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New version characteristics

The new V3 model is the first padlock free chastity device. The new design offers even greater pleasure.

What's new ? :
  • A new locking system "Magic Locker" enables the closing of the device without a padlock
  • Even more discreet. No more hump under your pants
  • The noise from the padlock rubbing, hitting, the device while walking is from the past
  • A more ergonomic & always discreet design that offers an easy installation with long term wear comfort
  • The tube is thicker at some key points that were weak on our early version
New model

Custom colors

Following the increasing number of demands from our customers, our workshop offers, as of today, the possibility to customize your device in an infinite range of colors & reflections. Show us your creativity !

The cost of a custom color choice is an extra $20 USD from the base price of a set. If you wish a personalized chastity cage, write us in detail what you would like and we'll get back to you regarding your project.

Form for a custom model

E-mail :
Surename :
Firstname :
Address line 1 :
Address line 2 :
ZIP code :
City :
Country :
Message : Please describe as clearly as possible your desires.
Tube type :
Diameter of the ring :

A few examples of custom colors we've realised for different customers around the world.





Dark blue




Green + silver sparkles

Clear + silver sparkles

Clear + gold sparkles

Blue + silver sparkles

Baby pink

Hot dark pink

How to select the tube size ?

4 sizes of tube available : Nano, Small, Standard & Maxi


Example of tube measurement.


Tubes comparison


Specifications of the tubes

material used : Biosourced resin - 100% natural
Length of the tube : Nano 35mm (1.36 inch)
Small 45mm (1.75inch)
Standard 55mm (2.14inch)
Maxi 65mm (2.54inch)
Inside diameter : Nano & Small (1.3inches)
Standard & Maxi (1.4inches)
Number of air vents : Nano, Small, Standard & Maxi : 3
Resistance: Resistant to all solvents and detergent

4 sizes of rings

diameters available :

  • 36mm (1.41inch)
  • 40mm (1.55inch)
  • 45mm (1.75inch)
  • 50mm (1.95inch)

How to select the ring diameter ?