Evolution - V1 model - V2 model - V3 model

New version characteristics

The new V3 model is the first padlock free chastity device. The new design offers even greater pleasure.

What's new ? :
  • A new locking system "Magic Locker" enables the closing of the device without a padlock
  • Even more discreet. No more hump under your pants
  • The noise from the padlock rubbing, hitting, the device while walking is from the past
  • A more ergonomic & always discreet design that offers an easy installation with long term wear comfort
  • The tube is thicker at some key points that were weak on our early version
New model

How to select the tube size ?

5 sizes of tube available : The Nub, Nano, Small, Standard & Maxi


Example of tube measurement.


Tubes comparison


Specifications of our tubes

material used : Biosourced resin - 100% natural
Length of the tube : The Nub 25mm (0.98 inch)
Nano 35mm (1.36 inch)
Small 45mm (1.75inch)
Standard 55mm (2.14inch)
Maxi 65mm (2.54inch)
Inside diameter : The Nub, Nano & Small (1.3inches)
Standard & Maxi (1.4inches)
Number of air vents : The Nub : 1
Nano, Small, Standard & Maxi : 3
Resistance: Resistant to all solvents and detergent

5 sizes of rings

diameters available :

  • 36mm (1.41inch)
  • 40mm (1.55inch)
  • 45mm (1.75inch)
  • 50mm (1.95inch)
  • 55mm (2.14inch)

How to select the ring diameter ?