présence. souvent elle s'exhibe pour m'exciter elle m'a même demandé de la faire jouir au doigt mon sexe en cage. Elle me punie souvent et me dit ,c'est à ton tour de souffrir. Comme toi ,elle se dit heureuse depuis son achat et remercie ce site et le fabricant.

Philou | France | 16.08.2021
Bonjour, je suis un chaud lapin. Ma femme en a raz le bol de me voir regarder en permanence les femmes qui sont devant nous dans la rue ! Un jour elle m'a dit, je te quitte ou tu acceptes ma proposition ! Elle a acheté une cage v4 . Dès qu'elle me surprend a regarder les fesses d'une femme, le soir même elle me fait porter cette cage pour la durée qu'elle a décidée . C'est ma punition ! Depuis je regarde les fesses d'une femme que quand je suis seul dans la rue . Elle me dresse ainsi depuis 1 an. La cage bloque mon érection , pour me punir davantage, elle se promène dans la maison en string ou en petite culotte, c'est une torture pour moi !! Mon sexe ne peut bander, il est coincé dedans... C'est la pire des punitions..Elle vous remercie pour votre cage v4 . Elle est heureuse....

PHIL | AUSTRALIA | 16.08.2021
I have been wearing the same Holy Trainer for more than six years now, just ever so happy with the product, my keyholder releases me once every two months now for a clean and shave then locks me, I feel so happy being locked in chastity it's just natural my keyholder (wife) has had a few boyfriends over this period but has now settled on a really nice young guy who she is convincing to also be prepared to go into chastity for her, certain and sure he will be wearing a Holy Trainer. Thank you so much

v4 small - 45mm | Belgium | 13.08.2021
I don't often leave a review for a product I bought. As soon as I unpacked the cage (HTv4) and ring, I felt that it was a match. I have been able to wear the device comfortably (only have it 48h at this point) and importantly: I am not circumcised. This is the first time that I've been able to wear a chastity cage truly comfortably, which is a huge delight. I have been through multiple cages, 5 or 6 at this point. Wearing it feels just feels great: the material becomes a bit silky and softer to the touch (as advertised) when it has accustomed to your body temperature and makes me feel 'whole'. This has never been the case for other chastity cages where it always was a fight to make it work. Do I want to take it off? No, but yes. (The dilemma) I can truly say I'm a satisfied customer with the HolyTrainer v4.

John C | Ireland | 04.07.2021
My mistress has kept me in HT4 small cage since January as I wrote in previous post from 26.1.21. Things have just changed as I managed to slip one ball out and of course mistress was angry. I have now been upgraded to a nano cage and the 36 mm ring. Very tight , balls are bigger than my cock now and nothing can move anymore, I didn't think things could have got worse.

piet | deutschland | 31.05.2021
Nun trage ich ja den neuen HolyTrainer schon einige Monate, ich habe mich für den 55er Ring mit der Maxi Roehre entschieden. Es war kein Fehler doch den großen Käfig zu nutzen, ich lege zuerst den Ring eng um meine Hoden und meinen Penis, dabei lege ich den Ring ganz eng an den Koerper an, mit dem Strumpftrick ziehe ich meinen Penis tief in die Roehre ein. Anschließend wird die Vorhaut nach hinten geschoben um die Harnroehre frei in der Käfigroehre zu haben. Was ich mir immer wieder mal wünsche ist dass der Penis noch enger nach unten geführt wird, die Hoden noch besser seitlich platziert werden können und dabei der Ring an der Unterseite noch enger anliegen kann. So werden die Hoden seitlich gehalten und das Glied liegt zwischen den Oberschenkeln, dabei wird die Beule in der Hose noch flacher werden. Ich liebe den V4 und werde auch so schnell keinen anderen Keuschheitskäfig tragen, ausser er wird noche inmal verbessert was ich mit wünschen würde. Ich liebe das Gefühl der Verschlossenheit und zu wissen dass mein Glied sicher vor zugriffen ist.

sissy natalie | United Kingdom | 30.05.2021
I have a V3 nub, in pink, and absolutely love it. It is extremely comfortable to wear, and the feeling of it hugging my clitty keeps me in a constant state of arousal, but without an erection, which in the nub is virtually impossible.

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